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Grace | College Graduate Session

Oh Grace! It doesn’t seem possible that it was time for Grace to have pictures commemorating the end of her season at ISU! I feel like we JUST did her high school senior photos (View those HERE). But she did graduate from ISU a year early so that made me feel a bit better about time passing so fast 😉

We always have so much fun together & I love how Grace always wants to be creative & do things a little bit different- like pictures in a greenhouse!!! But that’s just Grace 🙂 Creative & never letting herself be boxed in. Love you Grace!

Nahdia | Senior Session

I can’t believe this girl is graduating from high school in just a few months! As I’m counting down the days until our second baby arrives, I know that she is looking forward to the next season of her life- college & beyond!

Nahdia’s mom got in touch with me about senior pictures for Nahdia & the three of us met just a few weeks later. Nahdia was SO easy going & totally open to whatever ideas I had! And man, did she bring it to her session! Even though it was basically FREEZING outside during her session, Nahdia rocked it! We wondered around Uptown Normal & a favorite park of mine & talked about shoes, shopping, volleyball, colleges & more!

I seriously had such.a.hard.time. choosing a few personal favorites to put in her blog post 🙂 They are all AMAZING. Just as amazing as Nahdia.

Stop girl! Ah! I love it!

Model status right here.

Still my personal favorite right here!!!

I told her that we were done with pictures & could go get warm & told her to get excited & this is what she did 😀 Hahah love it!

Oh Nahdia, a new journey awaits you. The Lord will lead you if you trust & follow Him. Soooo excited for you!!!

Erin | Senior Session

Erin goes to my church & I’ve watched her for the past few years as she’s grown from young girl at church & into a beautiful young woman. When Erin’s mom contacted me about doing Erin’s senior pictures last year I was SUPER excited! Ask anyone who knows Erin & they’ll tell you that she’s got a servant’s heart, enjoys doing all kinds of things & likes to laugh 😉 We laughed a lot during her senior session! Partly because it was FREEZING! But man, the gold in the trees was SO worth it & Erin looked BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to wear her dress myself & LOVED her fun scarf in her second outfit. Here are some of my favorite’s from our time together!

My personal favorite picture!

She loves to laugh but I love this quiet one of her SO much!

Oh Erin, I can’t believe you’re graduating THIS May! I’m so excited for you & this new season of life you’re walking into. Never forget what the Lord has done for you & continue to trust in Him. He has your best in mind. Love ya girl!

Sam | Senior Session

I have two favorite things when it comes to Senior Sessions. One is that I get to really see their personalities & thoroughly enjoy hearing their current activities. Sometimes it’s hearing about their favorite movie or a recent family trip they took. Sometimes it’s their part time job or their favorite pet. The other thing is that I get to hear about their future goals. Whether it’s going to Heartland, going straight into a job or internship or competing at the next band competition, I LOVE hearing all about it.

And the same was with Sam’s session! He’s so talented, so kind & so thoughtful with the words that he says. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him. Each senior session, I always walk away wishing that it could have gone longer AND being so excited for that particular senior. And again, that happened with Sam.

I’m excited for what the Lord has for you Sam! I had fun hanging out with you & wish you the very best for your last few months of high school!


Zack | Class of 2017 Senior Session

Meet Zack 🙂 Class of 2017 & someone I’ve watched over the past 8 1/2 years become the amazing young man he is. Zack’s passion is music & he’s super involved with playing his guitar at our church, on the adult & youth worship teams. He’s competed in the Fine Arts Festival program & is pretty excited about being Snoopy in Calvary’s “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”. He’s a busy guy & that’s just the few of the many things I know he does!

I was so excited about incorporating Zack’s love of music in his session. The urban setting we chose fit so perfectly for this part of the shoot!

Walking around Uptown Normal, Zack & I talked about his upcoming senior trip to Florida that he’s pretty excited, play practice & how cold it was outside 😉

I remember watching Zack in Junior High youth group when I was a youth leader & now I get to see him use his talents on Sunday mornings as he leads our church family in worship. Crazy how time has flown 🙂

This is one of my personal favorites!

Favorite right here!

Zack, I’m so proud of you. You’ve made choices that honored the Lord & I know He’s leading you in the steps you take & the decisions you make. You are loved by so many & we’re ALL so excited to see where the years & roads take you on. Just keep your eyes on our Savior & you’ll always hear His voice.


