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Summer 2018 Mini Sessions

I adore mini session days. I’m able to see so many of my favorite people all in one day! My summer mini’s this year were very special as I had just had our second daughter Ruth & hadn’t been behind the camera much. Being with these three special families was so uplifting for me & got me all excited & ready for the rest of my 2018 photography season. And our location was a very special & fun one!!! Here’s some of my favorites!!!!


Fall 2018 Photo Mini Sessions

Fall. Colorful leaves. The feel of your man’s hand in yours. Your baby’s giggles. The hug from your teenage daughter. Your family. My camera. Friends, let’s make memories to remember together!

Here’s the quick info list for my Fall 2018 Photo Mini Sessions

  • I am offering Fall Mini Photography Sessions 2 DIFFERENT DAYS:
    Saturday, October 20 & Saturday, November 3
  • Rain Days (if needed) will be Oct 21 & Nov 4
  • 20 minute interactive & fun (!!!!!) mini photography session
  • Each session is $135.00 & covers 6 people. (After 6 individuals, there is a $10.00 cost per additional person.)
  • A $25.00 deposit is required to officially secure your spot. The remainder balance of $110.00 is due at the time of your session. Your deposit can be paid online through an invoice I’ll email you.
  • After your session, you will receive a few images from your session via your email as a preview. The remaining images & a print release will be emailed to you later via an online gallery where you can download them & print them wherever you choose.
  • Location will be outdoors at a beautiful fall location in Bloomington-Normal
  • Wanting to make your mini more Christmasy? Don’t worry! Feel free to dress in Christmas colors/outfits for these sessions!

(If you’re not exactly sure what a Mini Session with Nomi Photography consists of or want to check out the most frequently asked questions regarding my mini’s, read HERE.)

Spots are limited! SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE. 

As we get closer to the Fall Mini Sessions, you’ll receive an email from me with the location of our mini sessions & other details. Email me at with any questions you may have! I’m looking forward to hanging out with your family!!!

I still have openings for in September & October for photo sessions! Mini Sessions are not for everyone, so email me if you have questions about scheduling a regular photo session. I will only be accepting Maternity & Newborn Sessions in November & December of this year.



Back-to-School Mini Sessions for 2018!

For the FOURTH YEAR in a row now (crazy that it’s been that long!), I have had the honor of getting to connect with homeschooling families in the Bloomington-Normal area. (Here’s a look at last year’s mini sessions!) I enjoy being able to give local homeschooling families the opportunity to be able to have their children have their own “Back-to-School” pictures 🙂. I was homeschooled along with my siblings & my husband was as well! I am very passionate about education at home & Eric & I hope to do the same with our children, once they’re old enough 😉

I am offering two types of packages for the Back-to-School Mini Sessions:

Individual Student Session:
First Student – 5-6 Images | $35.00
I will spend time with each student & take photos of them that truly capture their smile & personality!
If you have more then one child-great! After your first child, it’s just $25.00 per additional child.
Session will take 10 minutes.

Family Session:
Family’s up to 6 members ($10.00 per additional family member after 6 members) 12-15 Images | $90.00
Session will take 20 minutes. We’ll have a blast having your family interact together & capture your family as a whole along with individual pictures of each child in the family!

*Please Note* that if you’re signing your family up, please take TWO ten minute slots. If you’re signing up a student please take ONE ten minute slot per student. If you have any questions just email me at To reserve your session on Friday, September 7 (Rain Day will be Sept 8 or 9) CLICK HERE.

Our location is Fairview Park just like it was the past two years BUT I’m using a different area of if that I know will work out awesome!

Every year of homeschooling is a milestone! And capturing your children & family at this time, is a joy of mine.

All images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the session via email with a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded to your computer & then printed wherever you choose. Print Release is also included. Full payment is due at session. An online contract & more details about preparing for your session will be emailed ahead of time. No outfit changes are allowed. These sessions are not suitable for seniors in high school. Feel free to ask me about my Senior Experience Package!

If you have any other questions about how a mini session with Nomi Photography is, please feel free to read THIS POST I wrote to answer questions.

Ruth Hannah is here!!!

Our second child, Ruth Hannah Wilcox is here!!! On the morning of May 7 we arrived at OSF St Joseph a little before 8AM. Shortly after, at 8:59AM our Ruth was born. She was 6 lbs & 4 oz & 20 inches long. We were SO excited to find out she was a girl! She’s a true gift from the Lord to our family & to say we love her bunches is an understatement

Here she is less then 24 hours old!

I took a few newborn photos of Ruth once we got home & this was a favorite of mine 🙂

I am incredibly thankful for these next few pictures that my friend Kathleen Struss took of our new family of four. It’s quite amazing that the Lord would work it out for her to be here to do them when 3 out of every 4 years she’s in Indonesia with her family That’s God’s perfect timing! And fun fact, a portion of every Nomi Photography session I take goes to financially aid her family & what they are doing to help the people of Indonesia!

We’ve loved the name Ruth for quite awhile now. Ruth means “friend” & our prayer is that Ruth will always be a friend to all & loves everyone as Jesus would. Our hope is that she will also be a close “friend” to her big sister & that their friendship would be sweet & strong. We also loved how it connected her name to mine (Naomi) like in the Book of Ruth in the Bible. (Elizabeth’s name is “connected” to mine in that it’s my middle name.) Her middle name, Hannah, means “grace” & was given in honor of Eric’s Grandma, Hannah Adams, a strong & special woman of God, who recently passed away. Hannah has been a top favorite girl name of mine since I was 14 years old so I loved that we were able to honor Grandma Adams & use that beautiful name as Ruth’s middle name.

