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Our Son is HERE+Maternity Leave Info

I am officially on Maternity Leave!!! Our son Nehemiah Daniel was born June 26! I still have to think about what his birth date was because as of this post he’s technically still not supposed to be here! Nehemiah was born 7 weeks perfectly early as I like to say 🙂 He came home from the NICU in Peoria just over 2 weeks ago now & is doing amazing. THIS LINK has his birth story.

I’m friends with many of you on facebook so you’ve probably seen some of our story as of late. If not, you can always follow me on Instagram HERE as I “journaled” a few of our family updates or CLICK HERE to view my profile. I love sharing Nehemiah’s story & God’s hand in it!

Thank you from my entire family for your prayers & support to us these past two months. It makes me cry thinking about the community we have!

I will be back to doing photography sessions in September as family life & COVID19 & allows- but that is the plan! In August I will send another enewsletter update that will include how I will handle things with keeping in mind the corona virus. IF you are for sure wanting a session sometime in Sept, Oct & Nov, please email me so I can keep that in mind as I open up my schedule. (I may not respond right away as I’ll be on maternity leave BUT I will see it!)

If because of your family’s situation, you want photos this fall but want to keep close to home, I am opening a few This Is Now sessions. These sessions will be done in either your front or back yard or front porch with practicing social distancing. Please reach out to me if this fits your family best as these openings are very few.

I will be changing how I do mini sessions this fall for several reasons, but one being I want to spread them out a bit further to align with social distancing recommendations.


Yes! They will be happening late September. I know many people are choosing to homeschool their children this fall so I am excited to meet more families!


YESSSSS! These will be in October & I’m SUPER excited to incorporate a change I decided on at the end of last year to do for this fall! Details coming 🙂

ALL Things Printing & Organizing Photos

For the past few years I’ve been working hard at organizing & printing our family photos. Whether it be from our iphones, my camera or a session of our own with a photographer. I’ve made several Facebook videos on all my methods & suggestions & I’m compiling them all here into one big resource for you!

Yes, it feels good to have your photos printed & organized. But what I love about it most is seeing our kiddos looking at the photos, retelling stories with them & reflecting on the seasons the Lord has walked us through. His faithfulness is written in those pictures.

Choose whatever video you feel is what you’re needing help with & put it on while washing dishes, folding laundry & take a few minute break!


4×6’s, Photos I Print, our Photobooks I Make
Video explaining & showing examples of our Photobooks
Video explaining & showing examples of our iPhone Picture Photobooks
Walmart Photo Review
Amazon Photo Review
Where I Order Our Christmas Cards From

PART I: 1. Start 2. Have a Why 3. Choose a Starting Point
PART II: Organizing Your Smart Photo Photos
PART III: Organizing Your Family Photos


What a season we are all living in. That’s one thing I try to keep telling myself 😉 is that it IS a season. One thing that’s been on my heart is for those, especially our littles who are having birthdays during the time of our pandemic. Celebrations can still be just as meaningful (if not more meaningful honestly since they’re forced to be simplified 😉 ) but they are different for right now & I want to help in a very small way by making it as special as possible.

There’s one thing in common with all the images used in this blog post. All these kiddos have had birthdays just recently or have upcoming ones during the time of our shelter in place. What I want to do is start posting ON the actual special days of these littles, pictures that I’ve taken of them. I’m going to do my best to make sure you as the parent/guardian get the link so that you can show it to them, share it with friends & family & have them comment & wish your little one a special day. It’s their birthday! They should be celebrated!!!!!!!!

Now I don’t remember everyone’s bdays haha. I actually only know a few of these because they are close personal friends to our family or I saw their mom’s post about their bday! BUT YOU know your littles birthdays. PLEASE PLEASE email them to me!!! Email or comment on this blog post & let me know when their special day is coming up & I will mark it on my calendar & use a recent picture I’ve taken of them to use & post on the Naomi Elizabeth Photography facebook page. 

And how about those other things that need to be celebrated? Anniversaries- yes PLEASE let me know & I will celebrate with you! Mothers Day- have I taken a photo of you & your mom or even you & your littles you love? Let me know & I’ll share it!!! And graduates- I have NOT forgotten about you. Class of 2020, I’m coming for you! May is going to be a solid month of posting your pictures & celebrating with you.

