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Mom & Me Mini’s 2018 Recap!

When you’re a mom, you get a front row seat to the best show in town:
watching your kids grow up. – Rebecca

I love that quote from This Is Us. To me it really captures in one sentence motherhood. Course I would also add how I personally can’t do motherhood without the Lord. Or my husband. Or naps. Or…..ok, I think you get the idea 😉

This year’s Mom & Me Mini Sessions was a dream come true. I have envisioned having photography sessions with momma’s & their little’s & big’s in the colorful surroundings of a greenhouse. A friend from church connected me with Anne from Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses & Garden Center. From the very beginning, Anne was so gracious & welcoming when it came to using their grounds for our mini sessions. I felt so at home & so did my momma clients as they were personally greeted by Anne herself. I FIRMLY believe in supporting local businesses & I HIGHLY recommend any gardening needs you have, head to Wendell Niepagen & they will give you all the help & items you need. I just might have to have next year’s Mom & Me Mini’s there 😉

This year’s sessions were very special. I photographed a mom I think of as a friend & it was my 4th or 5th time photographing them (I can’t remember Kymber!). Her precious girls in all their pink just make me smile! Then, a friend I’ve photographed SEVERAL times, brought her baby girl (who I photographed when she was still inside her momma!) & her mother!!! Talk about a treasure- 3 generations of beautiful ladies! And then to make the morning just all around perfect, my friend Amber came with her men & I was able to do a mini maternity session with her just just about 2 weeks before their baby girl was born. My heart was full after this morning happened. I believe your heart will be too as you see these precious images!


2018 Mini Sessions!

Hi friends!

Here is the list of Mini Sessions I will be offering in 2018 🙂 Pencil them in your calendar & keep your eye on the enewsletter I send out to keep yourself updated! If you’re not on my enewsletter, first ask yourself WHY NOT?! 😉 & then click HERE to join in. I promise I only send important/fun info! All dates are subject to change.

And because I’ll be out of commission holding a newborn for a few months this summer 😉 I decided to offer Summer Family Mini’s at the end of the summer so I’m excited about!!!

2018 Mini Session Dates

Mom & Me – April 14 – sign up HERE to reserve a spot!!!
Summer Family Mini’s – August 3
Back-to-School Mini’s for Homeschoolers – August 4 & August 10
Fall Family Mini’s – October 20 & November 3

Mini Sessions are offered on a first come, first serve basis. I only offer these at specific times of the year & they are typically between 20-30 minutes max. If you’re wanting individual portraits of your children or multiple wardrobe changes, a full session would be a better option for you!

If you’re not quite sure what a mini session is or if it fits your specific needs, I’ve written a blog post that’s HERE that you can read ALL the details about them 🙂

So get these dates on your calendars, planners, iCal’s & watch your emails for when signups are available for each individual mini sessions as we get closer to their dates! Please, please, feel free to email me with any questions! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Mom & Me Mini Sessions in 2018!

The photographs I get at photography sessions of the moms with their littles Maybe it’s because I am a mom myself. Maybe it’s because I know how little moms do get in pictures with their kids. Maybe it’s because I know that those children are that mom’s pride & joy & that she would do anything for them. And maybe it’s because I know that when the days are hard & long, those pictures are the ones she’s going to look at.

I am BEYOND excited about our location for this year’s Mom & Me Mini’s! I loved last year’s & plan to do them again there sometime, but since I will be almost 35 weeks pregnant when we will be doing Mom & Me Mini’s, I needed to make sure we had a location that rain or shine we could use! I met with Anne one of the owners of Neipagen Greenhouse & Garden Center in Bloomington & they have graciously allowed us to have our mini sessions there!!!!!!! There’s SOOO many places we can take pictures at there, they even have a little gazebo! So even if it’s raining, we will go into a greenhouse & be covered & have glorious lighting & LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!!! AHHH!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

A few more important details!

  • Location: Wendell Niepagen Greenhouse & Garden Center in Bloomington
  • Saturday, April 14 (our location is indoor so we don’t need a rain day-YAY!!! BUT if something crazy happens our backup date is April 15)
  • 20 minute interactive mini photo session
  • Each session is $85.00 & covers 6 total people. (After 6 individuals, there is a $10.00 cost per additional person.)
  • Because EVERYONE I know is pregnant, for the FIRST TIME EVER I’m opening up Mom & Me Mini’s to be used as a maternity session! So basically you’re getting a mini maternity session 😉 I mean, come on, I’m pregnant & I want a picture or two or three taken at this greenhouse with my baby bump!!! (Any questions about that, just let me know!)
  • You will receive a few images from your session via your email as a preview. Then you’ll receive the full gallery before Mother’s Day!!! Images & print release will be delivered via an online gallery where you can download them & print them wherever you choose.
  • Spots are limited! Save your session for a Mom & Me Mini HERE. Later you’ll receive an email from me with details. Email me at with any questions you may have!

I can’t wait to get you & your children behind my camera & remember every moment & memory. BEST.THING.EVER. Here’s a few of my favorites from last year’s Mom & Me Mini’s.

