New Policies for 2022

A recent fun time outside with my four kiddos- the reason I do what I do!

Hi friends! It’s so wild to me that in about a month (May 2022) Naomi Elizabeth Photography will be 9 years old! WOW! During those 9 years a lot has happened- for you & for me!

My family, my time & I as a person has changed in those 9 years & to accommodate those things, I’ve needed to make a few changes for NEP that I wanted to share. Even just to have it clear some of my brain space! And really I’d probably call this more of a “state of the union” post haha then a policy change post.

TEAM EFFORT Naomi Elizabeth Photography is not just me- NEP is a team of people! You may see my name a lot & see me at sessions but NEP is not a one man show! My husband Eric is a HUGE HUGE part of NEP. He takes care of so many things including the financial side of NEP. He also takes care of our kiddos a large portion of the time I’m gone at sessions or working from home on photography things. Fall is a VERY busy season not just for me as a photographer but for my husband’s job. My mother, sister & in-laws also help on a regular basis watching our kids when Eric can’t. We also have a high school girl who helps out with the kids twice a month. It’s a team effort!

JOY As we’ve grown as a family & made the choice to homeschool our children, we knew that to proceed with photography, that some other things needed to happen to help make our family life plus a small business run a bit smoother. I have a dear, dear friend, Joy Phillips, who has her own photography editing business. In short she helps photographers get their lives back! I send her galleries from my sessions & she helps narrow down the best photos & then mirrors my style & edits them like I would have. This past fall Joy was who edited my photos for me & it was SUCH a blessing that Eric & I knew to continue forward with NEP, hiring Joy fulltime was a must. So as of 2022, Joy is now a vital part of NEP & I’m so thankful for her!

PRICING Those two things I just shared to show why I’ve needed to make some necessary modifications within NEP to make NEP something I can STILL do with young children. Another thing I’ve done is I’ve updated my photography prices. I know I don’t have to even say anything about doing so. Many people are having to up their prices in things because of life but I really felt led to share the WHY of why I did it. You all are like family to me, you’ve helped me grow in so many ways & thank you for that!

I felt it was important to share all this as I don’t want to seem as someone who “does it all”. Because I DON’T! I truly don’t. I also wanted to share this as I know there are many women from all ages & backgrounds who have dreams & want to use their gifts & I feel it’s good to share that it takes work & a team but it’s worth it!

EMAIL COMMUNICATION I will say, I’m a bit slower with my email communication then I used to be. This isn’t really a policy change haha but I wanted to share this here. I will always respond when I need to it just may be a little slower then it has been in the past! Thank you for understanding that!

SCHEDULING As much as I’d love to photograph everyone who ever reaches out to me, I know with my family’s own full schedule aside from my photography schedule & your own schedule this just won’t be able to happen. SO I would highly advise that as soon as you know you’d like to do a photo session of some kind with me, please reach out to me so that we can make it happen!!!

BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY As of now, I am no longer able to offer birth photography. It was a short but sweet season for me with NEP & maybe someday I can revisit that special world again. I’ve taken it off of my services list but wanted to share that here as well.

HEADSHOTS I’ve been asked many times to do headshot sessions & it’s usually worked out to do them indoors at the place of work for the individual or outside. Recently a need of a friend came up & we used my living room to do her headshots & they turned out beautifully! I now am offering headshots on a regular basis! It was something before that I could do only if it worked out but I am confident with the options I can now offer this on a fulltime basis! So if this is a need of yours feel free to email me!

MINI SESSIONS FOR 2022 For almost all of NEP I have offered Mom & Me Mini’s. The past couple years I haven’t because of covid restrictions & my own pregnancy needs. This year I wanted to make them happen but timewise I wasn’t able to. And to be fully transparent I haven’t booked many of them when I have offered them in the past. So if you could like to see me offer them in the future, please reach out to me! As a mom myself I have realized I desire a family picture MORE then I do photos with me & my kids. It’s work to get ready for pictures am I right? 😉 & if it takes all that work I’d rather have it be with my entire family. Just a personal thought. So anyway, moving forward unless I hear different from you all, I will probably just focus on spring & summer & fall mini sessions. If you think I should change my mind let me know!

SOCIAL MEDIA If you want to stay in touch with me, the very best way is to email me or to be on my enewsletter list (you can sign up HERE!). As my own home & life has gotten fuller, social media has become just another loud voice I don’t need haha! Especially facebook. It’s just a little too loud for me there! I’ve got enough noise around here in my own home 😉 But I do love Instagram you can follow me there . I will try to do better at updating my business facebook page but I can’t make any promises! My enewsletter is going to become the best way to stay updated with me.

