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Doddek | Newborn Session

“Because I could watch you for a single minute and find
a thousand things that I love about you.”

Well there she is folks. Miss Rylynn, the adorable daughter of Heidi & Jordan. Super proud parents & completely smitten with their first daughter. I’ve been able to watch the journey of Heidi & Jordan become boyfriend & girlfriend then husband & wife. And now (& I’m sure they will tell you this themselves), their greatest “titles” of all, mom AND dad. THIS post shares their maternity session & walks you through memory lane, all the way back to when Heidi & I had classes together in college.

And now a daughter fills their arms & love & pride fills their hearts.

These next three pictures…just hold my heart…..too precious for words…


This little beauty kept her eye on me about 98% of the session!

This next one is one of my most favorite pictures I’ve ever taken at a newborn session. Mother & child. Together. Just days old & a whole new world unfolding for both of them each day. I’ll never get used to the fact that I’m asked to capture these sacred moments.

This was a sweet & tender, unplanned moment…LOOK at the love in Heidi & Jordan’s faces!!!

This beautiful quilt was handmade by a family member. TOO special.

SO much love put into her room!

At the beginning of this year, I shared all the changes that I was making in Nomi Photography. You can read more about that HERE, but the gist of that blogpost shares how motherhood has changed me as a photographer. In that post, I wrote this sentence:

I want to help that dad remember what it’s like to hold his little girl’s hand before it can no longer fit into his.

My eyes teared up while editing this photo & realizing that phrase came into fruition through this special newborn session with such special people.

And I might add, this little gal was COMPLETELY content to be held & loved on her daddy!

If you go back & look at Heidi & Jordan’s Maternity Session, you’ll see how we were able to recreate some special photos. LOVE photographing families inside their homes where they do life & love.

So happy for you Doddek Family. Happy beyond words. I ask for peace & health around your little family. The Lord is GOOD & I can’t wait to see your journey continue as a family.

All my love,


Poppins | Newborn Session

Two years. It’s been two years that I’ve had the sheer pleasure of working with the Poppins Family! For our first session together, their daughter Amelia was turning 6 months old! Then 6 months after that we met up for when Amelia turned ONE! I think though my favorite session with them (before the one I’m actually blogging about today!) was when Amelia turned two this past summer & the Poppins Family shared that they were growing to a family of FOUR!

That brings us full circle to the reason for this post today! Amelia is now a BIG sister & Ben & Kymber have not just one, but TWO precious, little girls. Aubrey Maureen was born just a few days after Christmas on December 28. I’m a little partial to December baby’s myself 😉 so I was pretty excited when little Aubrey came before the new year 🙂 I was let into the secret of Baby Poppins #2 coming since they wanted me to help them take the “announcement photo” & I’ve been anxiously awaiting Aubrey’s arrival so I was SUPER excited to meet her just a few weeks ago!

Here’s a few of my very favorite photos from my time with the Poppins Family. I just LOVE what we captured!

Sweet, sweet Aubrey Maureen!     

As you look through these you can just see the love pouring out of Ben & Kymber as they look at their daughters.

Kymber, you are SOOO gorgeous!!!! Just stop!!! This is seriously a new favorite mother & precious baby photo of mine! This next picture just I love it so much. Parents practically giddy with love over the new adventure they’re embarking on & the words “You will forever be my always” so perfectly completing the moment. This is what big sis does while she’s waiting for her turn for pics 😉

    As Kymber has said before (& I totally see it!)- Ben LOVES being a dad! I care so much for this family. Over the past two years they’ve become not just clients but friends & that just fills my heart. Congratulations Poppins Family of FOUR! I believe the best is yet to come for you all!






Charlotte | Newborn Session

Today’s post is about a very, very special girl. She is so special. Her story is amazing & miraculous, one of hope & promise. In fact, I’ve asked her momma to share her story, their story of how they prayed, waited & longed for Charlotte. It’s a story that she needs to tell, not me. Their story is a wonderful reflection of the power of God & needs to be told as only the mother of Charlotte Elizabeth can tell it. I invite you to read these words that are directly from Charlotte’s momma’s heart.

“We had almost given up hope that we would have a child. Charlotte has three siblings in Heaven, who sent her to us. After the heartbreak of two miscarriages and one ruptured ectopic pregnancy, she is the blessing of God’s redemptive power. I thought my body was broken, and because we prayed through tears we learned God’s healing is perfect. She is perfect, because God takes the broken and makes them whole.

