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Grandparents Day Mini Sessions!

My parents are super excited about becoming grandparents 😉 It’s really a fun thing to watch & Little Wilcox isn’t even here yet! Being a grandparent is a special thing. And I’m EXCITED about this! For the first time EVER I’m having a mini session for grandparents & their grandkids!!!!


Who’s always asking for pictures of your children? Who’s always calling & asking to see your kids? Grandma & Grandpa of course!!! And what better way to fill their hearts then gift them (maybe an early Christmas gift??) with a Grandparents Day Mini Session!

Or grandparents, maybe this is something that YOU’LL want to organize! Take the grandkids out for the evening, come have a short photo session with me & then go out for ice cream later! This is a perfect, fun evening to have! Plus, Grandparents Day is September 13 & you can have not only pictures OF your grandkids, but you WITH them!

Here’s the details!

The day for Grandparents Day Mini Sessions will be Saturday, September 12. They will start late afternoon & go into early evening. I’ve reserved 20 minutes per family/session to have a fun interactive short session. I will be scheduling sessions back to back with short breaks in between & they will be held at Ewing Park III (if you’ve had a session with me at this location, don’t worry, there’s plenty of areas I’ll be using ;-)).

Family’s up to 4 members ($10.00 per additional family member after 6 members) 5-10 Images | $60.00
Session will take around 15-20 minutes.

You will receive a 10-15 images & a wonderful memory to share! All images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the session via a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded & printed where you choose. Print Release is also included. This session does not allow for outfit changes. Email me at to reserve your session slot! Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis via email!

I can’t wait to see you Grandma & Grandpa with your grandkids!!! We’ll laugh, get fun pictures & spend some quality time together. What Nana or Poppa doesn’t want that?

Grandparents Day Mini's 2015

Back-to-School 2015 Mini Session Recap!

I love families that homeschool. Seriously. I haven’t photographed one family that I didn’t want to just go hangout with after their session happened.

And maybe it’s because when I meet them, we already know we have something in common- homeschooling. I was homeschooled, my husband was & we plan to with our family in the future. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. But these families make it look good!

I’m sharing just a few images from my Back-to-School Mini’s I had this past July for homeschooling families in the area. One family drove over an hour to meet up! Totally blew me away! And I’m sharing just a few favorites since I know some of these families are saving theirs for Christmas Cards 😉

Henard |

This guy send me & his family into quite a fit of giggles when we found out about a secret he’d been keeping 😉

Noble |         Noble |

Matteson |

Boston |

Roesner |

Mom & dad need their picture taken too!

Boston |

Roesner |

Matteson |

Those were just a few of my favorites!!! Can’t wait until next year!!!!!!

Bentley Turns One!

This kid. Like seriously 😉 He’s SUCH a cutie & is a happy baby like all the time. I remember going to the Sharpe’s home to do his Newborn Session & now, here we are a year later & Bentley is ONE!!!

He’s got an adoring big sister who takes care of him & gets him whatever he wants 😉 AND two very loving parents who work hard at giving him the best & raising him right.

B |

I said it in one of the facebook previews I showed of him, but Bentley could seriously be a GAP Baby.

B |

Am I right or am I right?

Heidi, had a fun little idea of incorporating the basket we used for a bit of his Newborn Session for this session as well! She’s so crafty! She made a little balloon basket out of it 🙂

B |

B |   B |

Let’s just say he liked it 😉

B |

Bentley- “Sissy, want my leaf?”

B |

I guess not 😉 I LOVE THIS!!!! Haha!

B |

And this 😉 Seriously SO adorable even when he was done with the session 😉

B |

B |

All eyes are on you Mr. Bentley 😉 You are a very loved little guy!!!

B |

I love every chance I get to have with the Sharpe Family! They are not only clients but friends & that’s the best kind of clients to have in my opinion!




And love.

