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Rumley | Family Session

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again 😉 I am SOOO thankful when I get to work with the same client time after time again. Building a relationship through the years is one of my greatest joys as a photographer! Plus, each session with that family just gets better & better because we’ve worked together before & we’re just so relaxed & ready to just hangout & have fun! And that’s what it’s like for me when I get to photograph the Rumley family! And if you know them, you know they’re already a hoot & like to get loud & have fun, so yeah, we just have a great time 😀

I’m sharing some of my favorites from my last session with them! It was a new location for me & they rocked it!!!!!!! Here’s the Rumley Family!!!!


Bliese | Family Group Session

I really LOVE doing Group Family Sessions! I know some photographers don’t prefer them, but to me the more people the better! I love meeting grandparents, aunts, uncles, seeing siblings interact & often seeing parents be all silly with their adult kids & grandkids. Basically, IT’S THE BEST.

The morning we had the Bliese Group Family Session was CHILLY & WINDY & RAINY but we stuck it out! Even running under a pergola from time to time! But we really did have fun! I think you can tell by the expressions in everyone’s faces! And it was super special for me to work with this family since my husband was in the same homeschool activities as the siblings AND I’ve photographed Heidi & Jordan 4 times now!!!! ALWAYS GOOD to see them! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together!


Fishel | Family Session

This is the third time I’ve had the honor of photographing this sweet family. I know I’ve shared before but Elyse & I go way back! We worked at Cracker Barrel together & I’m so thankful that other friends, get-togethers through the years, our daughters & now being due with Baby #2 just a few days apart has kept us connected even though our work paths have changed 🙂 I’m thankful for my friends that become clients & my clients that become friends 🙂

Now here’s a few favorites from my time with the Fishel Family! Charlotte was about to turn one & we got some precious family moments as well!!! (And if you want to go down memory lane with me, HERE’S their maternity session when Charlotte was still inside Elyse & HERE’S her newborn session!


Gonzalez | Family Session

I’ve gotten to photograph this special family for several years now. It’s been a privilege! Stephanie was one of my very.first.clients.ever & I’ve never forgotten how she trusted me with her sweet littles when she was pregnant with Karsyn! Stephanie spoke into my heart at just the right time I needed it & it encouraged me to keep going when I first started Nomi Photography. Usually I hangout with the Gonzalez clan in the fall so I was SUPER excited that Stephanie approached me about doing a full session the beginning of this summer- UMMM YES! There’s is NOTHING like the smell of summer, laughter, the golden hour & chasing each other around during a photo session 😉

Because Stephanie has been a such an encouragement to me & a wonderful client/friend, I asked her to share what photos mean to her as a mom. Grab some tissues & get ready to hear Stephanie’s heart!

“How often do you say to yourself “I will never forget this moment”? Only to realize years later, looking back, that moment is a fog? As a working mom of 4, those moments are so, very important to me. Capturing our family photos is a piece of those moments. From those where we all stand still to smile for the camera to the real pictures of us laughing in the moment… You, Naomi, have been able to capture those precious moments in time for me. I will be able to look back at these moments and remember. I will remember the love shared when Kyle was whispering in my ear. I will remember Kendall’s independence. I will remember Kipton’s mischievous ways. I will remember Kadence’s sass. I will remember Karsyn’s ability to wrap every family member around her finger. THESE are the moments I will treasure and THIS is why our family pictures are so, very important. Thank you for capturing THESE!!!”

Stephanie, you are too kind! Yes, it was so sweet to hear what she said regarding my photography BUT the reason I wanted to share this is to help people understand WHY photos are so important & why photo sessions matter!!!

Now take a look at these awesome images we got of the Gonzalez Fam!

My personal fav of the four kids right here!

That gaze…        

That giggle…        

That spunk…        

That class…     

THIS FAMILY <3 <3 <3

One of my favorite things about a full photo session with me (vs doing a mini session) is that I get to take photos of each parent with EACH KID since we have more time!

This was such a special moment…I just held my breath, stood back & snapped away…       

YES!!! ALL the yes’s! My personal favorite!!!

I’m a fan of the Gonzalez Fam 😉 Can’t wait until next time guys!!!