She is our miracle…



The odds have been stacked against her since the beginning, and yet here she is. The road on the journey to this point of her life was paved with many obstacles. I had gestational diabetes and a marginal cord insertion while pregnant with her. Every minute of her life, even before conception, has been covered in prayers of those who love her. She is the living proof that God listens to His children. I held my breath for nine months. I was guarding my heart from another lose, but she is here. God’s protection is perfect. She is perfect, because God shields those who find refuge in Him.

She is our fighter…

charlotte-blog-post-4charlotte-blog-post-1    charlotte-blog-post-5

Diamonds are formed by heat and pressure over time. Our story is one of walking by faith through the fire. She is the outcome of our refining and the embodiment of God’s faithfulness. We have been waiting years for her, and while still not understood with our finite minds, God’s timing is perfect. She is perfect, because from ashes God makes beauty.

She is our diamond…


charlotte-blog-post-20 charlotte-blog-post-19charlotte-blog-post-15charlotte-blog-post-10 charlotte-blog-post-13 charlotte-blog-post-11 charlotte-blog-post-12     charlotte-blog-post-23

charlotte-blog-post-3 charlotte-blog-post-7

Our story will shape the kind of parents we will be. It will shape the person she will become. I prayed that she would be healthy and that she will grow to know Jesus. We still have scars on our hearts for the ones we lost, but she is the string God used to stitch the pieces back together. I pray she will be the light of God’s love. I believe that God has big things in store for her. While we do not know the future, we rest in knowing that God’s plan is perfect. She is perfect, because God creates life where there was nothing. She is our joy…

 She is our child.”


Thank you Elyse for sharing your heart. Your beautiful words needed to be put along these photos. Tears well up in my eyes every time I read your story & look at these photos. May the Lord grant you & Chuck wisdom, patience & peace as you raise Charlotte. May her story, your story be told to encourage others. You’re a strong momma because you lean on the Lord. I love you. I can’t wait to watch Charlotte Elizabeth grow up into who the Lord has designed her to be! – Naomi

Chuck & Elyse’s maternity pictures are HERE if you missed them.




Welcome Tobias | Newborn Session

Sweet Baby Toby 🙂 If you go a few posts back, you can read Tobias’ Birth Day Story or just click HERE. About a week after he’d been born, I got to go see him again! Only this time he was at home & hanging out with his mommy & daddy & two older brothers.

The LaBerge Family is very special to my husband, Elizabeth & I. Seeing dear friends grow their family has got to be one of God’s special gifts He gives. I actually was able to photograph Harrison, Toby’s older brother’s newborn pictures (you can see them HERE).

Here’s a few of my personal favorites from my time with Toby & his family!


Baby boy was pretty awake for most of his session! He wanted to keep an eye on me 😉




I love these two photos of Amber & Toby!



These next two photos will just melt your heart…




Love their faces 🙂



I love how Kyle looks at his son.


tobys-ns-blogpost-17   tobys-ns-blogpost-18




I love ALL the pictures from this session. I really, really had a hard time choosing just a few for this post. But I feel this last photo really captures the love, the joy & the silliness 😉 in this precious family. Love you guys!  tobys-ns-blogpost-20


Tobias’ Birth Day!

He was expected to arrive sometime around August 31 but the Lord had a different day in mind for his Birth Day. Precious Tobias Lee LaBerge was born Tuesday, August 23 at 7:07PM.

Amber, Toby’s momma, had called me Tuesday morning around 11:30AM. When I saw she was calling me, my heart raced & I answered by saying, “Is it Baby Time?” I received a laugh in response & was informed that Amber & Kyle’s third son would soon be born.

Being there for Toby’s birth was incredible. Full disclosure, I have never photographed a birth before (I WANT to do it again!) & was literally trembling from excitement from the moment I walked into the hospital room. I have a feeling though for any other births I photograph in the future, that I will be just as excited 😉

Amber is one of my dearest friends. Seeing her labor & give her all for her son was a beautiful sight. Her husband, Kyle, never left her side & together they worked, her with her body & he with his encouraging words, for the opportunity to meet their child for the first time.




It wasn’t long at all before Tobias Lee LaBerge came….into this world & into his mother’s arms.



There is NO OTHER FEELING then the emotional moment of physically holding the baby that you’ve been carrying in your womb for months upon months now in your arms. Feeling their skin against yours, seeing with your eyes their tiny body move as they breath next to you, now knowing the color of their hair, what their face looks like…there is nothing in this world like that moment.


All questions & wonderings float away as the miracle of miracles, a new life, is placed into your waiting arms.


toby-birthday-7     toby-birthday-9

There he was. The son they had waited for.



toby-birthday-12    toby-birthday-13

He weighed in at 7 lb., 7 oz. & 20 inches long.


