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Deal | Family Session

Home is the nicest word there is. – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Deal Family Session  |

Ashley emailed me a couple months back & we began discussing their family session. I knew in my heart when she described what she was envisioning that their session was going to be something special. And it was.

Yes, it was a little chilly, OK, very chilly 😉 BUT, it was a special time. Ashley & her husband Greg, welcomed me into their charming farmhouse & surrounding property & little Braden was totally excited to show me the cows 😉 (Did you know cows say “Moo”? 😉 If not, just ask Braden, he’ll tell you 😉 )

Ummm, he pretty much stole my heart.

Deal Family Session  |

Deal Family Session  |

LOVE that their little wagon for Braden has their family farm name on the side of it.

Deal Family Session  |

Deal Family Session  |

Because it was rather cold, we went inside Ashley & Greg’s wonderful farmhouse. Ashley has mean decorating skills & I loved all the windows & coziness the home offers. I was so thankful that Ashley & Greg were so easy going & had not problem with me spending time capturing their family indoors.

No Saturday morning would be complete without a reading of Braden’s favorite book- “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. All 3 of them know it by heart 🙂

Deal Family Session  |

Deal Family Session  |

At the end of their session, I took Greg & Ashley outside to capture a few moments of this couple.

Deal Family Session  |

Ashley you are GORGEOUS!

Deal Family Session  |

Deal Family Session  |

Ashley, you have so much talent & the little details you added to this session were PERFECT. So you guys. And Greg, thank you for answering all my farming questions 😉 THANK YOU for spending a sunny, chilly Saturday morning with you three 🙂 Braden is blessed to have you two as parents. It’s obvious that you both love each other & him very much.

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David | High School Graduate Session

I love my brother David.

Some of you may not know, but I am the oldest in my family & I have 3 other siblings. A sister & two younger brothers.

I’ve shared this story with people before but never written about it. One time when my sister & I were very young (aka no little brothers were in sight) we were playing at a playground. There were two little boys that were brothers that showed up to play too. My sister & I had such a blast with them. I remember enjoying myself so much that during the midst of our adventures on the swings & laughs on the slide, I prayed & asked the Lord for two brothers just like them. I didn’t just want one, but two. TWO brothers.

Years later, the Lord answered my childlike prayer. I can still remember that day at the playground clear as day. And I’m very, VERY thankful that the Lord didn’t give me just one brother, but TWO.

My brother David is awesome. He’s my grocery shopping buddy- every two weeks he joins me in picking up everything on my grocery list & we have a brother/sister date. He’s very good with little kids. He’s musically talented in so many ways. Rap & singing solo’s. He makes the best hot chai tea ever. My parents dog & my sister’s dog love him. He’s got a mind for business & could probably run Apple himself. He writes awesome poems. He’s very discerning & can tell when someone’s feelings are hurt or is being left out. He’s very helpful. He’s funny. Actually, he can be pretty hilarious.

David High School Graduate Session |

His “classic” funny face 🙂

David High School Graduate Session |

David High School Graduate Session |              David High School Graduate Session |

This is one of my favorites.

David High School Graduate Session |

David High School Graduate Session |

David High School Graduate Session |

I love you David. I prayed for you years ago & I’m so thankful the Lord answered my prayer by giving our family you. You’re talented. You’re smart. And you care about people. I’m thankful you’re my brother.

PS This was one of the very last picture we took & it’s my very favorite.

David High School Graduate Session |

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Photo Christmas Card Options!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is receiving Christmas Cards & especially PHOTO Christmas Cards! To be honest, I have a harder time taking down the Photo Christmas Cards at the end of the holiday season then any of our other decorations. We put our cards up around a door frame that we walk through to get to the kitchen or living room & I just LOVE looking at the faces of the people that the Lord has intertwined ours lives with. Each year, there are more new faces from new friends we’ve made in that past year & I just LOVE thinking back on how we’ve met & the adventures & memories that were made with those people in the past year.

Photo Christmas Card Options

I know it can be overwhelming deciding what company to order your Christmas Cards through so I put together a small list of some sources for you to check into. I’ve checked into all of these sources. Some of them are suggestions from those who commented on a status I posted on my facebook page a few weeks back & others are some new sources I’ve discovered in the past few weeks.


JMC Photo & Digital Service

If you are local (in the Bloomington-Normal area) & looking for quality Christmas Photo Cards & wonderful customer service, I would HIGHLY recommend JMC Photo & Digital Service. Their prices are comparable to Shutterfly & Minted. Plus, you don’t have to pay shipping if you order from them since you can just go & pick them up!


