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Shickel Family | Family Session

When I received Tobi’s first email about capturing her family, I was super excited! We emailed back & forth & chose a date & location. Through our emailing, we found out that my sister had been the nanny for Tobi’s family’s neighbor’s kids! Small world!

The day came for their session & unfortunately it was an evening that the weather decided to not cooperate. But we chose another day & the weather was simply PERFECT!!!

01 I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the Shickel family was seeing Tobi & her daughter “tell each other secrets” 🙂

02   03

Pretty much my favorite picture from the whole session 😉

06 The Shickel family was a ton of fun to capture! Each of the three children have their own distinct personality & I loved being able to capture each one. Plus, it was super fun to take some pictures of the kids in their Cubs apparel 😉 Here I asked them to show me what they look like when the Cubs are loosing. This was very hard for them because “the Cubs never loose!” they said 😉


And this is how the Shickel family celebrates when the Cubs win!!!

08 09

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Lyttle Family | Family Session

I was SUPER excited when Andrea contacted me about doing a session for her family & also making sure we got some pictures focusing on her youngest who’s turning one in just a few days!!!

My sister & I worked with Andrea & Brandon for a short while back in the day at Cracker Barrel. We actually knew them when they were dating, got engaged & were planning their wedding. Brandon would walk around Cracker Barrel with this big smile on his face & randomly say at different times, “I’m getting married!” It was one of the sweetest things ever! It was VERY evident that Brandon was excited to get married to his girl, Andrea, & start a family. And almost 5 years later, it’s very evident that Brandon is as happy as ever to be married to beautiful Andrea & is a proud father of two handsome, precious boys.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this family. Andrea, you’re an amazing mom. And it shows.

Here is the Lyttle Family!

Lyttle Family | Family Session-1

Someone’s turning 1 soon!!!! Isn’t his little crown & t-shirt that momma brought, adorable?

Lyttle Family | Family Session-60         Lyttle Family | Family Session-69

And can’t forget big brother!

Lyttle Family | Family Session-33    Lyttle Family | Family Session-31

Brother hug! Reminds me of when my brothers were young!

Lyttle Family | Family Session-45

I told you he’s in LOVE with her!

Lyttle Family | Family Session-89

Lyttle Family | Family Session-40

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Grace | High School Senior Graduate

For the past 6 years, I’ve watched this girl grow into a beautiful young woman who loves the Lord & has so much creativity, love & ideas flowing out of her! We had such a fun morning spending time in Uptown Normal & then going out to her parents home in the country & visiting two neighbors, one of which had a beautiful covered ivy barn & the other, a handsome horse named Seamus 🙂

Grace | High School Senior Graduate -29

Someone likes her Starbucks 😉 And I LOVED this flower wreath that Grace made HERSELF!

Grace | High School Senior Graduate -30   Grace | High School Senior Graduate -56  Grace | High School Senior Graduate -43

We were both in love with the ivy that crept all around the barn on her neighbor’s property.

Grace | High School Senior Graduate -62

Grace | High School Senior Graduate -44   Grace | High School Senior Graduate -98

Grace & Seamus <3

Grace | High School Senior Graduate -88

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An Open Letter to My Husband

When I was younger, I wanted to be an author. I think that was after my dream of being a hair dresser slipped away 🙂 Every time I take the time to journal, I always feel like my thoughts are clearer & more focused. With a photography business, I truly believe that telling the story of those I photograph is so important. So mix my love of writing, journaling, being with people & photography & there you have the idea of what I want this blog to be about. Sometimes I’ll share about various Nomi Photography sessions & occurrences, but I also want to share bits of my life & journey as well.

And for those of you who are still a little in the dark about what exactly a “blog” is, here is’s definition- a blog is a “web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities & experiences”.

I knew that today was the day I wanted my first blog post to go live. And here’s why…

Yesterday’s date was September 14, 2014. Three years ago yesterday, Eric Daniel Wilcox got down on one knee at McGraw Park & asked me to marry him. It was three years ago yesterday that I said “Yes” to the man who is now my husband. Three years ago, the man I had come to love in the years before that, became my fiancée.

(Our first picture together RIGHT after Eric proposed. I love this picture of us! Notice my engagement ring in the picture? :))


Now three years later, we’ve been married 2 years & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today’s blog post is an Open Letter to my dear husband.


I’m SO thankful that in 2008, the Lord moved my family to Bloomington-Normal even though I didn’t want too :-). I’m so thankful He directed our steps to attend First Assembly & that Leah & I would go to that Eikon College Group cookout. I’m so glad you were there. I’m so glad (I think? ;-)) that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out math & that you were amazing at it & that you said you would help me out with it. I’m SO glad the Lord worked in each of our hearts at the right time in that our friendship turned into an attraction to each other & that each of us (in the Lord’s timing ;-)) knew that there was something special between us.

Eric, I can’t imagine life without you. When I was searching for an image of you to use with this post, I found myself looking at your eyes in each picture & imagining your laugh. I love your laugh. I love seeing your eyes light up when something is funny & seeing you laugh about something we find funny. I love doing every day life with you.

Nomi Photography wouldn’t have happened & couldn’t happen without you. It just couldn’t. I would have no idea how to keep track of mileage, keep record of the finances, know which new lens to buy, what memory card size is needed next… As cliché as it sounds, you are the glue that holds Nomi Photography together. You are the one who pushed & encouraged me harder then anyone else when it came to us deciding to TOGETHER launch this dream of having a photography business. Nomi Photography is not my photography business, it is OURS.

I’m so thankful for you & so proud of you. I know you are currently working hard & studying for the CPA Exam. You can do it. I believe in you 😉 I’m so thankful that you daily make intentional decisions to take steps that will be the best for us & our future family.

But out of all these things, I’m so thankful that you are truly a man who loves the Lord first & foremost. Your daily walk with the Lord encourages me & challenges me in my own journey.

I love you my dear. You have my heart always.

Your Wife,


(My handsome husband at Rockaway Beach, Oregon. We celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary there this summer.)

Our Second Wedding Anniversary Pictures-35