McBee | Family Session

If you ask pretty much any mom, of any age, what would they REALLY REALLY want as a gift? You’ll find out that most of the time their answer is “A picture with my whole family.” I can’t tell you how many of my sessions are gifts that children get their parents so that their mom can have an updated picture of the whole family & pictures of all the kids, grandkids, etc.

I seriously LOVE these sessions. Why? Because everyone is there for mom. And dad. Everyone is there to show them they love them & are wanting to make them happy by giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. I get to meet so many family members, hear so many family inside jokes & just all around, I have a great time.

And hanging out with the McBee Fam was as fun & crazy as you’d expect 😉 Any session that has 13 people + a dog in it is going to be loud & hectic 😉 But my favorite part of the entire time together was watching Tammy McBee. She was simply GLOWING with joy as ALL her kids, their spouses & grandkids were all around her & Kevin.

These are the pictures she will be showing off to family & friends.
These are the pictures she will reflect back on in times of sorrow & joy.
These are the pictures that will last a lifetime.

The whole fam!

All the grandkids!

Also, these next three pictures of Tammy & Kevin- MY. FAVORITE. EVER.

Grab your tissues folks.

And this gal right here, she’s my best friend. I literally cannot write anymore then I’m going to because I would start crying, but she’s my best friend & I love her.

And that guy with her? Yeah, he’s pretty cool 🙂

And of course I had to end with the crazy goofy pic last just because 😉

Love you McBee Fam!!!!



Labertew | Family Session

I think everyone would agree that Ewing Manor is just one of the prettiest place in Bloomington-Normal. Every time I have the opportunity to have a session there I’m just so excited about it!!! The home is gorgeous & has so many fun areas to take pictures. So obviously I was BEYOND thrilled when the Labertew Family decided to have their family session there.

It was my second time taking pictures of this family & I know these are my favorite pictures of the two sessions we’ve had! Jacob, the eldest of the Labertew kids, is at away college in Missouri & so having the whole family together meant a lot to them all. We laughed a lot during our time together & I know you can see it in their expressions through these amazing family images!

Joel & Angela are our pastors at our church & I’m just SO THANKFUL for this amazing family! 


Rumley | Family Session

The Rumley Family has a very full schedule! Put together the calendar of their 5 lives plus mine as a mom & wife, we had quite the time finding a time to get a session in before the fall beautifulness had gone away! THEN when we got to where I wanted us to do our session, the location was being used- I was so bummed! But then I went a little deeper into the wooded area where we were meeting & found an EVEN BETTER spot! I’m honestly so thankful we weren’t able to photograph in the first spot because I like the second spot SO.MUCH.BETTER. Even with all the difficulties we had with getting together & find a great location, the Rumley Family’s session is one of my all time absolute FAVORITES.EVER.

I say all that to say- even when there’s adversity, you can still find beauty.

The Rumley Family has faced a lot of difficulty, pain & unknown in the past couple of years & when I look at these photos I can’t help but see the beauty & the goodness of the Lord. I love their family & I love these photos. I seriously cannot choose a favorite so just get ready for LOTS of pictures of the Rumley Family 😉

Also let me just say when I look at these pictures I think #familygoals 🙂




Birkey | Family Session on the Farm!

When someone invites you out to their farm to hangout & take pictures, as a photographer you can’t say “YES!” quick enough! That’s what happened when Rachel told me she wanted their family session to be on the farm their family has together & for it to be a fun & laid back session. And that’s exactly what it was! Complete with plaid shirts, apple picking, 4-wheel riding & a gorgeous sunset!

Some of you may know that my other part time job is watching them & their brother two days a week. Elizabeth gets to come with me & these three cuties are the big brothers & sister Elizabeth will never have 😉 The Birkey kiddos are just plain special to our family. I’ve been nannying for the Birkey family several years now & I’m just so thankful for the relationship my little family has with theirs & I’m so grateful for the job in general.

Now here are some of my favorites photos from their session!


I’m still catching up on blogging sessions that I had this past fall & this was a favorite I had. Today I wanted to make sure it got published because the twins just turned 5 (their bday is Valentines Day!). I remember when we were praying for Birkey babies to come along & now they’re 5 years old!

