Siblings Mini Sessions!

Did you know April 10 is National Sibling Day? ;-) Now you do!

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Saturday, April 11 is the date of the Sibling Mini Sessions I will be having! The Mini Sessions will be in the afternoon starting at 1:00PM at an outdoor location in Bloomington-Normal. I’ll be keeping my eye on a couple locations as things start turning green & we start to see more color!!!! I also thought it’s a perfect time to have your children take pictures (if you wanted to) in their Easter outfits! My siblings always took a group picture on Easter Sunday :) And this isn’t just for the young ones! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get all your adult siblings together for some updated pictures?!

These will be a 20 minute interactive photo session for siblings of ALL ages! We’ll laugh, we’ll talk, we’ll play & capture the special relationship you have with your siblings. One of the key words of Nomi Photography is relational. I TRULY believe in capturing those special relationships in our lives and in an authentic way. Whether you’re 45 & you & your sister have not had pictures in a long time or you have 3 little ones- this mini session is just perfect! I’ve decided to only offer a select amount of slots so if you would like to schedule one, please contact me ( soon! (A full list of my 2015 Mini Sessions can be found here-

Each session will be 20 minutes long. A total of 10-15 images on a flashdrive will be mailed within 3 weeks after the session. Full payment of $55.00 is due at the time of the session.

I can’t wait!!! Feel free to share & let your friends know!!!

PS If you’re still not quite sure what a Mini Session is, here’s a brief description- it’s a shorter photography session (usually 20-30 minutes), a smaller amount of images then a full session, & all for a lower cost then a full photography session at a set location. They’re on a set day & I schedule sessions with different families & individuals back to back with small 10 minute windows between each Mini Session.

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