(If you’re not exactly sure what a Mini Session with Nomi Photography consists of or want to check out the most frequently asked questions regarding my mini’s, read HERE.)


Fall 2017 Mini’s Recap!

Oh fall you’re my favorite time of year! And pretty much everyone else who loves having photos taken!!! Here’s a few of my favorite images from this past fall’s mini sessions! Thankful to have such amazing clients!!! And if you’re wanting to be in the know before anyone else as to when 2018’s Mini Sessions will be click HERE to signup for the Nomi Photography e-newsletter!


Back-to-School Mini Sessions 2017 Recap!

I love fall & the season of seeing kids Back-to-School pictures posted on facebook 🙂 I always find myself scrolling through all my friends kiddos school pics on their first date & smiling over the adorableness of their “first day of school” outfits & goodbye hugs. Several of my friends send their littles to Kindergarten this fall & I read their facebook posts & felt a small smidgen of their emotions in sending their young ones off.

When I started my photography business, I knew I wanted to reach out & make connections with homeschoolers. My husband & I were both homeschooled by our parents & we pray that is something we can do with our children. I wanted to give homeschoolers that opportunity to have “Back-to-School” pictures at an affordable price & thus Back2School Mini’s were born! This is my 3rd (or maybe my 4th!) year doing Back2School Mini’s & I’m just so thankful for the families I get to meet & work with & some of them I have worked with year after year!

I chose just a few highlights from all the Back2School Mini’s I had this year. Hard to pick just a few for a blogpost when I LOVE.THEM.ALL!!!!!! And if you’re wanting to be notified for when I do these next year, click this link to signup for my e-newsletter that I send out from time to time with news 🙂

Ok, enough chit-chat! Here’s a few favorites!!! To all my homeschooler families- you’re my hero’s & I’m SO thankful for you all!!! You’ve got this!




Fall 2017 Family Mini Photography Sessions

It’s TIME!!!! It’s time for my FAVORITE season of the year & time for FALL FAMILY MINI PHOTO SESSIONS!!!!!!!!

Fall. Colorful leaves. Your daughter’s giggles. The feel of your man’s hand in yours. The hug from your son. Your family. My camera. Friends, let’s make memories to remember together.

Here’s the quick info list for my Fall Family Mini’s this year!

  • I am offering Fall Mini Photography Sessions 3 DIFFERENT DAYS THIS YEAR:
    Friday, October 20; Saturday, October 21; Saturday, November 4
  • Rain Days (if needed) will be Oct 22 & Nov 5
  • 15 minute interactive & fun (!!!!!) mini photography session
  • Each session is $120.00 & covers 6 people. (After 6 individuals, there is a $10.00 cost per additional person.)
  • After your session, you will receive a few images from your session via your email as a preview. The remaining images & a print release will be emailed to you later via an online gallery where you can download them & print them wherever you choose.
  • Location will be outdoors at a beautiful fall location in Bloomington-Normal
  • Instead of Christmas Mini’s, I am offering 3 days for Fall Family Mini’s. Feel free to dress Christmasy for these sessions!

(If you’re not exactly sure what a Mini Session with Nomi Photography consists of or want to check out the most frequently asked questions regarding my mini’s, read HERE.)

Spots are limited! Save your session HERE. 

As we get closer to the Fall Mini Sessions, you’ll receive an email from me with the location of our mini sessions & other details. Email me at with any questions you may have! I’m looking forward to hanging out with your family!!!

I still have openings for in September, October & November for photo sessions! Mini Sessions are not for everyone, so email me if you have questions about scheduling a regular photo session. I will only be accepting Newborn Sessions in December of this year.




Back-to-School Mini Sessions for 2017!

Please note these mini sessions are for families that homeschool only.

For the past three years, I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed getting to meet & connect with fellow homeschooling families in the Bloomington-Normal area. I was homeschooled along with my 3 siblings & my husband was as well! I am very passionate about education at home & Eric & I hope to do the same with our children, once they’re old enough 😉

So once again, I wanted to give local homeschooling families the opportunity to be able to have their children have their own “Back-to-School” pictures 🙂 . Plus, I know how challenging it can be to make time in a family’s calendar for pictures, I wanted to leave opportunity in case the entire family wanted to have pictures & not just each individual child!

Therefore I am offering two types of packages for the Back-to-School Mini Sessions:

Individual Student Session:
First Student – 5-6 Images | $35.00
I will spend time with each student & take photos of them that truly capture their smile & personality!
If you have more then one child-great! After your first child, it’s just $25.00 per additional child.
Session will take 10 minutes.

Family Session:
Family’s up to 6 members ($10.00 per additional family member after 6 members) 12-15 Images | $85.00
Session will take 20 minutes. We’ll have a blast having your family interact together & capture your family as a whole along with individual pictures of each child in the family!

You can now choose your own spot online! *Please Note* that if you’re signing your family up, please take TWO slots. If you’re signing up a student please take ONE slot per student. If you have any questions just email me at To reserve your session on Thursday, August 3 CLICK HERE OR Friday, August 4 CLICK HERE!