And Winston is the adorable baby brother 🙂

One of my favorite family photos ever!!! Love the joy & realness in this picture! Love you Birkey’s!!!!!!!!


Olson | Family Session

It’s the week of Thanksgiving & I’m finding myself listing things I’m grateful for. It’s not a surprise to me that most of  “things” are indeed people & the list of people I’m thankful for seems to be unending.

I’m thankful for my friend Kaela. We met about 7 years at a weekend retreat for pastors kids in Illinois. Kaela was coming with a team from a church in Rockford to volunteer their help & my sister & I were coming from Normal. I don’t remember how or even what we said when we first met, but I know Kaela & I clicked & I wanted to be around her laugh & wise words as much as I could that weekend 🙂 If you know Kaela she’s all about scarves, messy buns & loving people. During our time at the retreat, God used her to confirm some stuff that was going on in my life & I’ve never forgotten that.

Kaela & I did get to meet up a few years ago in Fargo, ND where she was working & my mom’s side of the family live. We exchanged updated life stories & I told her about the guy in my life (Eric) & she told me about the guy (Peter) in hers. Fast forward to 2016 🙂 Kaela & her little family have been traveling in the U.S. this year & getting ready to travel back to Africa to love on the people there & tell them the Truth & Good News of life. It worked out perfectly for them to come by Normal & we had a mini photo session, spaghetti AND the BEST PART of all was that our girls got to meet! (Photo of that at the end of this post!) Oh & of course our husbands had fun meeting too 🙂

Now I’ll quit writing & let you look at these pictures- pictures of such a PRECIOUS & SPECIAL family.


Arielle sure loves her mommy & daddy!!!!

olson-blog-post-4    olson-blog-post-10

This one just melts my heart to pieces.


And of course this!


olson-blog-post-8      olson-blog-post-9

She’s the joy of their worlds.


Those eyes & that smile!!!!


I love this next picture. I wasn’t planning on this happening, but if you look close to the right of this picture, you can see mommy & daddy in the picture 😉


olson-blog-post-7    olson-blog-post-6

JOY overload!!!



olson-blog-post-16       olson-blog-post-17

olson-blog-post-19    olson-blog-post-18

And these two!


Peter, Kaela, & Arielle, we love you guys!!! We hope to have many get togethers, even if they’re several years a part 😉 in the future. We are praying for you three & that God will protect & use you. Love, Eric, Naomi, & Elizabeth




Hackbarth | Family Session

Kenny, Katie & Gavin moved to Bloomington-Normal almost two years ago. If you know Eric & I, you know that we love our church & are thankful for the community that we have there. The Hackbarth family moved here so that Kenny could be our Worship & Fine Arts pastor. We’ve enjoyed getting to know their little family & having them in the same small group as ours. Katie is just plain gorgeous, Gavin is hilarious & Kenny is so kind.

Katie had a particular vision on mind for their family session & it meant to much to me that she chose me to carry that out. We met up in a fun part of Bloomington downtown & I just love what happened! Their personalities & my camera was a match made in heaven. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all these pictures we got. I know after looking at these you’ll want to be friends with Hackbarth family too & I don’t blame you 😉


Gavin Paul is seriously like a little model. He’s such a sweet kid!!!!!

hackbarth-1     hackbarth-10hackbarth-8

One of my fav’s! hackbarth-7hackbarth-4

Gavin, you completely stole my heart during our time together. hackbarth-5hackbarth-9hackbarth-3hackbarth-6

These two! I love their connection & playfulness with each other!

hackbarth-15   hackbarth-16hackbarth-14

Katie, you are SO beautiful. hackbarth-17

hackbarth-2hackbarth-11 hackbarth-12hackbarth-13

Hackbarths, my family is so thankful your family is here. Thank you for your serving & loving hearts. Kenny & Katie, your love for Gavin is so special. You are AMAZING parents & I can see in your eyes how much you care for him. He is growing into a strong & sweet little guy. We can’t wait to see all that the Lord does through your family here. And thanks again for letting me come hangout with you guys 😉 Just say the word & I’ll do it again in a heartbeat 🙂