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Rumley | Family Session

The Rumley Family has a very full schedule! Put together the calendar of their 5 lives plus mine as a mom & wife, we had quite the time finding a time to get a session in before the fall beautifulness had gone away! THEN when we got to where I wanted us to do our session, the location was being used- I was so bummed! But then I went a little deeper into the wooded area where we were meeting & found an EVEN BETTER spot! I’m honestly so thankful we weren’t able to photograph in the first spot because I like the second spot SO.MUCH.BETTER. Even with all the difficulties we had with getting together & find a great location, the Rumley Family’s session is one of my all time absolute FAVORITES.EVER.

I say all that to say- even when there’s adversity, you can still find beauty.

The Rumley Family has faced a lot of difficulty, pain & unknown in the past couple of years & when I look at these photos I can’t help but see the beauty & the goodness of the Lord. I love their family & I love these photos. I seriously cannot choose a favorite so just get ready for LOTS of pictures of the Rumley Family 😉

Also let me just say when I look at these pictures I think #familygoals 🙂




Nebgen | Family Session

I love the fall! And I love photographing families!!! And when you put those two together- you’ve got one of my all time favorite combinations!!!! I seriously wish the colors & weather of the fall could last longer because it’s just such a gorgeous time of year to take photo’s.

I was SO excited when Brenda connected with me about doing their families photo session! It had been a long time since they’d had photos together & that made me feel even MORE honored that they chose with me to take some updated ones. And we had a blast in the meantime 🙂 I love all of the photos we got! Take a look for yourself 🙂




Birkey | Family Session on the Farm!

When someone invites you out to their farm to hangout & take pictures, as a photographer you can’t say “YES!” quick enough! That’s what happened when Rachel told me she wanted their family session to be on the farm their family has together & for it to be a fun & laid back session. And that’s exactly what it was! Complete with plaid shirts, apple picking, 4-wheel riding & a gorgeous sunset!

Some of you may know that my other part time job is watching them & their brother two days a week. Elizabeth gets to come with me & these three cuties are the big brothers & sister Elizabeth will never have 😉 The Birkey kiddos are just plain special to our family. I’ve been nannying for the Birkey family several years now & I’m just so thankful for the relationship my little family has with theirs & I’m so grateful for the job in general.

Now here are some of my favorites photos from their session!


I’m still catching up on blogging sessions that I had this past fall & this was a favorite I had. Today I wanted to make sure it got published because the twins just turned 5 (their bday is Valentines Day!). I remember when we were praying for Birkey babies to come along & now they’re 5 years old!

And Winston is the adorable baby brother 🙂

One of my favorite family photos ever!!! Love the joy & realness in this picture! Love you Birkey’s!!!!!!!!