And love.

Those two words…life & love…they have been spinning in my head for over 6 months now. I mentioned in my last e-newsletter that I was working on something behind the scenes (& it wasn’t just growing a baby 😉 ). It all started last fall when I was having a phone date with a client & described my sessions as capturing where life & love happen.

life&loveAfter that, I couldn’t stop thinking about the phrase, those two words. Because they do hold all that I want to fill the images that come from my camera. I want to get all the life that is going on, whether it’s a sweetie’s one year session or an anniversary…I want to with the pictures I take catch the life, the emotion, the season that is happening right then & there & literally freeze it for my clients to look back upon. To remember & be thankful. I want to catch the love, the look between a mother & son, the smile between a newly engaged couple…catch allllll of it & be able to show my clients when they see their images- LOOK! This is how your husband looks when he looks AT you! THIS is how little one, your daddy ADORES & loves you.

I haven’t wrapped my head around it all yet…still trying to share what’s in my heart, but you will be seeing those words more & more. In the way that I describe my photography & in the way I capture my clients.

As Eric & I walk into this new season of life as becoming parents, I feel these two words dig deep into my own heart as well. I want to share bits & pieces of our life, my life, things I love doing & I will be sharing more on my blog about different things, even stuff aside from photography! Stay tuned 😉

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