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Bliese | Family Group Session

I really LOVE doing Group Family Sessions! I know some photographers don’t prefer them, but to me the more people the better! I love meeting grandparents, aunts, uncles, seeing siblings interact & often seeing parents be all silly with their adult kids & grandkids. Basically, IT’S THE BEST.

The morning we had the Bliese Group Family Session was CHILLY & WINDY & RAINY but we stuck it out! Even running under a pergola from time to time! But we really did have fun! I think you can tell by the expressions in everyone’s faces! And it was super special for me to work with this family since my husband was in the same homeschool activities as the siblings AND I’ve photographed Heidi & Jordan 4 times now!!!! ALWAYS GOOD to see them! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together!


Elizabeth is Two!

Our Elizabeth turned 2 on December 19, 2017. While I’m still pinching myself that we even HAVE  a little girl, the fact that she is now 2 AND going to be a big sister is crazy wonderful! I’ve blogged over time different milestones of her as she’s grown (just search Elizabeth in my search area on the far right & you’ll see all the posts I’ve done of her) & this one is a fun one!

She gave me a run for my money with these pictures 😉 But in her defense it WAS a bit chilly outside & I know more then anything she was just excited to be with momma & dada 🙂 Even though it was super hard to get her to stand let alone sit still, I love so many of these photos! Thank you Lord for our little girl Elizabeth!

You can just see the mischievousness all over her face!!!!!

She was looking for rooster she kept hearing crow! Oh & her dress & leggings are all from Old Navy!

Running from momma again 😉

Even though this next picture is completely out of focus, I love how it captures her beautiful neck & those curls!!!! Oh & that she’s holding her dada’s hand here just makes my heart melt a second & third time.

Momma & Dada love you Elizabeth!!!

Lorelei Turn’s One!

This sweet girl. I remember finding out the Deal Family was expecting another little one. They already had an adorable little boy who I’d had the please of photographing in the beginning stages of my photography business. Braden is a sweetie & I was hoping a little sister would be given to him.

I know I’m not the only one who was hoping for a sister for him. When Ashley & I talked on the phone before Lorelei’s One Year Session, I smiled when she said, “I LOVE having a girl!” I know that feeling myself so well. It’s just so wonderful to have a little girl. Ashley went on to say “Even having matching mommy & daughter dresses is so fun.”

Lorelei is THE sweetest thing. She thoroughly enjoys the camera & I loved the time together I had with her & her mommy for her session.

Isn’t this dress just PERFECT?!

The details in her dress…..

Now I know what all you momma’s are wondering. Where did they get that ADORABLE sign? Well, Lorelei’s mom MADE that chalkboard sign. No joke! When I saw it, I joked with Ashley & said she’s going to be getting requests from people now that I’m putting this picture in my blog post!

Lorelei is a farm girl. Her family farms & she just looked TOO adorable in this romper & playing in the dirt. She’s a girly-girl but she knows how to play in the dirt!

Ashley brought along Lorelei’s cute little piggy that she used for taking Lorelei’s monthly photos with. I LOVE that idea! What a way to see everything come full circle 🙂

“I hope you love flowers & getting nails done.” Ashley said that about her sweet precious girl when we were talking about Lorelei & how crazy it is that she’s now 1! Sweet Lorelei, I hope that for you too! That you always love flowers, always love playing in the dirt & always stay as sweet as you are precious girl. Happy One Year Lorelei 🙂


Amelia Turns One!

Are you ready for some SUPER sweetness??

This little just turned one & I got to hangout with her & her parents for a bit a few weekends ago at a new FAV location of mine! I’d been just dying to use this special spot I’d spotted 😉 hehe & Amelia’s session was the perfect time to do so!

Amelia was so interested in exploring! It was so fun to see her take a few steps (!!!!) on her own & watch her little personality flourish in front of my camera!

Do they make shoes like these in MY SIZE??? 🙂

My personal fav right here!

Amelia’s mom & I have a fun backstory! We used to work at Cracker Barrel together! And for a season, we attended Heartland Community College & had a time during the day we could study together 😉 Or it was more like more talk & less study 😉 April actually (not even sure if you’ll remember this April!) helped me play an April Fool’s joke on my now husband but who was at the time just a crush of mine 😉

Now April & I are both married & have our own little girls! Cory, April’s husband & Amelia’s attentive daddy, came along for the session & I tell you, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a daddy love on his girl more! BOTH April & Cory were SO sweet & loving towards Amelia. The focus of the session was the birthday girl but I just had to grab a few of this loving trio!