An Open Letter of HOPE to My People

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –“
– Emily Dickinson

A post regarding the Naomi Elizabeth Photography 2020 season was supposed to happen in February. It didn’t because we ended having a huge scare with our Little Wilcox #3 I’m carrying.

Then I was supposed to send out the info two weeks & we all know what’s been happening in our town, state, nation & world.

Both times I paused, for various reasons, in sending it.

But now I feel I should share it.

Before I go any further, I want to say I am not posting this without first praying & thinking through my words. I am NOT trying to sell anything. Not my service as a photographer, nothing. I don’t feel that in this current season we are ALL in, that pushing my services as a photographer is something I should do.

I do believe in with all my heart is that MEMORIES MATTER. That has been my heart since Day 1 of my photography business. They matter & the best way to remember them is to record them.

I also believe in HOPE. I believe in the HOPE of my Savior & Lord Jesus Christ. And I believe in the HOPE of the future.

I am sharing on my blog HERE the dates of my mini session themes & dates for 2020. I am also sharing my 2020 Photography Calendar complete with my maternity leave. Obviously this is ALL subject to change because of where our nation is & my pregnancy. But with ALL my heart, I have HOPE that Mom & Me Minis will happen this year (even if we reschedule them until later this spring). With ALL my heart I have HOPE that your little’s one year session can happen this spring. That your maternity session can happen early spring. I have HOPE.

At this point, I don’t feel it’s the time to officially open up signup for Mom & Me Mini’s. You can see the dates on the blog & plan & prepare to get one. You can always send me an email to say you’re REALLY wanting one.  I hope that the first week of April I will have more direction on if I can still use the location I have reserved & see what our state’s rules on gathering at that time are. (Some parts of our nation have closed city parks even, so we will see how things go here in IL.)

But I have HOPE my friends. And I pray you have too.

Let me HOPE with you. If you’re hoping for a session in 2020, feel free to email me ( I mean, just being honest, it’d be nice to “talk” to someone 😉 And I want to HOPE WITH you. Nobody is making any set plans around here 😉 But we can HOPE together.

There are all the resources out there to help you spend time with your kids during this time. All the lists of movies to watch on Disney+. All the easy recipes to cook now. I’m SO thankful for all of that. So this post isn’t going to be full of those things because I know you can find it elsewhere.

BUT if you are looking for HOPE & aren’t sure where to find it, email me! I can tell you about the HOPE I have.

I am so thankful for all of you. You’re my people, not just clients.

I want to help spread that HOPE & so you’ll probably see some new posts from past sessions on my facebook page & the blog. I’m way behind on blogging & had meant to do that in February & March anyway. So know I’m posting & sharing to spread HOPE & not to just act like nothing has happened or is happening.

I HOPE to see you soon! Keep in touch & be HOPEFUL for updates!

(OK, just one more HOPE word use 😉 )
HOPING with you!

Naomi Wilcox

PS I’ve done a few facebook videos sharing my journey of organizing our family legacy through photos. You can find them HERE & HERE. I’ve also gotten lots of comments thru facebook & Instagram asking about the photo books I’ve made (here’s a glimpse of my girls looking at them). I plan to share about that process soon to because what better time to organize your personal photos then now 😉

PSS The pictures I used in this post specifically remind me of HOPE! 😀

2020 Mini Sessions & 2020 NEP Calendar!

*Please note this blog post was written before the virus hit our nation. You can read my “An Open Letter of HOPE to My People” on my blog HERE. These dates are very tentative as changes are daily occurring. To stay informed join my e-newsletter list. Click HERE to join in.

Here it is friends! The list of Mini Sessions I will be offering in 2020! Keep reading for more info about each individual mini session theme/date! Also, I’m sharing my entire 2020 NEP Calendar (months I’m accepting sessions, when my maternity leave begins/ends etc) since things are a bit different this year with us expecting our third child (read more about that HERE)!


Mom & Me – TBA (as of April 8)

Summer Family Mini’s – TBA (as of April 8)

Back-to-School Mini’s for Homeschooling Families September 19, 25 & 26

With our baby’s due date being in early August, dates for Back2School Minis are tentative but this is my best guess & I think they’re good guesses! I will send an email after the baby comes to confirm or change the dates to give enough time for families to plan. I LOVE Back2School Mini’s so they WILL be happening!!!