Shea | Senior Session

There is one HUGE downside to senior high sessions for me- saying goodbye to the senior at the end of their session. Each time I work with a senior, I sit down with them weeks, sometimes months before their session to brainstorm & create an experience that truly captures THEM. (To read more about how I work with seniors click HERE.) I get to hear their heart, their past & their dreams for the future. And the same was with Miss Shea. Shea & I met actually the summer I was pregnant with Elizabeth when I did a mini session with her family. Her mom mentioned something about me someday doing her senior pictures & I secretly hoped that it would work out! And it did!

Fast forward to this fall to when we sat down at Barnes & Noble & talked over her session & pieced together alllllll the things that would help show SHEA in through her senior pictures. Shea has a HUGE heart for Haiti. She’s been there numerous times, in fact when we met up at B&N she was going to be leaving in just a few days to go back! Shea wants to be a nurse & plans to help others including continuing to help the people of Haiti.

I love this girl’s heart. She’s non-fussy & just really cares about the important things in life- family, loving people & her relationship with the Lord. We actually stayed in one neighborhood for her session but I got to use some new “spots” in it for Shea & I’m just thrilled with how everything turned out!!!

Shea is beautiful inside & out! I wish you could hear her laugh through this post but you’ll just have to take my word for it- it’s simply delightful as she is! (And shout-out to her mom, Heather, who was just as fun to be with as Shea! I totally think they have a Rory/Lorelai Gilmore type relationship 😉 )


shea-13      shea-11

Shea enjoys playing the keyboard & I just LOVE how we were able to incorporate her keyboard!!




Ready for GORGEOUSNESS??!!!!



And of course we had to incorporate her love for softball!!! (Which Shea can tell you I know nothing about! haha! We had some good laughs about that! 😉 )

shea-3     shea-1


One of my favorite pictures of Shea!!!!!!! Such JOY! I LOVE HER & her HEART for people!!!!


Shea wanted to use some of the things that she has from Haiti in her pictures & to that I said- Oh yes!!! All her jewelry is from Haiti. And her Toms are hand painted with a design from Haiti!!!!!!



Like I said in the beginning of this post, the one thing I just don’t like about senior sessions is having to say “goodbye”. Yes, I live in the same area as most of my seniors but they’re usually busy & ready to hit the college world. With Shea, I hope our paths cross often in the future. In fact, we actually saw each other at Walmart this past week! haha!

Shea, I’m so proud of you. I know I really barely know you, but I know that you have a great foundation to make a difference in your world. I know the Lord is going to use you- just keep your eyes focused on Him. Don’t turn to the left or the right, but just listen to His voice & leading. He will bring you through such an amazing adventure. Hugs & love to you girl! <3




Nomi Photography Senior Experience

It’s a special in your life. Just a few more months to go & you’ll be graduating from high school & moving on into what the future has for you.

So your mom says it’s time to think about senior pictures. It’s time to decide who you’ll choose to photograph you, what to wear & all that jazz.

Now imagine me (Hello!) waving BOTH my arms up in the air & waving “OOoooooo! Pick me, PICK ME!!!” Yes! Now that I have your attention 😉 Let me share WHY I love doing senior pictures & how I go about it.

You, me & a parent/guardian will meet up. Just for a half hour maybe & chat. I’ll probably say a few corny jokes, show you a million pictures of my adorable daughter & we’ll get to know each other 🙂 I’ll want to hear about YOU. Your passions, what you love to do, what you don’t love to do. What things describe YOU & what would really say “THIS IS YOU” within a photo.

Why? Because I believe that YOUR senior pictures should be you. Not funny awkward poses that make it look like you’re all bent in weird contortions. Not using the same locations that a hundred other seniors have used. I want to capture YOU. And where YOU love to hangout & just be.

Do you love horses? Great! Let’s work that out. Do you have a pet you’d like in your photo’s? Bring them! (I’m a little scared of snakes though! 😉 ) Are you a huge fan of Starbucks? Ummm, we can TOTALLY work that in your session! Play an instrument? Love Tae-Kwon-Do? ALL of these things (except the snake 😉 ) I’ve made happen because a senior I’ve photographed has wanted to bring it into their session because it was THEM.

