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Choosing a location for Mini Sessions

If you’ve ever wanted a peek into the brain of a photographer & wanted to know how I personally choose where I have my mini sessions at this post will have some interesting content for you 😉

So what do I look for when I’m choosing a spot for a mini session? Here’s a bullet point quick list starting with the most important requirement for me:

  • I need a spot that will have shade at the beginning part of the mini session day as I’m doing short sessions back to back & want them to look as consistent as possible. This is the struggle of having mini sessions. I’m working with about 4 hours usually with the sun being at all different points in there & I have to try my best to make the sessions look as similar as possible. SHADE is what helps me with that!
  • For two of the mini sessions I offer during the year, I need a location that will look very similar on two different days as I have a Day 1 & Day 2. (For example I have two days of fall mini sessions.)
  • I really, really prefer to choose a spot not near a playground. I know that’s kind of an odd requirement & I won’t always be able to do that but as a mom myself, if my kids see a playground as we’re headed to get our family pictures done they are going to WANT to play on that playground instead of do photos! And I don’t want my clients to have that battle at the beginning of our time together.
  • I really like to have a quiet spot to do photos. Again this won’t always be able to happen but I try really hard to make it happen. I’ve even used several friend’s backyards for sessions as I know this GUARANTEES a quiet & private place!
  • Again to help my families with younger kiddos & anyone elderly, I try to find a location that has close parking to where we will do the actual photos. Who wants to hike a mile & get all sweaty before photos? Not me!
  • Close bathrooms. And no half the time I’m not able to check this off my requirement box but every once in awhile I do!
  • Something that’s important to me for fall mini sessions is to find a spot that will help block wind. It gets SO windy in October & having some blockage really, really helps make fall mini sessions go smoother.
  • Bloomington-Normal isn’t a metropolis 😉 & I’ve had to use the same locations again & again for mini’s. But I try really hard to use a different area IF I have to use a repeat location. A compliment I was once paid & I’ve always remembered it is someone told me they hardly recognized local spots I used for sessions even though they’d lived in BloNo for years.

Well there you have it! Those are all things I think about as I location scout & think about where to meet with some amazing couples & families. Was that interesting? Did it give you a headache? Haha! Not gonna lie, I’ve gotten a headache or two worrying & looking for the right spot for many sessions! Is there a spot you think I should check out? I’d love to hear what it is!

The very, very first thing I do though for mini sessions & for other sessions is I pray. I pray & talk to the Lord about who I’m photographing, what their needs are & what I’m hoping for their session & for Him to lead me to the right spot. He always does.

BUT a location doesn’t make photos- YOU DO! And that’s what I’m most excited about is photographing YOU & your loved one/s!

Fall 2023 Mini Sessions!

Price $210 || Package Includes:
– entire family (several poses)
– individual pictures of each child (2 poses) 
– mom/dad/significant together (2-3 poses)
– each parent/guardian with all children (1 pose)
– all children together (1-2 poses)
– 20 minutes
These are great for couples, families, even maternity photos!

Click a date to choose & signup for a Fall Mini Session:


Quick Facts regarding Fall 2023 MINIS

  • Location TBA in Bloomington-Normal. (For the location, I literally drive around BloNo & watch & look for fall colors & watch for changing leaves. I often don’t pin point down my location until the week of or before. If you really, really want more of fall colorful look I’d recommend going with the October date. I can’t control the weather & the colors changing but I will be watching for the right spot for us!)
  • Each session is $210.00 (After 6 members of an immediate family, there is a $15.00 cost per additional person.)
  • You will receive a few images from your session via your email as a preview within a few days of your session.
  • The full gallery & print release will be delivered via an online gallery where you can download them & print them wherever you choose within three weeks. You can also share this gallery with friends & family to download as well at no extra charge.
  • As we get closer to the mini session date, you’ll receive an email from me with the location of our mini sessions & other details.
  • Email me at naomi@naomielizabethphotography.com with any questions you may have!

