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Elizabeth Leah is Two Months!

“Hi again from Elizabeth Leah!”

Two Month Old Elizabeth-1-2

“Boy, being out of mommy’s tummy gets better & better all the time! I like being with my mommy & daddy- especially when they hold me & then I fall asleep! But if they put me down I wake up right away! I’ve also made a lot of new friends including a fluffy giraffe named Gigi that I reach out to touch & laugh at. Mommy said the giraffe isn’t real though so don’t worry. I love listening to music & especially Veggie Tales! Their fun, high voices always make me want to listen intently. One of my highlights this month was going to see Auntie Leah at work at the Gingerbread House & attend an infant music class there. It was fun being there with some of my friends even though I slept right through it 😉 Well I better go! See you next month!”

Two Month Old Elizabeth-16

Two Month Old Elizabeth-31

Two Month Old Elizabeth-23    Two Month Old Elizabeth-25

Two Month Old Elizabeth-18

Two Month Old Elizabeth-30

Elizabeth Leah’s Newborn Session

Choosing a name for our coming child was a huge decision & something we talked about often. The name “Elizabeth Leah” quickly became our first choice for several reasons. Elizabeth is my middle name & it’s always been Eric’s favorite girl name (I like how now his wife AND daughter now share the name :)). Leah is my sister’s name & I had decided several years ago in honor of my sister & I’s close relationship, should Eric & I someday have a girl, she would carry my sister’s name 🙂

If you know my husband & I’s story of when we began our dating relationship, you’ll know that the word “covenant” is very important to us. It’s been a special word not only from right before we started dating, but also on into our engagement & now marriage relationship. The name Elizabeth means “oath or covenant of God”. Since we had chosen to have the gender of our baby be a surprise, it was indeed a wonderful surprise when our Elizabeth was born, she has & will everyday be a reminder to us that the Lord keeps His promises, His covenant to His beloved children.

Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-1-2 copy

In January we had our OWN newborn session with Elizabeth at our OWN home! For almost 3 years I’ve been photographing families in their own home & it was a JOY to have a session with my friend Megan Decker in our own little home. She made us feel so comfortable & it was such a special time. I chose some of my favorites (it was hard to narrow them down!) to share with you all!

Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-6  Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-16

Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-10Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-20  Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-29  Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-32Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-24 copy Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-49 Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-51 Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-52 Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-55 Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-56              Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-64                Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-65