Those first moments together…








Part of my excitement of being a witness to Toby’s Birth Day was the overwhelming realization that Toby’s birth means he HAS A PURPOSE. It was in my thoughts all day as we waited & as he was born. Tears came to my eyes as I saw him be born & given to his parents care. Each & every life means something. We are each given a place in this world for a reason & a purpose. And Toby’s entrance means that HE too has a calling on his life. To be there & document the beginning of his life outside his mother’s womb…the beginning of his calling…the beginning of his journey on earth, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

Toby, I am so glad you are here 🙂 We are so glad. And I can’t wait to watch you grow & fulfill your purpose.


Me with Momma Amber & Mr. Toby!

toby-birthday-25   toby-birthday-26


Roberson | Newborn Session

Leah & Jonathan have become special people to me. I met them back when I first photographed their One Year Anniversary back in early 2015. Then this past fall Leah & I started conversing about doing a group family session with Jonathan’s side. She also shared (to a very pregnant me!) that they were hopefully going to very soon announce that a Little Roberson would be on the way. So I guess you could say I’ve been looking forward to this session for a looonnngggg time!

It also was a super special session for me because it was my first Newborn Session after being back from my maternity leave & having Elizabeth. Someday I’ll write an entire blogpost about it, but I truly see photography & approach my photography in a totally different way then I did before she was born. I knew that would happen, but I don’t think I understood how deeply it would change me photography wise.

These pictures are special to me (I keep saying special but they just are!). Jonathan & Leah are an amazing couple who have dedicated their lives to seeing others lives changed. And now I’ve been able to watch them become parents & see THEIR lives changed. And for the better 😉

Everyone, meet Gracelyn Rae!!!

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session     R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

I just LOVE this one of daddy & daughter!!!!!!

R Newborn Session

Oh my heart! Safe in daddy’s arms.

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

Perfect family of three.

R Newborn Session

And this is just my favorite of all!!!!!!!!!!!!

R Newborn Session

BEAUTIFUL mother & daughter!!!! And I just love how the colors just floowww together.

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

Happiness times 3.

R Newborn Session

Precious Gracelyn, you’ve been prayed for & loved on from the start. We’re so glad you’re here!!! May you grow to be a strong woman of love & grace & be full of wisdom & peace. (Oh & PS you have some pretty fantastic parents 😉 ) Welcome to this world Gracelyn Rae.

R Newborn Session


Deterding | life&love Newborn Session

It was just a couple months ago that I was spending time with Emily & Dustin for their maternity session (if you missed that lovely photo session you can review it HERE). Then really just a few weeks later on Friday, October 16, Emily & Dustin’s world grew from not just two, but to a family of 4! Hannah Dorothy & Eliza Jane were born much to the joy & anticipation of not only their parents but to their family & many friends.

As the days were going by & Emily’s due date few closer & closer, I felt the excitement in my own heart. Twins are a special gift (as all baby’s are!) & I was SO looking forward to seeing the faces of the two beauties the Lord was blessing Emily & Dustin with. Emily & I had before exchanged pregnancy stories & now all I wanted was to see these girls & with their parents. Dustin & Emily welcomed me into their cozy ranch along with Grandma! The girls were all clean from baths & were just TOO adorable for words.

Emily & Dustin, I think you two are the bee’s knees. I still am SO thankful you connected with me a few months back & that I’ve been able to capture two chapters of your life story. I do so hope we have many more sessions in the future. I know that you already are wonderful parents. Lean on each other & your strong supportive family that you have. Miss Hannah & Miss Eliza are blessed girls.


Emily has an eye for decorating & I LOVED all the little details she put into her daughters room.

DeterdingNewbornSession-3     DeterdingNewbornSession-2



I LOVE Emily’s expression here!


Loving on her baby girls.

DeterdingNewbornSession-6    DeterdingNewbornSession-7


I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again- Dustin should get the Father of the Year Award.


I always LOVE watching new fathers during newborn sessions. Joy & pride is written all over his face.


Ummmm fav right here. DeterdingNewbornSession-10


Puppy wanted to see the girls too 😉 (Don’t worry, we got one of puppy looking at the camera 😉 I just love this particular one! Oh & can we just talk about the detail in that beautiful wall behind Dustin?) DeterdingNewbornSession-15

And one of my FAV’S is right here-Baby Girl’s fist in action & all. DeterdingNewbornSession-17

Oh Emily & Dustin how BLESSED you are. Two precious girls to love & raise. May your hearts & home always be full of laughter, love & the important things that matter.



Lockwood | life&love Newborn Session

A couple months ago, I had a special maternity session with Teresa & Mark Lockwood (view it HERE). They were still several weeks away from meeting & holding their first child, beautiful Jordan.

