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Who’s Currently Inspiring Me

As time goes on & I continue this journey as a photographer, there are several amazing photographers that I look up too. I thought it’d be fun to give you a little peak at these ladies (they all actually happen to be ladies!) & show who is currently inspiring me.

From Sydney's Session without logo-2

I have a HUGE passion for families. I am planning some things I’ll be unveiling soon that will make family sessions even MORE special but for now, here is a look at the women I look to for inspiration when it comes to capturing families & couples:

Amy Paulson

Amy is my VERY favorite for MANY reasons. The Lord has gifted her in an incredible way that I’ve never seen with any other photographer. She’s my fav. Hands down. No questions asked. I want to be her when I grow up. And I hope to introduce you to her in the coming months 😉

Website: Facebook:

Gina Zeidler

I have never met Gina & who knows if I ever will! (I’d love it if it happened!) But her style of how she works with light & uses her humor to share about people is just fantastic. Her classic style is impeccable.

Website: Facebook:

I also enjoy checking out the blog “Let the Kids Dress Themselves”. They are constantly highlighting a photographer that captures families & children in a special way. Maybe someday I’ll be on there! One can dream right? 😉


Even though I don’t photograph weddings, I have a secret love for following wedding photographers. I have many fav’s & actually a few of them have stepped into capturing more of families & children as well! I REALLY love the look of film. I try to imitate that look with my photography with photography sessions I have outdoor. I have a lot of clients who tell me they really like the pictures I take outdoors with the “blurry backgrounds”. That is actually called “bokeh” & is something that’s used in film a ton. And it’s funny that 2 out of 3 of the photographers I’m about to list are primarily film photographers 🙂 Here’s my top three in the Weddings/Couples/Families category 😉

Nancy Ray

Website: Facebook:

Nancy is also a very wise lady! I follow her on Instagram & just love reading her blog! Especially since her & her husband are expecting their first baby soon!

Emily March

Website: Facebook:

I found Emily March by following one of my  fav’s Lara Casey ( I love how Emily has captured so many things including weddings, families & even small group meetings!

Laura L

Website: Facebook:

Laura photographs another favorite of mine, Emily Ley ( I ADORE her planners). I’m slightly jealous of Laura since she gets to photography her family 😉


I also have a desire to someday tap into product photography (we’ll see if that happens!). My only favorite in that category is Shay Cochrane! Website: Facebook:


Well there you are! Hope that was interesting for you & that it shed some light into the look & passion I desire for Nomi Photography 🙂

Mary & Richard | Couples Session

When I married my husband, I not only married into a new family, I married into a family where some of those family members have become very dear friends. My mother-in-law has three other siblings & I truly enjoy our family gatherings. Everyone lives in the area so family events are usually full & fun 🙂

I grew up not ever being very close in miles to extended family. I truly appreciate being so close to both of Eric’s sides so I can get to know them & make up for the 26 years before we got married that I didn’t know them 😉 Mary is one of Eric’s cousins on his mom’s side & she is one of three sisters that yes, I would not only call them family, but friends. Mary & her sisters Rachel & Sarah welcomed me into the family right away & I’ve always felt like I belonged.

About a year ago, Eric & I were making some big decisions when it came to officially launching Nomi Photography. I actually wasn’t planning on having a website. I liked the idea of having a blog, but figured it was too much work at the beginning. I figured facebook would be enough 😉 Mary convinced me otherwise & I’m SO glad she did!

I called her up one day & we started talking & brainstorming about what could possibly happen regarding a website AND blog for Nomi Photography. Mary is a genius. She knows all the terminology, how to work with WordPress, how to make my site look pretty, how to tell me what doesn’t look “me”, how to even tell me it doesn’t look “me”! She was & STILL is a HUGE Godsend for me!!!! We exchanged several, several emails & phone calls over the course of January 2014-May 2014. I’m so thankful for all she did. And is still doing. We’ve just recently finished a small facelift of my website including a way to signup for my e-newsletter right on my site (just look to the right of this post!)

I was able to spend some time with Mary & her husband, Richard at Funks Grove one fall afternoon this past year & have a little photo session.

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-34

Fun fact, Mary & Richard just announced they’re EXPECTING!!! Yes! SO excited for them!!!

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-9

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-32

I’m excited to watch them become parents & can’t wait to hold their little one!!!

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-4                Mary & Richard | Couples Session-3

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-10

Aunt Sheila & Uncle Lynn (Mary’s parents) came along as well & I snapped a few pictures of these two love birds 😉

Sheila & Lynn | Couples Session-6

Sheila & Lynn | Couples Session-16     Sheila & Lynn | Couples Session-5

They’re going to make wonderful grandparents aren’t they Mary & Richard? 😉

Sheila & Lynn | Couples Session-8

Mary, again, from the bottom & side & top of my heart, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done to help make Nomi Photography succeed. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you also for being my friend! I love you! And I can’t wait to watch your journey as you walk into motherhood <3

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-31


Brooke & Nic | Anniversary Session

Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-6

See that smile? That smile belongs to my friend Brooke. About 9ish years ago we meet in the loud kitchen of Cracker Barrel as fellow servers. Well, let me re-phrase that, she was a server, I was brand-new to CB, a newbie. She actually trained me one night. She taught me everything I knew right Brooke? 😉 We formed this work sort of friendship. You can actually get pretty close with someone when you’re serving a ton of people on a busy Friday night. We started to hangout, Kaldi Coffee dates & chats became more frequent over the year I lived in Columbia, Missouri. And then I moved. But because Brooke is a true friend, she is one of the few that I have stayed in close contact with since I left.

