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An Open Letter of HOPE to My People

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –“
– Emily Dickinson

A post regarding the Naomi Elizabeth Photography 2020 season was supposed to happen in February. It didn’t because we ended having a huge scare with our Little Wilcox #3 I’m carrying.

Then I was supposed to send out the info two weeks & we all know what’s been happening in our town, state, nation & world.

Both times I paused, for various reasons, in sending it.

But now I feel I should share it.

Before I go any further, I want to say I am not posting this without first praying & thinking through my words. I am NOT trying to sell anything. Not my service as a photographer, nothing. I don’t feel that in this current season we are ALL in, that pushing my services as a photographer is something I should do.

I do believe in with all my heart is that MEMORIES MATTER. That has been my heart since Day 1 of my photography business. They matter & the best way to remember them is to record them.

I also believe in HOPE. I believe in the HOPE of my Savior & Lord Jesus Christ. And I believe in the HOPE of the future.

I am sharing on my blog HERE the dates of my mini session themes & dates for 2020. I am also sharing my 2020 Photography Calendar complete with my maternity leave. Obviously this is ALL subject to change because of where our nation is & my pregnancy. But with ALL my heart, I have HOPE that Mom & Me Minis will happen this year (even if we reschedule them until later this spring). With ALL my heart I have HOPE that your little’s one year session can happen this spring. That your maternity session can happen early spring. I have HOPE.

At this point, I don’t feel it’s the time to officially open up signup for Mom & Me Mini’s. You can see the dates on the blog & plan & prepare to get one. You can always send me an email to say you’re REALLY wanting one.  I hope that the first week of April I will have more direction on if I can still use the location I have reserved & see what our state’s rules on gathering at that time are. (Some parts of our nation have closed city parks even, so we will see how things go here in IL.)

But I have HOPE my friends. And I pray you have too.

Let me HOPE with you. If you’re hoping for a session in 2020, feel free to email me ( I mean, just being honest, it’d be nice to “talk” to someone 😉 And I want to HOPE WITH you. Nobody is making any set plans around here 😉 But we can HOPE together.

There are all the resources out there to help you spend time with your kids during this time. All the lists of movies to watch on Disney+. All the easy recipes to cook now. I’m SO thankful for all of that. So this post isn’t going to be full of those things because I know you can find it elsewhere.

BUT if you are looking for HOPE & aren’t sure where to find it, email me! I can tell you about the HOPE I have.

I am so thankful for all of you. You’re my people, not just clients.

I want to help spread that HOPE & so you’ll probably see some new posts from past sessions on my facebook page & the blog. I’m way behind on blogging & had meant to do that in February & March anyway. So know I’m posting & sharing to spread HOPE & not to just act like nothing has happened or is happening.

I HOPE to see you soon! Keep in touch & be HOPEFUL for updates!

(OK, just one more HOPE word use 😉 )
HOPING with you!

Naomi Wilcox

PS I’ve done a few facebook videos sharing my journey of organizing our family legacy through photos. You can find them HERE & HERE. I’ve also gotten lots of comments thru facebook & Instagram asking about the photo books I’ve made (here’s a glimpse of my girls looking at them). I plan to share about that process soon to because what better time to organize your personal photos then now 😉

PSS The pictures I used in this post specifically remind me of HOPE! 😀

2020 Mini Sessions & 2020 NEP Calendar!

*Please note this blog post was written before the virus hit our nation. You can read my “An Open Letter of HOPE to My People” on my blog HERE. These dates are very tentative as changes are daily occurring. To stay informed join my e-newsletter list. Click HERE to join in.

Here it is friends! The list of Mini Sessions I will be offering in 2020! Keep reading for more info about each individual mini session theme/date! Also, I’m sharing my entire 2020 NEP Calendar (months I’m accepting sessions, when my maternity leave begins/ends etc) since things are a bit different this year with us expecting our third child (read more about that HERE)!