Back2Homeschool Mini Sessions 2023!

Hi friends! I’ve added just a few things to help organize these mini’s to be the best yet! So it may look like a lot of info but please try to read/skim 😉 it all! Links to signup for the two days are at the bottom!

This is such a special time of year for me with Naomi Elizabeth Photography! First of all I’m celebrating 10 years of my photography business this year! ANDDDDD it’s time for mini sessions for my fellow homeschoolers! I’ve offered these since the beginning of NEP but it’s been extra special as we’ve started homeschooling ourselves (this is our 3rd year!) & now they are extra, extra special for me as I see so many families we do life with & also those who I’ve done since Year 1 & asked ALL the questions!

As usual I am offering two options of Back2School Mini Sessions! Please see below for a detailed description of each session so you can make your selection 🙂

Also I couldn’t help but use these photos of my two precious boys 😉 to show off our location! It’s a location I’ve used before but I’ve fallen in love with a certain spot at it that we’ll use!

If you’re curious about what type of images & poses we’ll do THIS LINK, THIS ONE & THIS will take you back through previous years of my Back2Homeschool Mini Sessions! I am VERY behind on blogging so these are a few years ago 😉

– Student Minis are $50 per student
– If there are 3 or more students it’s automatically considered a Family Mini which is $145
– If you want to choose a mini session slot for your high school senior, it’s $100 for the 20 minute mini session slot (I also offer senior sessions through-out the year if this date doesn’t work for you so please feel free to ask me about! But they aren’t at this homeschool discount price 🙂 )
– After 6 individuals in a session being photographed, there is a $10.00 fee per additional family member.
– 4-6 Images of each student
– With the Family Minis, images of students together & with parents are also included
– For high school seniors, there would be around 20-25 images

We’ll have a blast having your family interact together & capture your family as a whole along with individual pictures of each child in the family!

MAKEUP DAYS I save my Sundays right after the scheduled mini to be our back up rain days. For extra hot days, I won’t be rescheduling them unless there is a heat advisory.
PREVIEWS In the past I’ve sent previews from sessions the same evening the session has happened, with our family being full blown into little kid life previews will be emailed out within 48 hrs after the session.
ONE STUDENT If you have just one student & aren’t planning to do a family session, email me, don’t signup for a spot! I will fit you in on the day you need 🙂
LOCATION Same spot where these photos of my boys were taken! I’ve used the location before but using a different area of it this time around 🙂
LINKS TO SIGNUP!!! August date is HERE & September date is HERE. IF they are booked up before you grab a spot please email me!!! Don’t be shy! I can’t promise anything but I may be able to squeeze in more depending on how life is at the time! Once you reserve a spot you’ll receive an email from me within a few days 🙂

All images will be delivered within 4 weeks of the session via email with a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded to your computer & then printed wherever you choose. Print Release is also included. Full remainder of the session fee is due at session. An online contract & more details about preparing for your session will be emailed ahead of time. No outfit changes are allowed. Feel free to ask me about my Senior Experience Package!

Please email me with any questions- naomi@naomielizabethphotography.com!!!

Mini Sessions for 2023

Hi friends! If you’re a planner like I am, this post may be helpful for you as you decide on what photography session works best for you!

Here are the Mini Sessions I’ll be offering in 2023:

Spring Mini Sessions – April 29
Summer Mini Sessions – June 24
Homeschool Back-to-School Mini Sessions – I’ll be offering two dates Aug/Sept!
Fall Mini Sessions – October

*To the best of my ability I will strive to make these exact dates happen
& will update if life changes things!

The best way to know about when my mini session signups are open to choose a spot is to signup for my enewsletter list! I always send out information to my enewsletter family first! Click HERE to signup!

If you’re wondering what a Mini Session with Naomi Elizabeth Photography looks like HERE’S A BLOG POST that will give you all the details!