Fall Mini’s –TBA in October & November

I will be scheduling Fall Mini’s this year like I’ve never before so be on the lookout for that!

I consider those on my e-newsletter list to be “my people” & “my people” find out when I release signups for mini sessions first! Plus you get first dibs on signing up for a spot! Click HERE to join in. Please note that all dates are subject to change especially with Little Wilcox #3 coming! (If you’re not quite sure what a mini session is or if it fits your specific needs, I’ve written a blog post that’s HERE that you can read ALL the details about them.)

Mini Sessions are offered on a first come, first serve basis. I only offer these at specific times of the year & they are typically between 20-30 minutes. If you’re wanting individual portraits of your children or multiple wardrobe changes, a full session would be a better option for you! Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Now on to the Naomi Elizabeth Photography 2020 Calendar:

MAY ~ Tentatively BOOKING!
AUGUST ~ Maternity Leave
SEPTEMBER ~ TBA of when I’ll have sessions in September but email me to get on my September wait-list!
DECEMBER ~ NOW BOOKING Newborn & Fresh 48 only
My Birth Photography availability is closed until further notice J

A Family Update!

So thankful my sister came with & took this photo for us!

Hello friends! You may have seen already…We are EXPECTING! Little Wilcox #3 is due to arrive August 2020! We are very grateful for the Lord’s timing & His protection on the baby & I.

Overall I am well & baby is well, but we’ve needed to take things verryyy slowly this pregnancy these days. We’d appreciate your prayers as a our little one grows & our family draws closer to it’s due date! But that explains why things have been a little quiet around here after the fall photo season ended for me 🙂

I am booking sessions for 2020! Keep reading for some baby & business related FAQ’s!

Big sisters!


Are we finding out the gender? Nope 🙂 We didn’t with our girls & as long as it’s  not a medical need, we probably won’t ever find out with any pregnancy
How far along are you? I am 16 weeks (in the 2nd Trimester) as of Sunday
Is this your last? We will see what the Lord has, but we hope to have more 🙂
How are you feeling? Tired & very grateful.
Are your girls excited? Elizabeth is ELATED & Ruth doesn’t totally get what’s going on hahah 😉
When do you plan on releasing 2020 Mini Session themes & dates? As soon as I can! I was hoping to this week but I’m needing some time to rest & so it will in the next few weeks now. The best way to stay in the now about Mini Sessions is to watch your email!
Mom & Me Mini’s this year? Planning to! They will occur in April & be the first mini’s I offer this year. I will also have them open to expecting mommas! So perfect for a mini maternity session! I’m working to confirm our location for this year in the next week! They are going to be a bit different this year so get excited!
When will you be on maternity leave? Most of July & August & potentially the first half of September depending on when the baby arrives!
Are you still doing Back-to-School Mini Sessions for Homeschoolers? Yes! They probably will just be in late September this year instead of July/August.
Are you accepting any birth clients? My last birth to photograph is this June & then I will not be accepting births for the rest of the year & a majority of 2021 with having our own newborn.

for celebrating with us! We’d appreciate all your prayers!  

Naomi, Eric, Elizabeth, Ruth & Little Wilcox 

5 Resources for You!


This morning in my head I was thinking about how to explain my heart on WHY I did what I did. And I realized the short answer is- because I care about you all. You’re not just clients to me. You’re my friends. My people. Special individuals that I get to watch as your family grows. I get to watch while you & your significant other go through new seasons & I get to celebrate with your senior as they take a new step into the world. And I get to cry & cheer as your brand new child is born into a room full of love.

I believe so much in what we get to do together- save THIS season of life, hold THESE moments in time- for the legacy that you will carry & pass on.

I “filmed” 5 Facebook Live videos that I am gifting to you to use as we draw closer to our photo session together. I called it my Christmas in July series & they’re all on my facebook HERE (or just click each topic below & you’ll go directly to each video).