Jordan Rose arrived June 30 at 5:34PM into the loving arms of her mommy & daddy. Today I’m sharing a peak into a little bit of time I spend with the threesome that now make up the Lockwood Family. What an honor to be welcomed into their home!

If you know Teresa, you know how much she LOVES Disney- the music, movies, the theme park, just all of it! I wanted to find a Disney song to weave through-out the blog post. I searched, thought & then came upon “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins from Tarzan. I feel like it fits these sweet images just perfectly!!!

Jordan Rose, you’ve been wanted, prayed for & dreamed of, for a long time. We’re SO glad you’re here!

Lockwood |

 Lockwood |    Lockwood |

Come stop your crying
It will be alright
Just take my hand
Hold it tight

Lockwood |

I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don’t you cryLockwood |

                    Lockwood |           Lockwood |

For one so small,
You seem so strong
My arms will hold you,
Keep you safe and warm

Lockwood |

 Lockwood |           Lockwood |

This bond between us
Can’t be broken
I will be here
Don’t you cry

Lockwood |

Lockwood |

‘Cause you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

Lockwood | Lockwood |

You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart, always

Lockwood |

Lockwood |

I’ll be with you
I’ll be there for you always
Always and always
Just look over your shoulder
Just look over your shoulder
Just look over your shoulder
I’ll be there always

Lockwood |

Barker | life&love Newborn Session

I think the closer I am to someone, the harder it is to write a blog post 😉 Hah It still floors me when friends ask me do a photo session with them. I don’t take it lightly & I feel that I’ve been entrusted with a very special opportunity.

The Barker Family holds a special place in me & my husband’s heart (& many others I might add). My parents & my siblings & I moved here almost 7 years ago. It wasn’t long after that, that I became involved with being a youth leader at First Assembly of God. Kermit & Nikki were the youth pastors & they both welcomed me & I soon realized how much I liked them, like really liked them. I respected them & wanted to help out in any way I could. They gave their time & love to people & that is a rare find. Months & years passed & as Eric & I walked walked into the season of dating & marriage, Kermit & Nikki were right there for us. More years have passed & we’ve been able to watch as Kermit & Nikki have welcomed not just one, but now TWO beautiful girls into their home. (I am seriously breathing deep to stop the tears right now 😉 ). Hadley is a special little girl to Eric & I & now Eliott Nicole has stolen a piece of our hearts. She is already a big part in so many’s lives & I CANNOT. WAIT. to watch her grow into the girl the Lord wants her to be.

I hope you see the joy & the faithfulness of the Lord in these photo’s. I hope Eliott’s little self just makes you want to squeeze all the babies 😉 And that as you look over these images, you will also rejoice with the Barker Family & ALL that the Lord has done for them.

Meet Eliott Nicole!!!

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-12

Pure sweetness!

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-13

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-10   Barker | life&love Newborn Session-14

See her adorable curl? 😀

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-11

Mommy & daddy in love with Eliott.

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-2

And so is Big Sister Hadley 😉

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-9

One of my personal favorites!

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-3

This is one of my husband’s favorites 🙂

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-5

Big Sis has always got to keep an eye on her Little Sister!

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-7

He’s such a good daddy!

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-8

I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE baby yawns! I always am SO happy if I get to catch one during a session!

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-15

Yay for the Barker Family!!!!!!! Now a family of 4!

Barker | life&love Newborn Session-1

Why I Had a Newborn Session with Nomi Photography

I recently had a Newborn Session with the Gulso family as they had just welcomed little Avery into their family.

Brittany, 9Avery’s momma 🙂 ), was kind enough to have a short & sweet interview with me regarding her Newborn Session with me! I’ve also used Brittany’s personal favorite images from their session through-out this interview 🙂


Gulso |

Me (Nomi Photography): Why did you choose to have Nomi Photography come capture your baby & family in your home?

Brittany: I chose Nomi Photography because Naomi had done a family photo session for us in the spring and she did such an amazing job.

Me: What was your favorite part of having a newborn session in your own home?

Brittany: That I did not have to worry about getting everyone out of the door on time to be at the photo shoot. It was so convenient just to have Naomi come to our house. That worked out so well.

Gulso |

Me: If you could use three words to describe the session you had, what would they be?

Brittany: Fun, relaxed, and precious moments captured

Me: Is there anything else you’d like to comment about regarding your session?

Brittany: I was a little nervous about having the photo shoot done in my home because I really like outside photos, but they turned out better than what I could have imagined. So glad I decided to go with Naomi for this session!! She captured such special moments that I could have never captured myself. I will treasure these pictures forever.

Thank you for your kind words & the time you took to answer these questions Brittany! (Click HERE to view the entire session!)

Gulso |