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Heidi | Mom & Me Mini Session

Every time I get my dear friend Heidi & her family behind my camera is a joy! We had to literally run in & out of the rain for these pictures but I’m being totally honest when I say that these are my favorite Mom & Me pictures to date!

Heidi Mom and Me-2

I love the joy in their faces!!!

Heidi Mom and Me-6

He loves his mommy dearly 🙂

Heidi Mom and Me-10

Heidi Mom and Me-13

Kisses & tickles all around!

Heidi Mom and Me-11

My fav!

Heidi Mom and Me-15

Motherhood is hard. Yet so rewarding & a journey like none other. When I look at my friend Heidi, I see how her heart just yearns to love, inspire & lead her littles. Each week I see her do just that. When I look at the below photo I think of the verse in Proverbs that says “Her children arise & called her blessed.”

Heidi, my friend, you’re an amazing mom. Because the Lord enables you to be. I love you!

Heidi Mom and Me-14

Gentry | Family Session

It’s pretty crazy how many “connections” I had to the Gentry Family even before I met them! My mom teaches piano lessons to Beau & Annaliese’s son, Wilson. She has been for awhile now! Then the mom of the kids I nanny for, Rachel, she & Annaliese were friends in college!  Crazy huh? 🙂

Annaliese emailed me right before my maternity leave & said they wanted to have a session when I got back. When my leave was over, Annaliese had a phone date to discuss their session & I was SUPER excited not only to meet them, but that the session was going to be at their home!


I told them when I walked into their home, I felt like I was walking into a finished home on Fixer Upper 🙂 It’s beautiful! We ran all over their yard & found some fun spots!


Gentry    Gentry Family Session Online Use-51

I think the tire swing was a favorite spot!


Even mom & dad got in on it 🙂



Gentry      Gentry



Oh On-E & Beau, THANK YOU for inviting me over & for a fun session. You two are wonderful parents. I can see it in how you love your kids & how they love you back. You’ve been blessed. Blessed beyond measure 🙂




Decker | Group Family Session

It’s a special thing when one photographer is asked by another to photograph their family. It’s like being entrusted with something precious. As a photographer you strive SO hard to work with families & earn their trust & make them feel comfortable & have fun. So when it comes your turn to have pictures done, you’ve set the bar high yourself & to find someone that meets those expectations is really a treasure of a find.

This is how we felt when asked my friend Megan to do our Newborn Session with Elizabeth. Then after the wonderful job she did, imagine my nervousness & excitement when she asked me to take pictures of her family & her husband’s side! We all got together a few weekends ago & was just barely able to dodge the rain! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Megan’s little family for the first time! I wanted to adopt her adorable son and her littlest girl is just about a month & a half older then Elizabeth! Here’s a few of my favorites from their session!

Here’s the whole family!

Decker Family Session -11

Sweet little Gracie 🙂

Decker Family Session -9

Decker Family Session -2

Such a sweet family of three!!!!! And Gracie’s little cheeks are to die for!

Decker Family Session -1    Decker Family Session -10

Decker Family Session -3

The proud grandparents of all these sweeties!

Decker Family Session -4

Decker Family Session -8

Decker Family Session -6

My personal fav! It’s an outtake but I love the joy in this photo!!!!!

Decker Family Session -7

Such a fun family & fun session!!!!