If you don’t care as much about the quality as you just want an easy, cheaper option (maybe you have a ton of people on your list!) Walmart actually has great prices & some super cute designs. A good friend of mine orders there fairly often.


Simply to Impress

My FAVORITE online option was Simply to Impress. Another good friend told me about this wonderful source. They’ve got AWESOME & unique designs & they currently have until today (November 20) a 20% off your order with the promo code NOV2014.


Probably my second favorite online option was Minted. They have some pretty foil pressed cards if that’s a fav style of yours 🙂 I hadn’t seen that anywhere else.

I seriously almost ordered from Simply to Impress. They had some beautiful options & I liked their prices. Some other online options you could check into are Shutterfly, & Mpix. I was impressed with Shutterfly’s coupons & they send those promo codes out through email like they’re candy.


The past two years, I have actually designed & ordered our own. My two years in a graphic design program pays off every once in awhile 😉 Now I know not everyone can do this, but if you can, it’s a more budget friendly idea! Last year, we used NextDayFlyers & ordered postcards. Cheaper postage-hey, hey, hey!!!! I ordered some new address mailing labels (I’ll be using those again this year since we have so many leftover still!) & sent those babies out.

This year, I took the wise advice of a friend & ordered postcards through VistaPrint. Even though I upgraded to a thicker paper, ordering 100 postcards was under $35.00! (These were one sided because I will write on the back of a few. Also cheaper that way to have them one sided.) I’ll probably pick up some red envelopes from Hobby Lobby to use to give out the cards that I’ll probably hand out to friends at church, but other then that, I’ll be slapping that postcard postage & sending them out after Thanksgiving!

Have another suggestion? Leave a comment & I’ll save it for next year!


Heidi & Jordan | Engagement Session

I posted the below photo on facebook December 3, 2009. Five years ago, Heidi & I were both attending Heartland Community College. We were taking Literature of the Bible together & I know I can say for the both of us, that our instructor was blowing us away. Every time we walked out of class, we literally had “headaches” from all the amazing information we’d received & talked over.

That wasn’t the only thing giving us headaches back then. There was another thing that was on our minds a lot……..boys 😉 And not just any boys. We each had a specific boy that we had our eyes on. For me it was Eric Wilcox (who is now my husband) & for her, it was Jordan. Jordan Doddek. Over hot chai’s at Fusionbrew (when it was located next to Gumby’s Pizza- which is also no longer there hah!) we discussed our dreams of someday catching these boys eyes & “could it be, could it possibly be that either of these guys could be the one for us”?

heidi & I- December 3, 2009

I married Eric in 2012 & this coming year of 2015, Heidi & Jordan will be becoming man & wife. WHOO-HOOO!!!!!!!!!! (Imagine me shouting that 🙂 )

Heidi & Jordan’s engagement session was SOOO them. We had met up a few weeks before to go over details & decide locations that fit them as a couple. When the afternoon of their session arrived, I had soooo much fun watching them interact together. It is TOTALLY clear that they are smitten with each other. TOTALLY SMITTEN. And to be honest, I was completely in awe. In awe of how the Lord works out the desires of our hearts & orchestrates our lives if we let Him. While photographing them together, my mind went to Heidi & I’s talks at Heartland & the questions of “could it ever happen” & I realized that right in front of my eyes was the answer. It HAD happened. And I couldn’t be any more happier for these two.

We met first at a historic neighborhood in Bloomington. Heidi said that one of their favorite things to do is look at houses & dream together.

Dream away my friends.

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

Jordan kept both of us pretty entertained through the entire session. He likes keeping Heidi’s eyes on him & her laughing 😉 And I know for a fact that she totally doesn’t mind watching him 😉

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |     Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

Then we headed to Comlara Park, a special place to the engaged couple.

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

I told them that the Lord had that evening’s particular sunset set aside just for them. And I was dead serious.

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |            Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

Heidi & Jordan Engagement | & Jordan Engagement |

And there were numerous times that we just got plain silly 😉

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

Heidi, I’m so happy for you. I know you have waited for the Lord’s best & He’s given it to you. I can’t wait to see you become Mrs. Jordan Doddek & to watch what the Lord does between you two & your future family. It was my greatest pleasure to spend time capturing you two. Congratulations Heidi & Jordan!!!