EDUCATING MYSELF And maybe I’m the only one who needs to see this written out but I have been taking some online courses to help better myself as a photographer. I took one this past late fall & just purchased one this week. It’s important to me that I’m continuing to become the best photographer I can be for my clients & also for my own memory keeping needs of our family. I’m excited to grow!!!

I truly love photography! I’ve gone through a soul searching journey these past two years, especially in the past 6 months wondering if the Lord wanted me to keep NEP going. He has shown me in special little ways that for now, NEP is here to stay! That’s a whole other blog post for another time BUT I am excited for what 2022 holds!!!

Maternity Leave+Fall Sessions Info!

Here’s a little info for what’s to come for Naomi Elizabeth Photography!

MATERNITY LEAVE As of NOW (July 2021) I am on maternity leave-YAY!!! Baby will be arriving any day & it’s time to rest & be ready for his arrival!!! I’ll be stepping away from answering any emails or messages BUT I will save them for looking at after Little Brother Wilcox arrives.

Family photo from my own maternity session with Simpli Photography of St. Louis

GET ON THE LIST! I have a list of clients that have already reached out to me regarding fall sessions. Those on that list will be who I reach out to first when it’s time to schedule sessions starting in September!!! If you want me to add you to the list for doing a session anytime Sept-Nov, please email me at & I’ll add your name as well & get back to you late August 🙂

SESSIONS I plan to be back to doing sessions at the end of September. And Back-2-School Mini Sessions WILL be happening!!! Probably the last two weekends in September.

ADDING TO THE TEAM I’m very thankful a dear old friend is going to be helping me on the editing side of NEP for Sept & Oct. Oh & when I say “adding to the team” please know the team is me, Eric (does all the bookwork things) & my mom & sister (who help watch our kids). I don’t do this alone!

SEASONS Just like there are seasons in life, there are seasons in motherhood & in businesses. Thank you for being a part of NEP through so many seasons. Especially thru a pregnancy, covid & then another pregnancy 🙂 We can’t wait to meet our Little Lad who will be the perfect addition & complete our family. And I can’t wait to show off all the pictures of him to you all when I see your faces IN person this fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sharing your story & your smile,

Fall 2020 Mini Sessions Info!

So the big news is, I’m not offering full length sessions this fall. I am ONLY offering MINI SESSIONS! Crazy right? All you mini sessions happy people get EXCITED!!!

If you’re wondering, Wait, is there a difference between this years & last years minis? YES! I could boil it down to describing the difference in one word- MORE. Basically this year’s minis we’ll have more time together & you’ll get a variety of more poses PLUS because we have more time & I’m throwing back in pictures of each individual child.

They are also longer in time to allow for social distancing & to be frank I’m getting too old to be doing 8-10 families back to back in one day haha!

Price $190 || Package Includes:
– entire family (several poses)
– individual pictures of each child (2-3 poses) 
– mom/dad/significant together (2-3 poses)
– each parent/guardian with all children (1 pose)
– all children together (1-2 poses)
– 30 minutes
– designed with social distancing in mind
– $30.00 non-refundable deposit to officially reserve a session for you

Click HERE to signup for a Fall Mini Session

Quick Facts regarding Fall 2020 MINIS

  • Location TBA in BN with fall colors
  • Dates are HERE at signup link
  • Each session is $190.00 (After 6 members of an immediate family, there is a $15.00 cost per additional person.)
  • A nonrefundable $30.00 deposit is required to officially secure your spot. The remainder balance of $160.00 is due at the time of your session. Your deposit can be paid online through an invoice I’ll email you. If the deposit isn’t paid within a certain time, the spot will automatically become open for another client to take it. The remainder fee has to be paid by the time of the mini session.
  • You will receive a few images from your session via your email as a preview within few days of your session.
  • The full gallery & print release will be delivered via an online gallery where you can download them & print them wherever you choose within three weeks. You can also share this gallery with friends & family to download as well at no extra charge.
  • As we get closer to the mini session date, you’ll receive an email from me with the location of our mini sessions & other details.
  • Email me at with any questions you may have!

Back2School Mini Sessions for 2020

I’m really happy & honestly proud that this will be the SIXTH YEAR I’ve had Back-to-School pictures for local homeschooling families! As we all know education for children in our area is completely different then last year & it’s exciting for me to see many families drawn to the homeschool community. We are starting our own homeschool journey- Elizabeth is in Preschool!

Please keep reading for my COVID19 procedure & changes for this year’s Back2School Minis- there are quite a few!