Happy birthday Amelia!!!! Your parents & so many others love you soooo much sweetheart! I’m so glad I got to meet you sweet one & spend time with you!!!!

Elizabeth is 18 Months!

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a personal post of Elizabeth on my blog so I figured her little 18 Month Session we did the other night would be perfect to share & update everyone!

Plus, it’s a way to share that I DO offer 18 Month Sessions!!! I honestly HIGHLY encourage getting them done! There is SOOOO much difference in Elizabeth from her One Year Photo to now! And I know there’s going to be a HUGE difference again at her 2 year mark 🙂

Here’s our girl!

I had a couple locations in mind for her photo session-which literally took like 15 min total! Mostly because that’s about all she could handle 😉 When I do sessions with littles, I like to focus on their personalities & pick areas where the background will not take away from their cuteness. Places that are simple, colorful & quiet are my favorite options! This little field of flowers (& weeds 😉 ) I found was just PERFECT!!! It added pops of color in the background but yet didn’t detract away from her baby girlness. Plus she LOVED the flowers & smelling them 😉


Little kids, Elizabeth included, usually aren’t going to last a full hour long session. I always allow that much time for a session with anyone that has little kids but typically we don’t use it all up. Elizabeth was only willing to be away from momma (aka momma held camera instead of her 😉 ) for only about 15 min & then she was done (as the next picture will show!) & was totally ready to swing at the swings she had seen on our way to the flowers.

This photo is proof that even my daughter gets to a point where she’s DONE with pictures 😉

I love this backshot of Elizabeth! Even though she was totally running away from me & my camera here, it’s a beautiful shot of her full head of curls!!! Another reminder that even when we feel at a session that we’re not getting a good photo, magic & memories CAN happen!


LOVE this one of her & her eyes! Again, it’s not a picture of her SMILING BUT it IS a picture that totally shows her personality & cuteness!

I encourage my clients to bring props or items that their littles love to help them feel comfortable & have fun! Elizabeth LOVES this hat we have & I knew we HAD to bring it! Plus, it just barely fits on her head so not too sure how much longer she’ll be able to actually wear it 😉


The dress I had Elizabeth wear was one I bought from a friend off facebook. When choosing clothing for your little to wear for their session, keep in mind the weather. I knew it was going to be quite hot for her pictures, so a sleeveless dress was a must. And to be quite honest, going out & buying a new outfit was just not in the budget. So I dug thru the closet for a dress I loved on her & was classy & knew wouldn’t detract from the cutie she is. It’s simple & I knew the flower details on the dress would be fun for the session since it was by lots of flowers 🙂 Plus, I knew it was comfortable, soft & I wouldn’t mind if it got dirty somehow. Little things like that when thinking about what your child should wear can make all the difference in the world!

This is my last & favorite picture we got of Elizabeth! She has a favorite song she loves to sing where you wave your hands & at this point, I was desperate to get her to smile just ONE MORE TIME! So I started singing her song & got this gorgeous grin! What does your little like do to? Sing? Do animal noises? All those things help make a session FUN & interactive for your little.

I hope this post helped you when you take your own quick pics of your kids AND it’ll help you as we plan YOUR CHILD’S photo session with me!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!


Family Mini’s 2017 Recap!

Here’s a few of my personal favorites from this past June’s Family Mini’s I had! I LOVE all these pictures & families!!! And if you’re wondering how you can get in on some Family Mini awesome-ness next time I have them, signup for my enewsletter & you’ll get all the info, a free gift for signing up & no junk mail- I promise! Signup HERE!





Nebgen | Family Session

I love the fall! And I love photographing families!!! And when you put those two together- you’ve got one of my all time favorite combinations!!!! I seriously wish the colors & weather of the fall could last longer because it’s just such a gorgeous time of year to take photo’s.