Mom & Me – April 25

Location is confirmed & I’m structuring them different this year so watch your email for info!

Summer Family Mini’s – June 13

Back-to-School Mini’s for Homeschooling Families September 19, 25 & 26

With our baby’s due date being in early August, dates for Back2School Minis are tentative but this is my best guess & I think they’re good guesses! I will send an email after the baby comes to confirm or change the dates to give enough time for families to plan. I LOVE Back2School Mini’s so they WILL be happening!!!

Fall Mini’s –TBA in October & November

I will be scheduling Fall Mini’s this year like I’ve never before so be on the lookout for that!

I consider those on my e-newsletter list to be “my people” & “my people” find out when I release signups for mini sessions first! Plus you get first dibs on signing up for a spot! Click HERE to join in. Please note that all dates are subject to change especially with Little Wilcox #3 coming! (If you’re not quite sure what a mini session is or if it fits your specific needs, I’ve written a blog post that’s HERE that you can read ALL the details about them.)

Mini Sessions are offered on a first come, first serve basis. I only offer these at specific times of the year & they are typically between 20-30 minutes. If you’re wanting individual portraits of your children or multiple wardrobe changes, a full session would be a better option for you! Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Now on to the Naomi Elizabeth Photography 2020 Calendar:

EARLY JULY ~ NOW BOOKING Newborn, Fresh 48 & Milestone Birthday Sessions only
AUGUST ~ Maternity Leave
SEPTEMBER ~ TBA of when I’ll have sessions in September but email me to get on my September waitlist!
DECEMBER ~ NOW BOOKING Newborn & Fresh 48 only
My Birth Photography availability is closed until further notice

A Family Update!

So thankful my sister came with & took this photo for us!

Hello friends! You may have seen already…We are EXPECTING! Little Wilcox #3 is due to arrive August 2020! We are very grateful for the Lord’s timing & His protection on the baby & I.

Overall I am well & baby is well, but we’ve needed to take things verryyy slowly this pregnancy these days. We’d appreciate your prayers as a our little one grows & our family draws closer to it’s due date! But that explains why things have been a little quiet around here after the fall photo season ended for me 🙂

I am booking sessions for 2020! Keep reading for some baby & business related FAQ’s!

Big sisters!


Are we finding out the gender? Nope 🙂 We didn’t with our girls & as long as it’s  not a medical need, we probably won’t ever find out with any pregnancy
How far along are you? I am 16 weeks (in the 2nd Trimester) as of Sunday
Is this your last? We will see what the Lord has, but we hope to have more 🙂
How are you feeling? Tired & very grateful.
Are your girls excited? Elizabeth is ELATED & Ruth doesn’t totally get what’s going on hahah 😉
When do you plan on releasing 2020 Mini Session themes & dates? As soon as I can! I was hoping to this week but I’m needing some time to rest & so it will in the next few weeks now. The best way to stay in the now about Mini Sessions is to watch your email!
Mom & Me Mini’s this year? Planning to! They will occur in April & be the first mini’s I offer this year. I will also have them open to expecting mommas! So perfect for a mini maternity session! I’m working to confirm our location for this year in the next week! They are going to be a bit different this year so get excited!
When will you be on maternity leave? Most of July & August & potentially the first half of September depending on when the baby arrives!
Are you still doing Back-to-School Mini Sessions for Homeschoolers? Yes! They probably will just be in late September this year instead of July/August.
Are you accepting any birth clients? My last birth to photograph is this June & then I will not be accepting births for the rest of the year & a majority of 2021 with having our own newborn.

for celebrating with us! We’d appreciate all your prayers!  

Naomi, Eric, Elizabeth, Ruth & Little Wilcox 

Kathleen | Headshots

This is a very dear friend of mine. She & her family live in Indonesia & they spent this past year spending time in the states again. We were practically neighbors as they lived less then 5 minutes from us for about a year! We did several photo session swaps as she’s one talented photographer herself! She did our newborn pictures when Ruth was born which are just treasures to me. Isn’t it cool how the Lord worked it out for her to be in the states the year our Ruth was born & we’d need newborn photos?