Oh our sweet Ruth, our little “graceful friend”, we’re SO grateful for you!

And here she is already a month old!!!!!

I took a few pictures of my girls together & I LOVE them! Nothing like seeing siblings bond! Also, I have so MUCH more understanding for taking pictures of siblings together- IT’S HARD! I’m learning little tips for myself & thinking about writing a blog post about it sometime- thoughts? 🙂

But back to this photo- I JUST LOVE IT!!!! Sisters, sisters!

Mom & Me Mini’s 2018 Recap!

When you’re a mom, you get a front row seat to the best show in town:
watching your kids grow up. – Rebecca

I love that quote from This Is Us. To me it really captures in one sentence motherhood. Course I would also add how I personally can’t do motherhood without the Lord. Or my husband. Or naps. Or…..ok, I think you get the idea 😉

This year’s Mom & Me Mini Sessions was a dream come true. I have envisioned having photography sessions with momma’s & their little’s & big’s in the colorful surroundings of a greenhouse. A friend from church connected me with Anne from Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses & Garden Center. From the very beginning, Anne was so gracious & welcoming when it came to using their grounds for our mini sessions. I felt so at home & so did my momma clients as they were personally greeted by Anne herself. I FIRMLY believe in supporting local businesses & I HIGHLY recommend any gardening needs you have, head to Wendell Niepagen & they will give you all the help & items you need. I just might have to have next year’s Mom & Me Mini’s there 😉

This year’s sessions were very special. I photographed a mom I think of as a friend & it was my 4th or 5th time photographing them (I can’t remember Kymber!). Her precious girls in all their pink just make me smile! Then, a friend I’ve photographed SEVERAL times, brought her baby girl (who I photographed when she was still inside her momma!) & her mother!!! Talk about a treasure- 3 generations of beautiful ladies! And then to make the morning just all around perfect, my friend Amber came with her men & I was able to do a mini maternity session with her just just about 2 weeks before their baby girl was born. My heart was full after this morning happened. I believe your heart will be too as you see these precious images!


Decker | Newborn Session

Megan & her family is very special to me. We don’t see each other very often or even get to hangout but the Lord connected us about 4 years ago through our mutual love of photography. I think back to that lunch at meeting at Panera & how we are both totally different women & in different phases of life then back then. I was so gung-ho about meeting & connecting with other photographers & growing my business & little did I know the Lord would use our lunch to connect as friends. In the years that have followed, Megan did our newborn pictures with Elizabeth & most recently our maternity pictures with Little Wilcox #2. I in turn have done a family session with her & her in-law family AND now this session that I’m sharing from their youngest’s newborn session after he was a few weeks old. We also exchanged photo session one fall & I just love that I can count on Megan to capture photos I love of our family & I’m SO honored that she in return entrusts me to do that same. I think that is my favorite thing about photography- how it connects people.

Megan & her family have a farm about 45 min from Bloomington-Normal. I loved the weeping willow they have in their yard! Megan has put so much love & charm into their farmhouse & it’s just so inviting & homey! Get ready to melt as you see these images!!!


In Home Session

Sometimes there are families I get to work with where by the end of the session, I feel like I’ve become a part of their family & I felt like that with this foursome. We knew it was going to be a very cold December day when we scheduled their session & so they gladly invited me into their home. I’m SOOO glad they did! I loved their house! Such bright colors & patterns that reflected the brightness of their family’s love & connection. We took many pictures of them smiling at my camera that were portrait style, but I have to say my favorite ones we took were where I got to just sit back, be one of the family & watch them interact & be themselves. You’ll see lots of love & hugs in these photos. And please, if you’re in love with these photos as much as I am, please call me so I can come hangout with your family in your home!


Weeks | Family Session

I LOVE this family. Sincerely love them. I love their kids names, each kids personalities, how the Weeks Family does life together & how they love each other. I love how Peter & Lynne have chosen to raise & love their family. My Elizabeth has even been blessed with hand-me-down clothes from their girls! This was my first time doing a session at this fun park & I LOVE how it glowed with color & totally fit their family’s personality. See for yourself as you look through some of my personal favorites!

McNulty | Family Session

This was SUCH a special session for me! Brittany & I used to work at the same restaurant together back during our college days & have stayed in touch via social media. We’ve watched each other start & grow families & to asked to photograph her family was SUCH an honor to me!!! We had great weather & all her kiddos have the cutest personalities & most beautiful smiles! Here’s a few of my personal favorites- enjoy!


Mayfield | Newborn Session

This sweet little girl is very dear to me! Her mom is my bestest friend. We’ve been in each others weddings & have been a part of each other’s lives for several, several years now. Seeing this little miracle in Kendra & Jeremey’s arms is one of the best gifts in life I’ve been given. I LOVE seeing my friends start their families.

Amelia’s parents love super hero’s & have already passed that love onto Baby Amelia 😉 I enjoyed being able to mix their style with my style of photography & coming away with images we all loved! Here’s a few of my favorites from our time together 🙂