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If you know me, you know that I like giveaways (entering them & having them 😉 ) AND I LOVE tea! Like, LOVE, LOVE tea. Yesterday, my pastor’s wife gave me some tea from Trader Joe’s & I’ve had 3 cups already of it.

I’ve said before that I’m working on several behind the scene things for Nomi Photography. 2014 was the year of “launching” & 2015 is the year of “defining & organizing” for Nomi Photography. February 2, I will be sending out the February Nomi Photography E-Newsletter. In it, I will be announcing my mini sessions for 2015. I’m keeping some from last year & adding a few new ones. I’ve spent a lot of time choosing these & I’m excited to share them all with you 🙂 I’ve put a lot of thought into them & made sure they line up with the heart of Nomi Photography.

I use social media a lot to keep you all posted on Nomi Photography happenings. But did you know that those who sign up for my e-newsletter hear FIRST HAND about my big announcements before social media does? It’s true! And I’ve even been making some fun & better changes to my e-newsletter’s design & I’m really liking the results. Now what exactly does all this have to do with a giveaway? Well here’s the deal, come February 2, the February E-Newsletter will go out & because I’ve given my e-newsletter a new look & I like giveaways AND I’m excited about my mini-session themes this year ANNDDDD because I love tea, I’m giving away a $5.00 giftcard to Fusionbrew & Starbucks to one person!

The catch is, the winner will be announced in my February E-Newsletter! So you HAVE to sign up for it to find out if you won! So how do you signup? It’s EASY! Either email me at & have your subject title be “Sign Me Up!” OR use this link on facebook-

Now if you’re already on my e-newsletter list, guess what? You can add your spouse or a completely different email of yours to the list & that counts 😉 So once you’ve given an email address, you’ve entered & just check your inbox Monday, February 2 (crazy that that’s only a week from today) to see if you won!

There are several benefits to being on the Nomi Photography E-Newsletter, SEVERAL. And friends, March’s E-Newsletter is going to contain one of my biggest announcements YET. I wanted to put it in February’s e-newsletter, but it’s going to wait until March 😉 Ok, that’s enough! No more about that since I can’t spill the beans on that one 😉

Back to the giveaway-happy entering friends!!!

***One entry per person.


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