Back-to-School 2018 Mini Sessions Recap!

It’s hard to believe that at the time these pictures were taken, SEVERAL of these families I’ve photographed for 5 years & some of the others 4! It was also having a few new homeschooling families!

Every year that I share a few favorite images from the Back-to-School Mini Sessions I like to share a bit of the story of why I even offer these. I was homeschooled all my life & so was my husband. It is our prayer & hope that we can homeschool our children as well. I’ve actually spent a bit of our summer researching & talking with other homeschool moms as we get closer & closer to when Elizabeth will be ready for Kindergarten!

I’m so thankful for the large homeschool community in Bloomington-Normal. I’ve lived in 7 different states & never experienced anything like the community that is here for homeschoolers. I love being to offer this service to the local homeschooling families & truly look forward to it every year! Here is a few of my favorites from our 2018 Back-to-School Mini Sessions!

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