Because of the growth of homeschooling in BN, I will offer these mini sessions to a wider client circle once I connect with my usual homeschool family clients. Please note this is a service I usually only offer to those who are homeschooling at least one child in their family. If I have some open slots, I may open it up to those who are doing e-learning. Just depends!

What are Back-to-School Mini Sessions? Here are two links where you can see the past two year Back-to-School mini session recaps (2019 & 2018) & you can see what types of images we’ll get & the fun we have!

 on NEW FOR 2020
NEW FORMAT I have spread the mini sessions throughout the week instead of having them on just two days. This will allow me to pace myself & my body 😉 better & allow for social distancing between families.
MAKEUP RAIN DAYS Make-up Rain days for the scheduled session is the day AFTER. IE if you signup for a mini session on Monday if it rains, your photo session will be rescheduled for the next evening on Tuesday, at the exact same time. If you signup for a session on Wednesday, your makeup rain day is Thursday. Friday & Saturday’s sessions makeup rain day will all be on Sunday. Please make sure you’re free for your makeup rain day as well as the day you signed-up for a session.
COVID19 I have scheduled a bigger break then usual between sessions to allow less contact between my clients. I will have a mask & will wear it when I’m not able to be 6 feet apart during the session. I do not expect those who I’m photographing or interacting with to wear masks since you are the ones in the photos & we will be outside. I will not be taking requests for using masks or toilet paper in photo sessions. I see these as important items & not photo props.
PREVIEWS In the past I’ve sent previews from sessions the same evening the session has happened, with our family being full blown into newborn life plus two other little ones, previews will be emailed out within 24-48 hrs after the session.
DEPOSIT Please remember that a $25.00 non-refundable deposit is due to officially hold your mini session. You will receive an invoice emailed to you within a few days of your signup to pay the deposit.
LOCATION I had a few clients request to go back to last year’s location & I was just there to see how the wildflowers were & the nature center is honestly a huge mess! No flowers this year & it’s all very overgrown & not “pretty”. The nature center is going through a preservation process I read & so I will be looking for another location for us this year. I already have one in mind but need to check on it!

STUDENT MINI SESSION VS FAMILY MINI SESSION As usual I am offering two options of Back2School Mini Sessions. Please see below the detailed description of each session as they’ve changed a bit this year.

STUDENT MINI SESSION: These are now setup for just ONE student. I rarely have a request for this type of mini session so this year there are only two openings for a Student Mini Session. One on Friday & one on Saturday- both at 5:55PM. IE If you have one child in your family needing Back2School pictures, please choose this option.

– 5-7 Images
– $40.00 (*$25.00 deposit due at time of signup)
– I will spend time with the student & take photos of them that truly capture their smile & personality!

FAMILY MINI SESSION: These are for families that have 2 or more students wanting Back2School pictures OR the entire family. IE you have two children in your family needing Back2School pictures, choose this option. OR if your entire family wants pictures, choose this option as well. Please look over the breakdown of the fee charged per the amount in the session.  

– 2 Students $40+$30 = $70
– 3 Students $40+$30+$30 = $100
– 4 Students $110
– 1 to 4 children+parents = $120
After 6 individuals in a session being photographed, there is a $10.00 fee per additional family member.
– 4-6 Images of each student
– Plus images of students together & parents
– We’ll have a blast having your family interact together & capture your family as a whole along with individual pictures of each child in the family!


Sorry that was a lot of details! If you have any questions just email me at If for some reason one of these dates doesn’t fit your family calendar, I will be organizing my Fall Mini Sessions very similar in October. Keep your eye on your email for when I announce those!

I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL! Choose your spot before they’re gone & tell your fellow homeschooling friends!

All images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the session via email with a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded to your computer & then printed wherever you choose. Print Release is also included. Full remainder of the session fee is due at session. An online contract & more details about preparing for your session will be emailed ahead of time. No outfit changes are allowed. These sessions are in my opinion not suitable for seniors in high school. Feel free to ask me about my Senior Experience Package!

If you have any other questions about how a mini session with Naomi Elizabeth Photography is, please feel free to read THIS POST I wrote to answer questions.

Our Son is HERE+Maternity Leave Info

I am officially on Maternity Leave!!! Our son Nehemiah Daniel was born June 26! I still have to think about what his birth date was because as of this post he’s technically still not supposed to be here! Nehemiah was born 7 weeks perfectly early as I like to say 🙂 He came home from the NICU in Peoria just over 2 weeks ago now & is doing amazing. THIS LINK has his birth story.

I’m friends with many of you on facebook so you’ve probably seen some of our story as of late. If not, you can always follow me on Instagram HERE as I “journaled” a few of our family updates or CLICK HERE to view my profile. I love sharing Nehemiah’s story & God’s hand in it!