Heidi & Jordan Engagement |

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Leah | College Graduate Session

My sister is so beautiful. It was a joy to be able to spend time with her on her 25th birthday last month & capture some fun portraits of her. Other then my husband, my sister is truly my best friend. We have tons of inside jokes & quote old black & white movies that no one else has even heard of. (Although she often trumps me by quoting a movie line & saying, “What’s that from?” & I can’t remember.) Leah’s hilarious & is often cracking me up through-out the day with texts full of her wit.

Leah is also a very wise woman. And smart. This next month, Leah will be graduating from Illinois State University, magna cum laude with her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

We spend some time in my parents neighborhood for awhile at the beginning of her session. Leah thought of having her morkie dog, Lucy, for part of the session & I thought it was a great idea!

Lucy looking up at her momma 🙂

Leah | College Grad Session

Leah | College Grad Session

If you’ve been to my parents house & met Lucy, I’m sure you’ll agree with everyone else that she’s a sweetie. Because everyone loves Lucy 🙂

Leah | College Grad Session

I could have posted TONS images from just this portion of the session. My sister is SO beautiful.

Leah | College Grad Session

The soon to be graduate & teacher!!!

Leah | College Grad Session

Leah | College Grad Session

I love you Leah! You’re not just my sister, but my best friend 🙂 I know you are my little sister, but in so many ways I look up to you. This has been a hard year for you & I’ve seen you to continue to grow & blossom instead of shrink & wither. You pressed on. Through these past years at Heartland & at ISU, you pressed on. I’m so PROUD of you. I could never have done what you’ve accomplished. You’ve let the Lord guide your dreams & take you down the journey He has for you. The best is yet to come. And I promise, I will be the LOUDEST person at the Redbird Arena on the ISU campus come December 13 next month when you walk. I will be smiling, crying (as I am now 😉 ) & yelling, “THAT’S MY SISTER!”

I love you Eah.

Leah | College Grad Session

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Labertew | Family Session

A common question when I meet new people is, “So where are you from?” To that I answer, “Well, I’ve lived in Bloomington-Normal for about 6 years now but I was born in North Dakota & I’ve lived in 7 different states.” After I get the usual “gasp” or “Oh wow really?” reaction, then the next thing 95% of the time people ask is me “Are you a military kid/brat?” And to that I answer proudly, “No, Pastor’s Kid/Brat.” 😉

So for those of you who didn’t know, there you are- I’m a Pastor’s Kid. And proud of it! My parents pastored for over 20+ years.  We moved around a lot. We saw people change & healed. We drew close to those around us & were hurt by others. We also had incredible experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Growing up as a pastor’s kid is unlike anything else. I’m thankful for the journey the Lord led my family on & how the Lord used it to shape us all.

Couple weekends ago, I had the privilege of spending time with our new lead pastor (at Eric & I’s church-First Assembly of God) & his family. We caught the tail end of October leaves & weather & I thought it was rather fitting that it worked out to do their session at that time of the year since October is Pastor Appreciation Month.

The Labertew Family has  been at our church since around the Fourth of July. It seems longer. We are thankful they are here. Friends, support your pastor/s & their families. Pray for them. Be there for them. Say yes when they ask for help. You will be blessed beyond measure for doing so.

Meet the Labertew Family!

Labertew | Family Session-2

Loved her giggles 🙂

Labertew | Family Session-15

Labertew | Family Session-20            l-1-2

Getting silly!

Labertew | Family Session-22

Labertew | Family Session-46  Labertew | Family Session-50

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Thank you!

First of all I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who entered the giveaways this past week! Every share & post you did helped spread the word of Nomi Photography & for that I am truly grateful. I personally LOVE giveaways myself & it was fun to be the one actually doing the giving. Each time a winner was drawn, I too was holding my breath to see who it was! I hope you all had fun & enjoyed it as much as I did!


I also want to thank EVERYONE once again for the past 6 months. I can’t emphasize HOW MUCH I have learned & grown in the past 6 months. Each session is a learning experience for me. I love each family & couple & senior that I’ve been able to connect with these past 6 months. I know I say it a lot, but I’ll say it again, it TRULY is an HONOR for me when you choose me, Nomi Photography, to come spend time with you. These past 6 months couldn’t have been amazing without each of you.

Thank you to the talented Miss Ana Pyper who captured what I had imagined but couldn’t explain with her handlettered artwork. She is an amazing young lady. Thank you friend!

I also couldn’t have done these past 6 months without my husband, Eric. I love you dear!!!