Here are the 5 Topics I Hit:

How to Make Photos Happen on a Budget
Getting Your Loved One on Board for Photos
Tips for How to SCHEDULE Family & Group Family Photos
5 Tips for Saving Money when Buying Clothes for Photo Sessions
What to Wear for Photo Sessions? 5 Tips! 

I’ve had all of these topics clinking around in my brain for years now. I can only get so many words into a blog post & frankly the amount of information I shared would have been too much for a blog post. Plus it was easier to just share my heart verbally then take the time to think through the right words & write it all out!

All of these videos & the information I shared was from my heart & not from Pinterest posts somewhere. I thought through the things that have & have not worked in the last 5 years of business & am REALLY EXCITED to share these resources with you!!!

I care about you & I care about the money, the time & effort that YOU put into photo sessions. And I care about our time together & want it to be as special as possible! That’s why I took the time to film these & I’m REALLY excited about them. So please, check these out! Here’s THE LINK again so you can just click & play whatever one you’re most interested inAnd feel free to just put it on & “listen” to me as you make dinner, fold laundry or whatever! And the cool thing is, you can comment on ANY of the videos at anytime ask any specific questions you may have & I’ll get notified & can answer back right there!

Behind the Name

Naming our two girls took prayer & time. It’s a big deal to bestow a name on someone who will have it for their lifetime! Naming anything like a pet, business, a book, you name it (pun intended 😉 ) takes thought,  prayer, time, & hopefully some soul searching of why the name works (or doesn’t).

Naming my business Nomi Photography when I launched the photography business in 2014 was a no brainer. My siblings when we were all young couldn’t say my name Naomi very clearly & instead “Nomi” came out. Nomi stuck & through the years some of my dear friends as well as my siblings still call me that to this day! Even the little ones I nanny called me Nomi! (I’ve actually met a few other Naomi’s in my life & have been told their loved ones called them Nomi too! How fun!)

A lot of things have changed in the past 5 years. I’ve got some gray hairs. I’ve become a mother of two girls. Learned that I can’t eat too much dairy in a day & that real plants aren’t my thing. Bought a house. Worked harder at actually finishing the books I buy 😉 I’m 33 & life looks a lot different for me now then it did 5 years ago. With photography, I’ve made some decisions on what I choose to shoot & what I don’t. I’m not a wedding photographer. I’m not a studio photographer. I am a birth & family photographer!

All of that took time & maturity. Later in the coming weeks I plan to share 5 specific things I’ve learned in 5 years of business. But the bottom line from what I’ve found, with owning a business is if you want to take care of your clients & treat them like your own family (which is what I strive for) you have to change. You have to prune & grow. And mature.

Changing from Nomi Photography to Naomi Elizabeth Photography is an outward sign of the inward pruning, growth & maturity I’ve had in the past 5 years of business. I’ve learned soooooo many things & have changed for the better as a photographer & business owner & I want to make an outward reflection of that.

It is always my prayer to keep getting better in how I service my clients & the quality of photos I give. That is not going to change. My word for Naomi Elizabeth Photography for 2019 is “connection”. I want to connect with my clients in a deeper & more helpful way. Thus the recent Facebook Lives, the announcement of Birth Photography. Some of my policy changes for this year. The name change.

What can you expect with this change? I’ve got a new beautiful logo, a new website address: You’ll all need to start getting used to seeing Naomi Elizabeth Photography instead Nomi Photography! I will have a new email address & will be sharing that soon. I am working to get my facebook page name changed as well. Hopefully that goes well because I’ve heard it can take quite a bit of time!

But I’m excited & SO ready for this! Nomi Photography has matured for the better & Naomi Elizabeth Photography is the perfect way to reflect & share that change!

Friends, thank you for being here. For taking the time to read this. For supporting me & my family. Naomi Elizabeth Photography wouldn’t be what is now without you 😊 May is a big month & I plan to celebrate 5 years in several different ways! Stay tuned!

PS If you’re wondering, yes! Naomi Elizabeth is my first & middle name! And we did name our eldest Elizabeth so we could share names! 😉

GIVEAWAY!!!! To celebrate all the changes that have come to Nomi Photography NOW Naomi Elizabeth Photography 😉 I am giving away a Mom & Me Mini Session! Click HERE for the details!

Why Birth Photography?

I’m getting emotional just thinking about all the reasons why I want to do birth photography.

