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IMG_6127I LOVE Podcasts! If you were to open my podcast app on my phone, you would see that I’ve subscribed to 14 different podcasts! Now I don’t listen to ALL of them every week 😉 but I do have 3 Top Favorite podcasts that I make sure to keep up to date on their episodes.

Why I Listen to Podcasts I usually listen to podcasts while getting ready in the morning, while driving & then while doing dishes/making a meal. Eric is at work before I need to leave the house & I like filling the house with noise other then myself just puttering around 😉 There are so many things we could be doing & filling our minds with. I love listening to music through-out the day but I’ve also seen how filling my heart & mind with words of wisdom from others has really grown my faith.  Two out of three of these shows do have a lot of episodes that cater to mom’s BUT not every episode does. And again, even before I was a mom, I was listening to these shows & drinking in their wisdom not just on mothering but on being a woman of God. Eric listens to a few different podcasts as well & I enjoy comparing notes & talking about the topics at times 🙂

Here’s My 3 Fav’s!

THE GOD CENTERED MOM Even before I became a mom, I was listening to this show. Heather MacFadyen is the host & she not only does she bring in wonderful guests to interview them but I also love her heart. She truly desires to equip mothers & I love her heart for the Lord. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed & been stretched in my Christian walk not just as a soon-to-be mom but a woman who desires the Lord as well.  I’ve never met Heather, but I can hear in her voice & how she chooses those she has on the show & the topics they discuss that she is a REAL woman & truly wants those who listen to her show to grow in their faith & womanhood. She’s had a range of guests on her show including her most recent one with guest Stacy Reaves who shared her story of having an abortion.

Get into your podcast app or go to her website & browse through her guests & topics, pick an episode & start listening!
PODCAST: http://godcenteredmom.com/
HOST: Heather MacFadyen
WHAT ITUNES HAS TO SAY ABOUT THIS PODCAST: Life is messy. Some days (some hours) are harder than others. How do you ride the crazy waves of motherhood? Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, understands the wild ride. In this podcast she interviews guests about staying God-centered in a shaky mom world. Hearing vulnerable moments and examples of God’s faithfulness in the past, helps you, the listener, build firm faith foundations for the future. Reminding us of our position–centered in God’s presence and love.

THE INFLUENCE PODCAST As a creative & photographer, I’ve SO enjoyed the various guests that have been on The Influence Podcast. The Influence Podcast is connect to The Influence Network & seeks to encourage women in all seasons & roles of their life online. Jacey Verdicchio is usually the host for the show & just about every to every other week, she brings in creative women that are photographers, speakers, authors, you name it! – & I’ve loved hearing the hearts of these women, how their business’s started & how they keep Christ & their family’s as their focus. It’s also fun for me since I follow a lot of the women the show ends up interviewing on Instagram & I love hearing more of their lives & stories.

This show is a little shorter & keeps it just around a half hour so it’s perfect for splitting up into 15 minutes intervals for to & from the grocery store 🙂 And even if you don’t consider yourself a “creative” these women share their hearts & love the Lord & will challenge your walk with the Lord as well.
PODCAST: http://godcenteredmom.com/
HOST: Jacey Verdicchio (sometimes, Lara Casey, Rebecca Smith or Jamie Ivey)
WHAT ITUNES HAS TO SAY ABOUT THIS PODCAST: The Influence Network is the online community of women dedicated to making their online lives mean something. This podcast features interviews and encouragement designed to inspire and resource women to use the Internet for good, for God’s glory. New episodes air weekly and topics include writing, blogging, justice, spiritual growth and creative business.

INSPIREDTOACTION.COM – INSPIRATION FOR MOTHERHOOD Kat Lee is amazing. She describes her show as being a “pep talk for moms” & I know I’m not alone when I say that it’s a pep talk for all women. She is behind the amazing Maximize Your Mornings movement & has the most awesome guests on her show. She ends each show with saying “You’re a mom. You kind of a big deal, now go be awesome.” She’s encouraging & reminds you of things that may make you a little uncomfortable comfort zone wise- nothing wrong with that! 😉
PODCAST: http://inspiredtoaction.com/
HOST: Kat Lee
WHAT ITUNES HAS TO SAY ABOUT THIS PODCAST: It’s like a pep talk for moms. My name is Kat Lee is my goal with each episode of the Inspired To Action Podcast is to…that’s right…inspire YOU to action. I’m bringing you motivating interviews, practical tips and lots of fun yet-insanely-useful conversation with people who believe in YOU and the amazing role you have as a mother. You’re a mom. You’re totally a big deal.

Check out one or all of these podcasts! I’d love to hear what you think of them & what podcasts you like to listen too! There’s ALLLLLL KINDS & I like I said before, I subscribe to 14 so these aren’t the only ones I listen too 😉 but they are my fav’s! Feel free to comment below!


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