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Poppins | Family Session

“The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your children smiling. The next best thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile.” –

Let’s just say that a few Saturdays ago, there was LOTS of smiling going on from Little Miss 6-Month Old Amelia 🙂 See for yourself!

Poppins Family |

Poppins Family |

See what I mean? This dolly was just full of smiles!

I loved being able to capture some special moments of little Miss Amelia & her mommy. This is probably my favorite image of the two of them <3

Poppins Family |

And there’s no doubt this little one not only loves her mommy, but her daddy as well!

Poppins Family |    Poppins Family |

Those legs <3

Poppins Family |     Poppins Family |

Poppins Family |

Poppins Family |

Miss Amelia started to get a little tired…

Poppins Family |

This was a special moment for me to capture & watch unfold…Amelia fell fast asleep in her daddy’s arms. I stepped back & watched this family of 3 hold each other & felt the pure sweetness of the moment.

Poppins Family |

Your parents love you SOOO much little one <3

Poppins Family |

Sleep tight!

Poppins Family |

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Giftcard Giveaway

If you know me, you know that I like giveaways (entering them & having them 😉 ) AND I LOVE tea! Like, LOVE, LOVE tea. Yesterday, my pastor’s wife gave me some tea from Trader Joe’s & I’ve had 3 cups already of it.

I’ve said before that I’m working on several behind the scene things for Nomi Photography. 2014 was the year of “launching” & 2015 is the year of “defining & organizing” for Nomi Photography. February 2, I will be sending out the February Nomi Photography E-Newsletter. In it, I will be announcing my mini sessions for 2015. I’m keeping some from last year & adding a few new ones. I’ve spent a lot of time choosing these & I’m excited to share them all with you 🙂 I’ve put a lot of thought into them & made sure they line up with the heart of Nomi Photography.

I use social media a lot to keep you all posted on Nomi Photography happenings. But did you know that those who sign up for my e-newsletter hear FIRST HAND about my big announcements before social media does? It’s true! And I’ve even been making some fun & better changes to my e-newsletter’s design & I’m really liking the results. Now what exactly does all this have to do with a giveaway? Well here’s the deal, come February 2, the February E-Newsletter will go out & because I’ve given my e-newsletter a new look & I like giveaways AND I’m excited about my mini-session themes this year ANNDDDD because I love tea, I’m giving away a $5.00 giftcard to Fusionbrew & Starbucks to one person!

The catch is, the winner will be announced in my February E-Newsletter! So you HAVE to sign up for it to find out if you won! So how do you signup? It’s EASY! Either email me at & have your subject title be “Sign Me Up!” OR use this link on facebook-

Now if you’re already on my e-newsletter list, guess what? You can add your spouse or a completely different email of yours to the list & that counts 😉 So once you’ve given an email address, you’ve entered & just check your inbox Monday, February 2 (crazy that that’s only a week from today) to see if you won!

There are several benefits to being on the Nomi Photography E-Newsletter, SEVERAL. And friends, March’s E-Newsletter is going to contain one of my biggest announcements YET. I wanted to put it in February’s e-newsletter, but it’s going to wait until March 😉 Ok, that’s enough! No more about that since I can’t spill the beans on that one 😉

Back to the giveaway-happy entering friends!!!

***One entry per person.


Favorite Images from 2014 | Part III

Today’s blog post is the last in a 3-Part blog mini-series featuring my personal favorite images from each session I had in 2014. You can view Part I here & Part II here.

Today’s post is just as fun as the last two. I did add a fun surprise image that probably none of you have ever seen (*hint-hint* it has a bride & groom in it ;-)) & I HIGHLY recommend listening to this song (You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile) while scrolling through the images (I’m currently addicted to the new Annie soundtrack.) It’s a fun song that will keep you movin’ & groovin’ for the rest of the day 😉

Make sure you scroll through all the images & read just a few more lines from me!

Fav's of 2014-28

See more of Grace’s beautiful face here!

Fav's of 2014-23

Fav's of 2014-51


Fav's of 2014-50 More of this special farm session:

Fav's of 2014-14

Fav's of 2014-25

Fav's of 2014-45

More of Leah & Lucy:

In the summer of 2014, I had the honor of being the second photographer at a wedding with the incredibly talented & beautiful Jamie Grant of Jamie Grant Photography. I had never captured a wedding before. I was 90% sure I did not want to be a wedding photographer & I decided that this was an opportunity to find out if that was the right choice. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding & just a lovely day. Jamie was super sweet & spending the day with her was a wonderful experience in itself. I also got to connect with Eric & Sabriah Floberg. Here’s one of the images I took from the bride & groom’s First Look.

Fav's of 2014-trager wedding-1

I know the Lord has me in the right place by not having me be a wedding photographer. It was fantastic experience but it’s not where my heart is. You can view the full wedding post here-

Fav's of 2014-15

Fav's of 2014-49

More of my handsome brother:

Fav's of 2014-47

These two love birds have many more pictures-

Fav's of 2014-46

My pastor & his family’s full session can be viewed here:

Fav's of 2014-44

There’s more!!!

Fav's of 2014-16

Fav's of 2014-20

Fav's of 2014-38

Fav's of 2014-40

These cuties have more family members! See them all here:

Fav's of 2014-42

There’s more here!