I have two favorite phone call memories with Brooke since we became long distance friends. The first was around Easter one year & she told me about her decision to put Jesus Christ first in life & follow Him wholeheartedly. There was much joy & tears in the conversation.

The second fav phone conversation was when we talked about her & her husband’s anniversary session that she had asked me to do. I had gotten a request to do a session in St. Charles, MO with another close family from Columbia & so it just all worked out perfectly to meet with Brooke & Nic!

I tell you St. Charles was cray cray that weekend! (I’d love to go back & visit sometime when it was a little quieter though 😉 ) But we did manage to find some quiet spots & have a few moments with just the three of us.

Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-16    Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-21

Brooke & Nic have a unique, wonderful love story like every couple who puts Christ first in their relationship. I hadn’t been around Nic too many times so our time in St. Charles was fun getting to know him & seeing how he loves Brooke.

One of the ways I see Nic love Brooke is through his eyes. He looks at her with such love, admiration & a sense of “knowing”. He knows Brooke. He knows her little quirks, her passions, desires, hopes & dreams. And he loves her. Very much. And can I just add that Nic had NO problem kissing Brooke during their session 😉

Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-34

Brooke & Nic use a candle each year & take a picture with it to symbolize how many years they’ve been married. This past December 1 was the big “2”. And I know without a doubt there will be many more anniversaries to come.

Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-64

Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-58


Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-69

When Brooke & I talked on the phone before their session, she communicated to me how important having pictures taken of her & Nic is so important to her. She wants to remember who they were at that time & to look back as the years go on & be thankful for what the Lord has done & how they’ve grown as a couple. If I could have recorded that part of our phone conversation & typed out her words for a blog post I would have!!! My heart is just so full when others see the significance of taking photo’s, not just at your wedding but onnnnn through the years.

    Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-86

Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-72

Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-77

You two have a strong foundation in Christ. Never forget that. Or that there are tons of people cheering you on. Me included. You two are a dynamo duo. Let the love story the Lord is writing for you continue, with many blessings, surprises & adventures along the way. Love you both.

Brooke & Nic | Couples Session-80

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Steve & Judy | 50th Wedding Anniversary Session

Unforgettable, That’s what you are,
Unforgettable, Tho’ near or far.

He was a radio announcer in Kansas City & played all the hits of that time. She was a beautiful 19 year old who loved to listen to the voices of Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole & many others.

Like a song of love that clings to me, How the thought of you does things to me.
Never before has someone been more…Unforgettable…

She would call & request a song & he’d play it. She called to request another & they began to talk on the phone between songs. Their conversations became longer & the requests for songs became more frequent.

Unforgettable, In every way,
And forever more that’s how you’ll stay.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-25

“And then I asked her over the phone, to go out for coke & ice cream. Because that’s what you did back then.” Steve told me this the afternoon of their 50th Wedding Anniversary session I was privileged to capture. I drank it all in. Their story, their love & their legacy. This special couple that has not only touched my life, but played a huge role in my husband’s family & many, many others in Bloomington-Normal.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-22

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-15

Fifty years of marriage has given them four God-fearing (& rather hilarious) sons, three amazing daughter-in-laws & nine grandchildren. The legacy continues.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-5

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-8

And they are STILL in love with each other.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-32     Steve & Judy | Couples Session-33

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-34

You can see why Steve fell in love with Judy 🙂 Such a beauty! (Judy is a Mary Kaye consultant. We just had to take a moment to snap a few pictures for her website!)

                     Steve & Judy | Couples Session-41             Steve & Judy | Couples Session-45

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-46

Steve & Judy, thank you a THOUSAND times for allowing me the honor of spending a special Saturday afternoon with you both. Sharing stories & the Starbucks afterwards was just wonderful. And I know that you would want everyone to know this next thing- Jesus, Jesus is the reason why 50 years has been wonderful. It’s because He lives, that life is worth the living.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-50

That’s why, darling, it’s incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am
Unforgettable, too.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-54

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Steve & Judy!

PS If you were wondering, Unforgettable by Nat King Cole is their song 🙂

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2015 PK Retreat Recap

The weekend of January 17-19, my husband & I spent at a campgrounds just outside of Carlinville with 200 Pastors Kids. 200 amazing pastors kids from across the state of Illinois. My 3 siblings & I are pastors kids & we’ve been attending PK Retreat ourselves since we were able to go. The past 7ish years, I was finally old enough to help out & be a leader! I was first a room counselor for about 8 incredible PK High School girls for a couple years & then this year was my 3rd year photographing the retreat. It’s one of my highlights of the year, I’m not joking. And I especially love serving alongside my handsome husband who does the sound either for the older kids group or the younger kids.