One evening she & I hungout & did pictures of each other together & I wanted to share a few of my favorites of her! Headshot Sessions are perfect for a creative who is launching or even rebranding their work. A church that needs to staff team pictures. A mom that is wanting to have images for her own side business of selling crafts or essential oils! You name it! If you have any questions about if this session is best for what you need, email me at!

Now here are some of my favorites of Kathleen 🙂

Amelia Turns One!

This sweet girl turned one & I was so honored to take her one year pictures as I’ve done her parents proposal pictures & her mom is a very, very, very, very close friend of mine.

Amelia is a January baby & I know that sometimes parents think that good pictures can’t happen indoors (let’s be honest it is a bit tooooo cold to go outside for pictures in January!) BUT I assured them we would get some awesome pictures at their house & we did! For doing indoor pictures, windows & a good solid, clear wall is what you need. 90% of these pictures were taken in a small spot in the master bedroom. I love all these & how Amelia’s personality just shines through!

Noah | Portrait Session

I think my session with Noah was one of the most fun & unique sessions I’ve had with a guy ever! His mom had informed me of the full suit, top hat & bow tie look he planned to wear & with Noah’s mom in tow, we had SUCH a blast creating a classy, almost Paris type feel for his pictures! With the spring flowers in bloom, I literally felt like we were able to transport to France for part of his session 🙂 I’m sharing just a few of my personal favorites from his session today!

Johnny | Portrait Session

I was so honored when Johnny’s mom reached out to me to do a session for him as he is graduating from high school. I feel a close connection with Johnny’s family even though we don’t see each other that much because his family homeschools. If you didn’t know, I was homeschooled, as well as my husband & it’s a dream & prayer of ours to homeschool our own children. So to me it’s very inspiring to be a part of a special session commemorating this incredible season for Johnny & his parents!

Here are some of my favorites from his session! Johnny, I’m excited for your future & I know your parents are very proud of you! Keep your eyes & focus on the Lord!

Head shots – First Assembly of God

Head shots are pictures that are basically what that word reads as 😉 Pictures of people from the shoulders up. Businesses usually want these types of pictures for websites, flyers, etc & I was THRILLED to be asked to do the head shots of the pastors & administrative staff at my church.

Some of you may remember this, but I actually worked as an admin at our church for 3 1/2 years right when Eric & I were getting married. To come “back” as the photographer & photograph everyone was a joy & an honor.

Two Mondays in a row I went & took pictures of everyone back to back. It was fun, fast & I loved what we got! The key to awesome head shots is great lighting & we had that for sure in our new church lobby! I personally also feel it’s very important if at all possible to take head shots in the environment that the individual is representing!

If you’re an owner of a small business, non for profit or even your own one man show business, feel free to reach out to me to get updated head shots!

Elizabeth is Two!

Our Elizabeth turned 2 on December 19, 2017. While I’m still pinching myself that we even HAVE  a little girl, the fact that she is now 2 AND going to be a big sister is crazy wonderful! I’ve blogged over time different milestones of her as she’s grown (just search Elizabeth in my search area on the far right & you’ll see all the posts I’ve done of her) & this one is a fun one!

She gave me a run for my money with these pictures 😉 But in her defense it WAS a bit chilly outside & I know more then anything she was just excited to be with momma & dada 🙂 Even though it was super hard to get her to stand let alone sit still, I love so many of these photos! Thank you Lord for our little girl Elizabeth!

You can just see the mischievousness all over her face!!!!!

She was looking for rooster she kept hearing crow! Oh & her dress & leggings are all from Old Navy!

Running from momma again 😉

Even though this next picture is completely out of focus, I love how it captures her beautiful neck & those curls!!!! Oh & that she’s holding her dada’s hand here just makes my heart melt a second & third time.

Momma & Dada love you Elizabeth!!!