Why do I do this? Well, to quote Dr. Seuss…


Let’s take photographs you’ll love for forever. Photographs that look like YOU & are YOU. And you know what? I can promise you, no one else will have photos like you because, “there is no one alive who is youer than you!” Email me at for more details, any questions & we will begin the Nomi Photography Senior Experience!!! (If you’d like to view senior sessions I’ve done before, just use the search bar on the right side of my blog here & type the word “senior” to view them!)

Cambry |

Waverly |




Emily | Senior Session

Before Emily’s senior session, I had a phone date with her mom. Emily & I had not met yet & immediately, my admiration for this amazing girl grew as her mom described her to me. “She sings, plays the piano, does cross country, Relay for Life…we think she’s pretty amazing.” Emily’s mom told me. My thoughts were confirmed when Emily had our Skype date just a few days later. She was calm, poised & I couldn’t wait for her senior session!

It was a little chilly the Saturday we met up, but Emily was a trooper! We floated from one location to the other & talked about shoes, Shellac nails, college, Relay for Life, the future & how she’s in an acapella group. Emily is simply gorgeous. And I know you’ll agree with me as you look through these images!


Emily       Emily

Emily- you’re SO beautiful!!!



Personal fav of mine!




Emily, it was a joy to photograph you as you enter into a new season of life. I think you’re pretty amazing & I know many others do. Keep reaching for the best & giving it your all girl! We’re cheering you on!


Cambry | Senior Session

Oh Cambry 🙂 I was SO excited when your mom contacted me about doing your senior pictures!!! For the last like 6 years, I’ve watched you grow into such a beautiful young lady. I’d see you at Pastor’s Kids Retreat & at other district youth events, & each time I realized you were coming closer & closer to the door of not being just a teen anymore, but a young woman 🙂

I admire many things about you Cambry. I know you love Jesus with all your heart & you desire & strive to keep Him first. You have a beautiful voice & can lead worship on your guitar like no one else I’ve seen. And speaking of beautiful, you ARE beautiful. Your long hair & eyes, man, killer! I love how you carry yourself & how you don’t hangout with just the “cool kids” but anyone who you see needs a friend. You have amazing leadership abilities & I look forward to seeing those developed in you even more as you continue to blossom. And I love your heart. Your heart that I’ve see in the years while I’ve seen you become who you are today & your heart that I got to hear talk & share your future plans during your senior session.

Cambry |


Cambry |     Cambry |

Cambry |

Oh Cambry your smile makes me smile.Cambry |

I told Cambry to show me her “A Game” face for these shots. She totally nailed it 😉

Cambry |    Cambry |

One day I’ll be able to point out your album Cambry & say “I took that girl’s senior pictures!”

Cambry |

She liked to make me laugh during her session 😉

Cambry |     Cambry |

Cambry |

Cambry |

Cambry |

Cambry |

Oh Cambry, the Lord’s anointing is all over you. Don’t take that for granted. And don’t believe it just because people tell you. Seek after Him & all your ways will be made straight. He will never leave you nor forsake. Go after Him girl. Go after ALL that He has for you. Don’t hold back. And He will give you the desires of your heart & surprises & adventures you never dreamed of.

I think you’re pretty special girl 🙂 I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time with you & it was a true HONOR to take your senior pictures.

Love you girl!
From one fellow PK to another 😉


Jacob | Senior Session

Jake |

Friends, Jacob here has class. Class as in how he acts, dresses & carries himself. We met up a couple Wednesday afternoon’s ago & spent time in Uptown Normal & one of my favorite local parks to get some of those beautiful fall colors.

Jake |

Jacob is musically talented. He not only plays the keyboard but he’s a pretty mean saxophone player. Thus all the pictures of him & his loyal instrument 🙂

Jake |       Jake |

Fav of mine right here! Jake |

He’s got a sense of humor that he pulled out every once & awhile 😉

Jacob |

And if you really want to see him smile, ask him about his nickname “J-Wow” 😉

Jake |         Jake |

Jake |

Jake |

Jake | Jake |

Thank you Jacob for hanging out with me & putting up with all my dumb jokes 😉 I’m SUPER excited about your plans to Evangel University & I know the Lord is going to guide & bless your steps. And someday I just know I’ll be able to say that I took your senior pictures when you become a famous saxophone player & have your own albums out 😉