This retreat is put together by ISM & the staff & team of volunteers have such a heart for pastors kids. It’s been so fun going back year after year & working with the same people, meeting new people & seeing the kids grow up.

Here’s a few of my favorite images I got. I have over 200 pictures that I kept from this event & I wish I could put all of them in this blog post!

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-16

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-20      Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-30

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-33

This was a super fun game the younger kids did!

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-41

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-40

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-44      Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-50

See how excited they got!? 🙂

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-51

From a photographer’s point of view, capturing this event is always super fun but challenging for me in many ways. I am constantly on the move & constantly being in different lighting situations. First I’ll be in a nice bright room & then know I need to be in a completely different room in about 10 minutes. It keeps me on my toes & is a great learning experience for me. I took the opportunity to use my flash & learn how to use that better as well.

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-74

My handsome husband running sound.

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-93

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-78      Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-108

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-120      Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-115

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-65

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-59

My kind of girl 😉

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-133

The much anticipated “Masquerade Party”.

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-141

And the Annual Scavenger Hunt is on!

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-173      Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-170

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-199

Probably one of the favorite parts of PK Retreat for everyone is the Sunday night Variety Show & Pizza Party.

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-216

Photobooth time!

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-261

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-269

Yep, that’s flying toilet paper 😉

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-187

Communion Time.

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-275      Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-272

Group picture!!!

Pastors Kids Retreat 2015-148

This was my favorite PK Retreat so far. Can’t wait until next time 🙂

Mini Sessions in 2015

On this snowy day, I’m excited to finally publicly announce the Mini Sessions I will be having in 2015. I’ve been thinking about these for a long time now (probably the last 6 months!) & am EXCITED to share them!!! (Those who are subscribed to my e-newsletter found out Monday. If you’re not signed up for my e-newsletter click on the navy box on the right of this page.)

If you’re not sure what a Mini Session is, here’s a brief description- it’s a shorter photography session (usually 20-30 minutes), a smaller amount of images then a full session, & all for a lower cost then a full photography session at a set location. They’re on a set day & I schedule sessions with different families & individuals back to back with small 10 minute windows between each Mini Session.

One of the key words of Nomi Photography is relational. I TRULY believe in capturing those special relationships in our lives and in an authentic way. Keeping relationships in mind, that is how my Mini Session themes came about for 2015. I’ve kept a few from 2014 & have created some very special ones that I’m seriously just JOYFUL in my heart about. See for yourself!

2015 Mini Session List

Do you spy the new for 2015 Mini Sessions in that list? I’m not lying when I say my heart is seriously PUMPED for the Siblings Mini & the Grandparents Mini! The Siblings Mini will be open to ALL ages of siblings! Not just children! And the Mini Session that will be just for grandparents & their grandkids- HOW SPECIAL is that going to be?!

Each Mini Session is set in the chosen month for a particular reason.

SIBLINGS: (New for 2015) Did you know April 10 is National Sibling Day? 😉 Now you do! I also thought it’s a perfect time to have your children take pictures (if you wanted to) in their Easter outfits! My siblings always took a group picture on Easter Sunday 🙂 And this isn’t just for the young ones! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get all your adult siblings together for some updated pictures?!

MOM & ME: Last year, the Mom & Me Mini’s were so very special & wonderful. I’m excited to have those again just in time for Mother’s Day!

BEST FRIEND: When was the last time you had pictures taken with your best friend? Well, National Best Friend Day is June 8 & we are going to “celebrate” it by having Mini’s just for you & your BFF! Or ALL your BFF’s!

BACK TO SCHOOL | For Homeschoolers Only: Last year I met so many wonderful homeschooler families with these Mini’s! My husband & I were both homeschooled & I loved being able to use this opportunity to meet so many other local homeschoolers. And yes, this is a firm for homeschoolers ONLY Mini’s :)These will be in the end of July or very beginning of August.

SISTER SISTER: Probably one of my favorite Mini’s is the Sister Sister Mini Session. National Sister Day is August 2 & this Mini Session will be scheduled just around that time.

GRANDPARENTS: (New for 2015) Probably the Mini Session I am MOST EXCITED about for 2015 is the new one just for grandparents & their grandchildren. This would be a wonderful Grandparents Day gift or even have the session in September & save the images & print them all for Christmas gifts!

FALL FAMILY: I will be having Fall Family Mini Sessions this year. They will be in October since the leaves are usually in FULL color then.

Now the reason I have to wait on the exact dates is because of weather & choosing a location that is just perfect. Since I do my Mini Sessions outdoors, it’s important to find a location that is pretty too! 🙂 I promise to leave plenty of time to let you know ahead of time. I’ll be releasing the Siblings Mini Session date early March.

I try very hard to make my Mini Sessions as unique, special & fun as possible. Be on the lookout for the official release date of each Mini Session (e-newsletter subscribers are given the opportunity to book first!). I hope you & your loved ones will join me for a Mini Session (or two!) this year <3 Can’t wait 🙂

PS Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Brittany Gulso who won the Giftcard Giveaway 🙂