Mary & Richard | Couples Session

When I married my husband, I not only married into a new family, I married into a family where some of those family members have become very dear friends. My mother-in-law has three other siblings & I truly enjoy our family gatherings. Everyone lives in the area so family events are usually full & fun 🙂

I grew up not ever being very close in miles to extended family. I truly appreciate being so close to both of Eric’s sides so I can get to know them & make up for the 26 years before we got married that I didn’t know them 😉 Mary is one of Eric’s cousins on his mom’s side & she is one of three sisters that yes, I would not only call them family, but friends. Mary & her sisters Rachel & Sarah welcomed me into the family right away & I’ve always felt like I belonged.

About a year ago, Eric & I were making some big decisions when it came to officially launching Nomi Photography. I actually wasn’t planning on having a website. I liked the idea of having a blog, but figured it was too much work at the beginning. I figured facebook would be enough 😉 Mary convinced me otherwise & I’m SO glad she did!

I called her up one day & we started talking & brainstorming about what could possibly happen regarding a website AND blog for Nomi Photography. Mary is a genius. She knows all the terminology, how to work with WordPress, how to make my site look pretty, how to tell me what doesn’t look “me”, how to even tell me it doesn’t look “me”! She was & STILL is a HUGE Godsend for me!!!! We exchanged several, several emails & phone calls over the course of January 2014-May 2014. I’m so thankful for all she did. And is still doing. We’ve just recently finished a small facelift of my website including a way to signup for my e-newsletter right on my site (just look to the right of this post!)

I was able to spend some time with Mary & her husband, Richard at Funks Grove one fall afternoon this past year & have a little photo session.

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-34

Fun fact, Mary & Richard just announced they’re EXPECTING!!! Yes! SO excited for them!!!

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-9

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-32

I’m excited to watch them become parents & can’t wait to hold their little one!!!

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-4                Mary & Richard | Couples Session-3

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-10

Aunt Sheila & Uncle Lynn (Mary’s parents) came along as well & I snapped a few pictures of these two love birds 😉

Sheila & Lynn | Couples Session-6

Sheila & Lynn | Couples Session-16     Sheila & Lynn | Couples Session-5

They’re going to make wonderful grandparents aren’t they Mary & Richard? 😉

Sheila & Lynn | Couples Session-8

Mary, again, from the bottom & side & top of my heart, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done to help make Nomi Photography succeed. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you also for being my friend! I love you! And I can’t wait to watch your journey as you walk into motherhood <3

Mary & Richard | Couples Session-31


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