Those two words…life & love…they have been spinning in my head for over 6 months now. I mentioned in my last e-newsletter that I was working on something behind the scenes (& it wasn’t just growing a baby 😉 ). It all started last fall when I was having a phone date with a client & described my sessions as capturing where life & love happen.

life&loveAfter that, I couldn’t stop thinking about the phrase, those two words. Because they do hold all that I want to fill the images that come from my camera. I want to get all the life that is going on, whether it’s a sweetie’s one year session or an anniversary…I want to with the pictures I take catch the life, the emotion, the season that is happening right then & there & literally freeze it for my clients to look back upon. To remember & be thankful. I want to catch the love, the look between a mother & son, the smile between a newly engaged couple…catch allllll of it & be able to show my clients when they see their images- LOOK! This is how your husband looks when he looks AT you! THIS is how little one, your daddy ADORES & loves you.

I haven’t wrapped my head around it all yet…still trying to share what’s in my heart, but you will be seeing those words more & more. In the way that I describe my photography & in the way I capture my clients.

As Eric & I walk into this new season of life as becoming parents, I feel these two words dig deep into my own heart as well. I want to share bits & pieces of our life, my life, things I love doing & I will be sharing more on my blog about different things, even stuff aside from photography! Stay tuned 😉

Sister Sister Mini Sessions in 2015

1923543_8447687078_6578_nMy sister is my best friend. Hands down. (PS That picture above was 7 years ago!) Aside from my husband, she gets me like no one else. We’re four years apart & yet people still sometimes think we’re twins. We quote old movies lines to each. She sends me tons of texts a day that crack me up (she’s got a funny sense of humor). And she always hated it when I’d crawl into bed with her & try to snuggle 😉

I’m 29 & she’s 25. She’s going to be an aunt soon & I still like having our girl movie nights. We’ve grown up as different women, but thankfully, we’re closer then before.

back2school- angela-1

And, may I ask a question? When was the last time you had a picture taken with your sister? When was the last time you & your sissy or sisters had some good ol’ quality time? When was the last time you all chatted & reflected on the treasured friendship you share?

I want you to have that opportunity. Either to spend it with your sister, sisters or even someone who is like a sister to you…to spend it together & have some amazing photo’s taken together.

This mini session will be a short photography session on Saturday, August 29, where you & your sister, sisters or someone who’s like a sister to you, can come laugh & reflect on growing up together. And hey, you may not have always liked each other 😉 I’d love to hear THOSE stories too 😉

This 20 minute photo session will take place at an outdoor location in Bloomington-Normal & is $60.00 for 2-3 sisters (additional ladies after 3, may be added at $10.00 a piece). And it’s for ALL ages! Babies, toddlers or even 80 year olds! You will receive a 10-15 images & a wonderful memory to share! All images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the session via a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded & printed where you choose. Print Release is also included. This session does not allow for outfit changes. Email me at to reserve your session slot! Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis!

Bishop |

We’re Expecting!!!

You may have already seen, heard or I already told you but……………

Eric & I are EXPECTING our first child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been sharing with family & friends our news since Father’s Day & just posted on social media this past Tuesday on our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Below is the photo & caption we shared as our announcement!

Little Wilcox Announcement!!!!

(Left photo was taken by our incredible wedding photographer Kina Wicks of Chicago. Right photo wouldn’t have happened without my wonderful sister Leah 🙂 )

“The Lord’s perfect timing has been a reoccurring theme in our relationship & marriage. We have been looking forward to today for two reasons: We are celebrating our Third Wedding Anniversary AND sharing for those who don’t already know, that WE ARE EXPECTING!!!!!

Our Little Wilcox is due to arrive around December 31!!! We are so thankful that our prayers have been answered & that the Lord has given us our heart’s desire <3 The New Year can’t come soon enough!”

If I had a session with you in late April or thereafter, I was pregnant! Some of you didn’t know it, but I was chewing on saltine crackers in between shots & gulping peach soda water down to keep some nausea I dealt with away! Thankfully it never hindered a session! And if I ever sent you an email that didn’t quite make sense or have the exact wording, hahah, yes I’m blaming it on “pregnancy brain”! 😉

I will answer one quick question that I’m sure some of you are wondering & will save the rest for another blog post I have in the works…Nomi Photography IS not going anywhere- it is here to stay! Eric & I launched Nomi Photography over a year ago now, with the intent of it being a part of our future along with a family. When you have a session with me, you are helping support our little family & I can’t ever thank you enough for that. I will have a maternity leave & will share details about that in a future blog post.

Thank you everyone for celebrating with us!!! Little Wilcox is truly an answer to prayer & we are absolutely THRILLED to be entering this new season of life <3