And Mary Wise, who is my cousin by marriage & the amazing mind behind this website. I don’t thank you enough friend for all you’ve done for me. Once again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

And my last thank you, goes to my Lord & Savior. Father, thank You for all the wonderful experiences & moments You’ve set in my path the past 6 months. Thank You for connecting me with amazing people. And for using photography, a gift from You, to remind seniors, families & couples that they were made to smile.

And now, without further adieu, the winner of our last & final 6 Month Birthday Celebration Giveaway is!

ALISHA HARDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Alisha! Please mail me within 24 hours with your address to claim your prize.

And congrats again to Joy Phillips & Becky Tharpe (who just happen to be mother & daughter!) who won earlier last week.

I look forward to the next 6 months! And believe you me, there is going to be an awesome celebration come May 2, 2015!!!





Weber | Family Session

Miracles still happen every day. And sometimes they happen in two’s as in double, as in twins 🙂 Twin girls that is 😉

My husband & I’s friends, Matt & Jordan have been waiting for the Lord to bless them with children. And when they announced that they were expecting two precious ones, it was a VERY happy day inded! – insert “Oh Happy Day” music here 😉 We’ve been able to watch Matt & Jordan go from an awesome couple to incredible parents with two beautiful girls.

Weber Family @

Adorable little pumpkins! 😉

Weber Family @

Weber Family @                 Weber Family @

Happy ladies!!!

Weber Family @

Weber Family @

Matt & Jordan, it’s been a pleasure to watch the two of you become “four of you”. I enjoyed thoroughly spending time with you both & your girls! Watching you both take care of your girls complete with all your routines & all the love you give them is so fun. You guys are awesome.

Weber Family @

Weber Family @

6 Month Birthday Giveaway #3!

And the winner of the 1st Giveaway that was randomly selected isssssssssssssss………………









Congratulations Becky! Whoo-hoo! Email me within 24 hours with your address to claim your prize.


And now, for the 3rd & final Giveaway & how to enter! It’s easy!

giveaway-3 with graphics

1) Follow @nomi_photography on Instagram

2) Repost the image that is there regarding this last Giveaway (it’s the same picture as above) on your own Instagram account

3) Tag @nomi_photography in the picture & give it the hashtag #nomi_photographygiveaway. (If you have a private account, you have to send me a Direct Message in Instagram otherwise I won’t be able to see your entry).

You can enter once today, Saturday & Sunday! The randomly selected winner of this giveaway will be announced here at on Monday morning.

The 3rd GIVEAWAY contains the items in the above picture:

1) a handmade “You Were Made to Smile” canvas tote bag

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YAY for Giveaways!!!

****The winner of the giveaway must contact me by email ( with their mailing address within 24 hours of being announced, otherwise another winner will be chosen. Anyone can enter the giveaway. All prizes will be mailed Tuesday, November 10 after all prizes have been awarded & cannot be exchanged for anything else.

6 Month Birthday Giveaway #2!

And the winner of the 1st Giveaway that was randomly selected isssssssssssssss……………………





Yay! Congratulations Joy! Please email me within 24 hours with your address to claim your prize!

And now, for the 2nd Giveaway & how to enter!


giveaway-2 with graphics

The Second GIVEAWAY contains the items in the above picture:

1) a handmade “You Were Made to Smile” canvas tote bag

2) a blue mug from TJ Maxx

3) two bags of Tazo Earl Grey Tea

4) a framed “You Were Made To Smile” hand lettered print by my sweet friend & local artist Ana Pyper (size 5×7)

5) a $10.00 giftcard to Hobby Lobby (Hobby Lobby is like, my FAVORITE store!)


Here’s HOW TO ENTER- it’s easy!

Make sure you’ve “LIKE” Nomi Photography on facebook then

1) Send an email with the subject line “I want to win!!!” to You can enter once today & Thursday! And that’s it-simple as that!

*********This is not required, but for additional Entry Points you can share the above image that is on the Nomi Photography Facebook page on your own facebook profile once on Wednesday & then once Thursday. If you do share it, email me at each day & say “I shared!” in the email subject & you’ll receive an additional Entry Point per time you share it.***************************************************

The randomly selected winner of this giveaway (which is the second of THREE giveaways!) will be announced here at on Friday morning. The third & final Giveaway will also be announced then as well!

The winner of the giveaway must contact me by email ( with their mailing address within 24 hours of being announced, otherwise another winner will be chosen. Anyone can enter the giveaway. All prizes will be mailed Tuesday, November 10 after all prizes have been awarded & cannot be exchanged for anything else.

Yay!!! Now go enter!!!