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Josiah Turns Two!

As the previous two other blog posts have began so does this one…a few weeks ago my little family traveled to our through Columbia, Missouri on our way to our vacation location. On our way, we stopped in Columbia where I used to live. Eight years ago to be exact! One of the families my parents & siblings & I connected with was the Jouret Family. I actually got to see them about two years ago & HERE’s the blog post of that last time I got to photograph their family.

At that time little Josiah was just a few months old! And now he’s turning TWO!!! How crazy is that!? It was so fun to meet up with little Josiah & his parents. It was especially fun for me to see how his personality has developed & how his sweet little self is growing up!

Here’s a few of my favorite images that we got-which it practically was every picture!!! But I still restrained myself & didn’t post them all 😉 Although I wanted too!

Look at that sweet little guy 🙂




Just thinking & pondering life 😉


I love that his momma brought some of his favorite things so he could play with them & his personality really came out!!!


Then came the bubbles!  Josiah-13

Josiah-12    Josiah-15

Chasing the bubbles!


Josiah-11   Josiah-2

Mr. Josiah Jouret, you were such a sweet little guy. You have amazing parents & two siblings who love you so much. I pray for the Lord’s hand to be on your life & that you will always follow His voice. Happy Birthday Josiah!!!




Rachel & Jason | Couples Session

Just a few weeks ago my little family traveled to our vacation location in the land of Missouri. On our way, we stopped in Columbia where I used to live. Eight years ago to be exact! Within just a few weeks of when my parents, siblings & I move to CoMo, I started working at Cracker Barrel. Yes the restaurant that you can play checkers while you wait for your food, get toasty by the fire & fill up on comfort in food. In the total of 3 years that I worked for Cracker Barrel, I made some super good friends that I STILL keep in contact with. And one of those friends is Rachel! We really didn’t hangout outside of work when we were both at the Barrel, she was busy going to law school & I was busy picking up the shifts that she didn’t want 😉 BUT over time, we’ve stayed in contact through facebook.

We’ve both launched small business’s, like house decorating/designing & if you know Rachel, she’s quite funny 😉

So when I knew we were going through Columbia, I contacted her about doing a little mini session & I’m SO GLAD WE DID! It was my first time meeting Jason & I got to be around sweet, fun Rachel & MAN can these two work the camera!!!!! Take a look for yourself!

Rachel & Jason-1

Rachel & Jason-7

Rachel & Jason-8

She kind of likes him 😉

Rachel & Jason-6

I loved seeing these two make each other laugh 😉

Rachel & Jason-11 Rachel & Jason-9

Love!!!!!!! And sidenote, I LOVED Rachel’s dress & complete outfit.

Rachel & Jason-3

Rachel & Jason-2

I have sooooo many favorites! But I love these last two!!!!!!!

Rachel & Jason-5

Rachel & Jason-10

Rachel & Jason, I’m excited for your new home & just all the days ahead that you have together! Remember, each day with each other is a gift! And you two are MORE THEN WELCOME to get in front of my camera anytime 😉

Nolan Turns One!

September of 2014 I was able to travel to St. Charles & meet up with two different families that I knew from Columbia, MO. One of the two was my longtime friend Brooke & her husband. I blogged their anniversary session that we had & spoke about two special phone calls we had shared (view it HERE). Well, I can now add another “special phone call” to that list as well. Brooke called me last year & told me that her & Nic were expecting!!!!!! We were actually pregnant at the same time for several months & then little Nolan made his appearance in August of 2015.

And now he’s turning ONE!!!!

Just a few weeks ago on Eric, Elizabeth & I’s way to our family vacation location, we stopped in Columbia, Missouri & got to spend some with with precious Nolan & his parents. It was actually my first time meeting him! Since Elizabeth was with us, both Brooke & I’s baby’s got to meet each other (go to the end of this post to see that pic)!!! Such a sweet time that I wish could have lasted longer!!!

So come take a moment with me & celebrate Nolan’s First Birthday!!!





Nolan-6  Nolan-4





So Nolan’s balloon popped at the very end of our time together! I actually was totally surprised by it & squealed at the noise! Nolan? He took it all in stride! This was his face after!!! It was like he was saying “What was that? Where’d my balloon go? And why are you screaming like a little girl?” hahaha


And these two photos were just extras! Had to get a quick snap of mommy & daddy & their birthday boy!!!!! Nolan-14

And here we are with our babies!!!! Elizabeth had been sleeping & so thus the jammies & sleepy face 😉

Brooke, I love you!!! We don’t get to talk as much as I would like to, but I am SOOO proud of the mommy you are!!! You & Nic are raising a fine, young man. Keep at it!!!!!! He’s going to be a such a sweetheart & I pray a man that loves the Lord!!!



Violet Turns One!

When my friend Lynne told me that she wanted to have her baby girl’s One Year Session in the comfort of their little home, I just smiled happily to myself & my heart just felt so full. The idea of taking pictures of her little Violet in the home she’s being raised in along with her brother & sister just seemed so perfect to me. The home where she’s taken her first steps, the bedroom where she lays her head to rest every night & the yard with all her favorite things that she’s now beginning to climb…so.sticken.special. I mean really, what could be better then that?

Can you tell I just loved the idea?

So one night I arrived at the Norris household & spent time with their family of 5. Our focus was of course the birthday girl Miss Violet, but I also loved capturing her involvement with her siblings & parents. It was a family affair trying to get Violet’s attention & photographing the things she likes to do, like jumping on big brother’s bed 😉

I always enjoy my time with the Norris family! The last time I was there, Violet was still in mommy’s tummy! (Click HERE for the last session I had with them.) They’re a fun 5 & probably are just as loud & fun as my family was when I was growing up 🙂 Made me feel right at home.

Ok, I’ll quit talking! Here’s a few of my favorite moments documenting this time in Miss Vi’s life!

The birthday girl taking some steps into mommy’s arms! (I mean really, how precious is that!?)   Violet nomiphotographycom-8

Violet nomiphotographycom-7

Violet nomiphotographycom-1

Violet nomiphotographycom-10

See her reflection in the window??!!!!!

Violet nomiphotographycom-13

Violet nomiphotographycom-9

Peaking out the window while brother & sister play.

Violet nomiphotographycom-12

Violet nomiphotographycom-11

The whole fam!

Violet nomiphotographycom-14

Love their faces here!!!

Violet nomiphotographycom-6

Couldn’t help cute take a pic of big brother & big sis. Especially because they kept asking for pics 😉

Violet nomiphotographycom-5     Violet nomiphotographycom-4

Violet nomiphotographycom-2

Violet nomiphotographycom-3

Nothing beats kisses & snuggles & nose touching from daddy 🙂

Violet nomiphotographycom-17

And yes, she does love them 😉

Violet nomiphotographycom-16

Happy Miss Violet!!! You are SOOOO LOVED!!!!

Violet nomiphotographycom-15


Rumley | Siblings Session

I’m a little behind on blogging but I couldn’t leave out this fun session I got to have with the three Rumley siblings! These three…let me just say, I didn’t have to do much to get them to interact with each other 😉 They did PLENTY of that just naturally 😉 Some fun sibling interaction with goofing off & teasing & making each other laugh was what our hour together consisted of. Made me feel right at home since I have 3 younger siblings myself. Here’s a few of my favorites of the Rumley kids!

Rumley      Rumley


I love these two pictures! We took them in a skywalk!



They love their brother 🙂



Ready for some lovely girls?




Rumley        Rumley

My favorite of these two!!!!! LOVE the sister bond they have!!!