Fav's of 2014-30

This fun family has tons of great images!

Fav's of 2014-32

Gorgeous Chloe:

And that’s a wrap!!! (I’ve always wanted to say that, but never had a reason too 😉 haha)

Thank you everyone for sticking around these past few days & looking back at 2014 with me!!! Didn’t I get to work with some incredible people??!!! I think so!!!

There’s a reason I shared all of these, not just because they’re my fav’s, but because they are leading me into a stronger, more focused direction with Nomi Photography. I’ll be sharing more on that later 🙂

I have just about 1-2 session spots available for January & am booking further into 2015. Contact me at to schedule your session! I’d LOVE to capture you & your families smile!

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Harding | Family Session

Does encouraging words mean a lot to you? They do to me. Alisha Harding probably doesn’t even remember this, but just about two years ago, she said something to me I’ll never forget. I was photographing a conference for pastors, their spouses & missionaries that my church was hosting. Alisha was there & I took a quick photo of her & a friend she was talking too. The three of us briefly chatted & Alisha said to me, “I just love your photo’s.” I thanked her & shared a bit of my heart regarding starting a photography business. After listening to my words, she looked at me & said, “I have no doubt you are going to be a great photographer & that your business will go well.” I’ve never forgotten that moment. It was a time where my dream was just a dream in my husband & I’s heart. It was still developing & growing & Alisha’s words was like water on the seed in my heart.

If you ever get the chance to encourage someone, do it. You’ll never know how deep & how much that individual may need your exact words.

Alisha, your words meant the world to me. It was an honor to almost 2 years later capture your family <3

Harding | Family Session-53

Harding | Family Session-55

Harding | Family Session-46

Harding | Family Session-55

Harding | Family Session-14


Favorite Images from 2014 | Part II

Man this has been fun! Sifting through so many pictures & remembering the laughs & moments shared at the sessions I had in 2014 & just smiling ALL over again! THANK YOU to everyone who has had a session with me. THANK YOU for trusting me & being a part of this journey! Nomi Photography wouldn’t exist without you.

If you missed it, here’s Part I. Now, who’s ready for Part II?!!!!

Fav's of 2014-31

View more from this double maternity session here:

Fav's of 2014-36

Gabriel’s full blog post is right here if you wanna see more!

Fav's of 2014-29

More of the Lyttle Family here:

Fav's of 2014-3

Fav's of 2014-12

Fav's of 2014-33

View more here of this sweetie & his entire family-

Fav's of 2014-48

Sydney | 18 Month Portrait Session-14

Fav's of 2014-39

Fav's of 2014-24

Fav's of 2014-53

You can see more!

Fav's of 2014-21

Fav's of 2014-4

Fav's of 2014-52

There’s more here!

Fav's of 2014-37

This little guy was just too much fun!

Fav's of 2014-41

More fun pictures of this family:


Well there’s Part II! Come back in the next few days for the final blog post!

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Favorite Images from 2014 | Part I

Personal 2014 Fav's Board for Blog Post-smallres

First of all choosing my personal favorite images from each session I had in 2014 (all 42 of them!) was WAY more difficult then I imagined it to be. Several of these families are very close friends & others became close friends! I didn’t realize how much of my heart was connected to each session. But as “hard” as it was for me, it was also a wonderful experience- to look back & remember all of these special moments that I got to be a part of with so many incredible people. I’m not just saying that to make you all feel good 😉 I am truly thankful & blessed to have worked with each person/family/couple I met in 2014. And let me just say, looking back has made me VERY EXCITED for 2015. EXTREMELY excited 🙂

So just a reminder, this blog is a mini series, which basically means I will be posting several blogs posts to hold ALL of the images. I can’t put all of them in one! I’m spreading them out into about 3 posts (so there’s about 2 more coming!). I’m also adding the photo’s in complete random order. So if you don’t see my personal favorite image from your session, don’t freak out! 🙂 It’s coming! Hopefully the suspense won’t kill you 😉

You may be wondering how I chose my personal favorites, but before I answer that question, remember it was EXTREMELY hard to me to pick my favorites!!! Basically all the sessions I had about 2-3 fav images per session. It was very hard to narrow them down. But the ones I chose, are those that have personally stayed in my mind, touched my heart & made me fall even more in love with photography & capturing the smiles of so many people. If you look at each picture, you’ll notice I didn’t always choose the “perfect picture that had the perfect lighting & perfectly centered pose”. I usually chose ones where there’s a true genuine smile on their face or a belly laugh about to happen, the mom glowing while looking at her husband, a daddy holding his daughter close or you can totally see true love & tenderness in the eyes of those in the picture….AHHH!!!!! Who’s ready to see some pictures??? 🙂

Fav's of 2014-17

Fav's of 2014-1

Fav's of 2014-35

Fav's of 2014-2

Fav's of 2014-26

Fav's of 2014-18

Fav's of 2014-43

See the Weber full blog post here-

Fav's of 2014-22

Fav's of 2014-5

Fav's of 2014-34

Fav's of 2014-6

Fav's of 2014-27

Fav's of 2014-19

Fav's of 2014-13

Check back in the next few days for Part II!

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