I love people. I firmly believe that EACH person has a purpose. That’s why we’re here. We ALL have a purpose.

My first birth I photographed, I remember the excitement growing in my heart as I was waiting for the go-ahead to come photograph his birth from his mom. It was this tangible excitement. Adrenaline was flowing through me & I couldn’t think about anything else but his arrival or his mom. I remember asking myself WHY. Why was this SOOO different then anything else I had ever photographed. I’ve photographed some amazing things including two weddings. But let’s be honest, a birth is QUITE spectacular. There’s just NOTHING like it. I KNEW that this was unlike anything else, but I wanted to know WHY.

My answer hit my heart so quick, I knew it was from the Lord, & again, I’ve got tears threatening to brim over & down my face as I try to convey my heart! “HE HAS A PURPOSE. I’ve got something planned for him.” That’s what I heard in my heart. I knew it was from the Lord. I remember getting out of the car & running into the hospital. My heart pumping, my smile as big as it could get. You’d have thought this baby coming was my own! But the joy in my heart & the joy I felt in that hospital room as he made his arrival was knowing the reason he was here was that he had a purpose. And he had arrived to fulfill it.

After documenting his birth, I was hooked. The joy. The pain. The newness of a life all in one space, all in front of me. It was the honor of a lifetime to be there & save it forever for his mom, his dad to look back on & one day share with him.

Since then birth has become a big part of my life as I’ve had my own two baby girls & photographed more babies & another birth. I want to be that person. That person in the room when the baby arrives & documents it all. That person that is softly praying & encouraging the momma. Watching for the beautiful details to unfold & capturing them to be remembered forever. For the momma to look back on & see those moments when she wondered if she could keep going. And then to see the moment when she realizes it’s all worth it

I know this post is about birth photography, but let me take this moment to say, my friend, you have a purpose. It started the day you were conceived & continued on strong the moment you were born.

I have needed to wait for just the right timing to offer birth as a regular photography service, but thanks to a team of people & a couple small life changes, the time is NOW!!!

Will you do me a favor? Help me get the word out!!! If you have a friend, a cousin, a neighbor, a co-worker who’s expecting, will you connect us? Let them know I’m NOW OFFERING BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY as a service. I want to be their photographer for this incredible life experience. Have them email me at or just direct them to my page HERE. Or if you’re the one expecting, I’d love to take you out for tea/coffee & go over my Birth Experience package with you! (And for a limited time I am gifting FREE Fresh 48 Sessions along with Birth Sessions that are booked with me!)

I’d love to meet you or your friend. To celebrate this new life, this new little one that has a PURPOSE.

Here are two of my birth sessions from my portfolio to view – TOBIAS (hospital birth) & BLYTHE (Birth Center birth).

New Policies for 2019

Hi friends!

Nomi Photography is turning FIVE in May! I’ve said several times I feel like my kid is going to Kindergarten! haha! Each year as my business grows & I meet new clients & reconnect with clients that have become friends, I’m just truly thankful that the Lord has made photography such a big part of my life!

For 2019, I have three policy changes that I’m making.

1) Deposits are required to reserve a session. Last year I started requiring nonrefundable deposits for mini sessions & now that requirement will be stretched to all my sessions. It’s super easy to do now with the online payment options I offer so it’ll be a piece of cake! The deposit will be subtracted from your overall session fee & the remainder will be paid the day of your session.

2) If you want individual pictures taken of your children, a regular session will need to be reserved instead of a mini session. After evaluating my clients experiences & wanting the best for everyone, this year I will be standing firm on not offering individual photos of children at mini sessions. That’s why I’m offering in September the Sibling Mini Sessions. That is the ONLY mini session where I will offer individual portraits in a mini. Otherwise a regular session is best for your family if that’s what you’re needing! (Please not that this new policy does not affect the Back-to-School Mini Sessions for homeschoolers.)

3) I only accept newborn sessions in December. This isn’t really a “new” policy because I’ve actually had the rule for several years now but I wanted to get it out there 😉

That’s it for this year! If you’re needing a refresher HERE is the post on my list of policy changes for 2018! Thank you for making Nomi Photography such a special thing for me! I wouldn’t be doing this without you 😉