Every year of homeschooling is a milestone! And capturing your children & family at this time, is a joy of mine

All images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the session via email with a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded to your computer & then printed wherever you choose. Print Release is also included. Full payment is due at session. An online contract & more details about preparing for your session will be provided ahead of time. These sessions are not suitable for seniors in high school. No outfit changes are allowed.

If you have any other questions about how a mini session with Nomi Photography is, please feel free to read THIS POST I wrote to answer all the questions 😉






Mom & Me Minis 2017 Recap!

Motherhood is beautiful.
Motherhood is hard.
Motherhood is crazy.
Motherhood is fun!

Motherhood should be open, not closed. Too many times we don’t share our struggles or frustrations in motherhood. If only we would open up & thus receive help & grace from others.
Motherhood should be real & not fake. Too many times we cover up what’s really going on & only show “the highlights”. If only we would just realize how much beauty there is IN the process of learning & then walk away with a fuller heart.
Motherhood should be full of grace. Too many times we put ourselves down, call ourselves a “hot mess” & make sarcastic excuses. If only we would stop putting ourselves down & realize we are doing the best we can & that’s what matters.

And motherhood is fun! It really truly is.

I hope you see the beauty, crazy, fun, grace & realness of motherhood in these photos. Each image has so much emotion in them! I invite you to see for yourself…

I’ve used some lyrics from the song “Slow Down” by Nichole Nordeman. Feel free to click HERE for the song to be played as you drink in these images…

Here’s to you
Every missing tooth
Every bedtime story

Here’s to Barbie cars, light saber wars
Sleeping in on Sunday
Had to crawl
Before you walked
Before you ran

Before I knew it
You were teaching me
The only thing love can
Hold hands through it
When it’s scary, you’ve got me

Slow down
Won’t you stay here a minute more
I know you want to walk through the door
But it’s all too fast

Let’s make it last a little while
I pointed to the sky and now you wanna fly
I am your biggest fan
I hope you know I am
But do you think you can somehow
Slow down

I am your biggest fan
I hope you know I am
But do you think you can
Slow down
Slow down

Johnson | Mom & Me Mini Session

I’m ready for spring! I was going through my sessions from last year & realized I hadn’t yet blogged this sweet mom & me session of Cheree & her daughter! So sit back & enjoy some images with some bright greenery & help me count down the days to CONSTANT warm days!


These next four images just completely melt my heart!




Planning for Your Mini Session!

YAY!!! First off, I am SO excited that you’ve signed up for a Mini Session! Your time slot is now reserved just for you & I can’t wait to hangout with you & your loved ones.

LOCATION Fairview Park! (Same place as last year for those of you who did one in 2016! But don’t worry we’ll be using a different area of that part of the park then last year.) Enter the park at the entrance go past the water park AND skate park & you’ll come to the very last park spots the park has. I will either have my blue Toyota RAV4 parked there or my husband’s red 2 door Honda. I’ll have a sign on the window of my vehicle confirming you’re in the right place 🙂 And I’ll either be waiting for you right there or finishing up with the family before you!

RAIN DAY Please remember that Sunday, November 5, the Sunday AFTER your scheduled mini is our rain out date. You will get a phone call from me 2 hours before your scheduled session time if not before that if we need to reschedule.

PAYMENT I now have the ability for you to pay online- (insert all the praise hands!)! I will send all the invoices along with an online contract to sign later this week. Please make sure you sign the online contract. You can pay me online or in person with cash or check (make checks out to Naomi Wilcox NOT Nomi Photography).

WHAT TO WEAR The number one question I’m always asked regarding mini’s is “WHAT SHOULD I/WE WEAR?!” Now if you know me, you know my heart is to capture your smiles & personalities. What you wear is totally up to you! BUT I do have a few pointers to help guide you into making you & your family members feel as comfortable & awesome as possible! Because that’s what you are- awesome!

So here’s my quick tips:
1.) Don’t have your family wear all white.
2.) Don’t have your family wear all black.
3.) Because it’s full on fall, I don’t recommend having your family wear all brown because they’ll blend in with all the leaves 🙂
4.) Choose who the hardest person to figure out what they should wear is in the group is & figure out their outfit first-even if it’s you!. Then dress everyone else around that person.
5.) It could be a bit chilly so feel free to layer underneath your clothes (like leggings under pants or tank tops under shirts, denium jackets). Layers won’t show up in the pictures but they’ll keep you warm 😉
6.) If you’re curious about mixing patterns & solids & such I’ve linked this email to some sessions I’ve had in the past to give you inspiration. So here’s ONE, and ANOTHER, ANOTHER, & ANOTHER 😉 THIS LINK also has my fall mini’s from 2016 & all of these families did an awesome job coordinating.  Remember, I want your family to be themselves so wear clothes that you are able to have fun & let your amazing-ness shine through!!!
7.) LAYER!!! It may be a little chilly so wear leggings under pants, tshirts under your shirts- anything to help make it a bit warmer!

OK! That’s about it for now but I’ll be in touch!!! Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have ANY questions! Talk to you soon!
Naomi Wilcox
Nomi Photography