Thank you from my entire family for your prayers & support to us these past two months. It makes me cry thinking about the community we have!

I will be back to doing photography sessions in September as family life & COVID19 & allows- but that is the plan! In August I will send another enewsletter update that will include how I will handle things with keeping in mind the corona virus. IF you are for sure wanting a session sometime in Sept, Oct & Nov, please email me so I can keep that in mind as I open up my schedule. (I may not respond right away as I’ll be on maternity leave BUT I will see it!)

If because of your family’s situation, you want photos this fall but want to keep close to home, I am opening a few This Is Now sessions. These sessions will be done in either your front or back yard or front porch with practicing social distancing. Please reach out to me if this fits your family best as these openings are very few.

I will be changing how I do mini sessions this fall for several reasons, but one being I want to spread them out a bit further to align with social distancing recommendations.


Yes! They will be happening late September. I know many people are choosing to homeschool their children this fall so I am excited to meet more families!


YESSSSS! These will be in October & I’m SUPER excited to incorporate a change I decided on at the end of last year to do for this fall! Details coming 🙂

ALL Things Printing & Organizing Photos

For the past few years I’ve been working hard at organizing & printing our family photos. Whether it be from our iphones, my camera or a session of our own with a photographer. I’ve made several Facebook videos on all my methods & suggestions & I’m compiling them all here into one big resource for you!

Yes, it feels good to have your photos printed & organized. But what I love about it most is seeing our kiddos looking at the photos, retelling stories with them & reflecting on the seasons the Lord has walked us through. His faithfulness is written in those pictures.

Choose whatever video you feel is what you’re needing help with & put it on while washing dishes, folding laundry & take a few minute break!


4×6’s, Photos I Print, our Photobooks I Make
Video explaining & showing examples of our Photobooks
Video explaining & showing examples of our iPhone Picture Photobooks
Walmart Photo Review
Amazon Photo Review
Where I Order Our Christmas Cards From

PART I: 1. Start 2. Have a Why 3. Choose a Starting Point
PART II: Organizing Your Smart Photo Photos
PART III: Organizing Your Family Photos

Why I’ve Been Quiet+Baby Update

Hello friends, I’m here to share a family update & ask for your prayers for our family. Some of you already know from being friends with me on facebook but life has changed quite a bit for us in the past 2 weeks.

First of all, we “accidentally” found out the gender of our Little Wilcox #3 at 24 Weeks. It’s a whole unique story that has turned into the most precious gift to know. Elizabeth & Ruth have a Little Baby Brother & we are all THRILLED!!!

Secondly, Memorial Day I was airlifted to St. Francis Hospital in Peoria with our little guy inside me. My water broke early that Monday morning at 29 weeks, 1 day & the best place for us to be is at St. Francis where they have an amazing NICU & healthcare team. I’m currently still here on monitored bedrest & being taken care of by high risk doctors. By the grace of God, our Mighty Creator, Little Wilcox at this point has been as content as can be inside me growing & very much enjoying his one on one time with his momma. I will be here at St. Francis until he is born, which we’re praying he stays in until 34 weeks & around that time I will be induced. Once he is born he will more then likely need to be in the NICU here for several weeks.

This has been the both the hardest season for our family & the season where we’ve heard & felt the Lord the most. Because of the corona virus, I can only have one visitor & that of course is my husband. I’m not able to leave my room other then to walk the hall twice a day for 15 minutes. I also have not held or touched our girls since I put them to bed the evening before Memorial Day & at this point it will be 5 weeks until I kiss them. And it’s been that long since I’ve been able to be outside. I’ve never mentally gone through anything like this before. BUT our son is healthy & growing & I/we would do anything for him.

Please pray Little Brother Wilcox stays inside me until the desired 34 weeks. Please pray against infection for him & I-since my water has broke we are at a high risk for that. Pray for Eric & I as we lead our family in this season & for Eric as he’s home with our girls. Please pray for my mental health.

I’m not getting all my emails with having a bit slower internet here at the hospital so if you respond, please don’t worry if you don’t hear back. You can always send me a message on my personal facebook account.

Many of you are like dear friends to me & my family. You’ve celebrated WITH us & I know now you’ll be praying FOR us & that means more to me then you know. I look forward to telling you our son’s entire birth story & sharing an update sometime when he’s HOME with us. I can’t wait to show off pictures of him to you all when we meet up for photo sessions this fall.

We appreciate all your prayers!  

Naomi, Eric, Elizabeth, Ruth & Little Brother Wilcox