I was SO excited when Brenda connected with me about doing their families photo session! It had been a long time since they’d had photos together & that made me feel even MORE honored that they chose with me to take some updated ones. And we had a blast in the meantime 🙂 I love all of the photos we got! Take a look for yourself 🙂




Shea | Senior Session

There is one HUGE downside to senior high sessions for me- saying goodbye to the senior at the end of their session. Each time I work with a senior, I sit down with them weeks, sometimes months before their session to brainstorm & create an experience that truly captures THEM. (To read more about how I work with seniors click HERE.) I get to hear their heart, their past & their dreams for the future. And the same was with Miss Shea. Shea & I met actually the summer I was pregnant with Elizabeth when I did a mini session with her family. Her mom mentioned something about me someday doing her senior pictures & I secretly hoped that it would work out! And it did!

Fast forward to this fall to when we sat down at Barnes & Noble & talked over her session & pieced together alllllll the things that would help show SHEA in through her senior pictures. Shea has a HUGE heart for Haiti. She’s been there numerous times, in fact when we met up at B&N she was going to be leaving in just a few days to go back! Shea wants to be a nurse & plans to help others including continuing to help the people of Haiti.

I love this girl’s heart. She’s non-fussy & just really cares about the important things in life- family, loving people & her relationship with the Lord. We actually stayed in one neighborhood for her session but I got to use some new “spots” in it for Shea & I’m just thrilled with how everything turned out!!!

Shea is beautiful inside & out! I wish you could hear her laugh through this post but you’ll just have to take my word for it- it’s simply delightful as she is! (And shout-out to her mom, Heather, who was just as fun to be with as Shea! I totally think they have a Rory/Lorelai Gilmore type relationship 😉 )


shea-13      shea-11

Shea enjoys playing the keyboard & I just LOVE how we were able to incorporate her keyboard!!




Ready for GORGEOUSNESS??!!!!



And of course we had to incorporate her love for softball!!! (Which Shea can tell you I know nothing about! haha! We had some good laughs about that! 😉 )

shea-3     shea-1


One of my favorite pictures of Shea!!!!!!! Such JOY! I LOVE HER & her HEART for people!!!!


Shea wanted to use some of the things that she has from Haiti in her pictures & to that I said- Oh yes!!! All her jewelry is from Haiti. And her Toms are hand painted with a design from Haiti!!!!!!



Like I said in the beginning of this post, the one thing I just don’t like about senior sessions is having to say “goodbye”. Yes, I live in the same area as most of my seniors but they’re usually busy & ready to hit the college world. With Shea, I hope our paths cross often in the future. In fact, we actually saw each other at Walmart this past week! haha!

Shea, I’m so proud of you. I know I really barely know you, but I know that you have a great foundation to make a difference in your world. I know the Lord is going to use you- just keep your eyes focused on Him. Don’t turn to the left or the right, but just listen to His voice & leading. He will bring you through such an amazing adventure. Hugs & love to you girl! <3




Fishel | Maternity Session

Elyse is the kind of person you enjoy being around. She asks you questions about your life, listens & remembers little things about you. Elyse & I met at Cracker Barrel as fellow servers about 8 years ago. We hungout with some of the same friends & through the years have stayed in contact, whether it was just through facebook or seeing each other at a mutual friend’s wedding or having a coffee date. And every encounter I have with Chuck, I’m always reminded what a nice guy he is & how MUCH he loves Elyse. He’s so easy to talk too & during their session I saw again how PERFECT they are together.

Over the past few years, Chuck & Elyse have been trying to start a family. Numerous prayers have been whispered as they have had to overcome many hurdles. The story of how they came to be expecting a little one is full of miracles…miracles that only the Lord could have orchestrated & woven together. There have been plenty of tears of joy & pain through this journey & I know they are so thankful for those who have been with them through this & prayed with them.

I still remember the tears in my eyes when I saw their pregnancy announcement. And then again my heart was full of awe while Chuck & Elyse shared their story again with me as we had their session. Their story is a powerful reminder of how God is in control.


They’ve nicknamed their coming girl “Baby Fish” & she is so loved already. I recently attended Elyse’s Baby Shower & the room was just full of excitement. Elyse was radiant & overflowing with joy just as she is in these pictures.




Elyse is one of the most talented cooks & bakers I know. Seriously. She did the food for one of our friend’s wedding & it was delicious. I’m always inspired by her posts on social media of all the yummy food she makes! And she recently has started working at Sugar Momma Bakery in Uptown Normal & we decide to start their session there!


Pink cupcake for baby girl!!!



I just LOVED Elyse’s outfits!!!!! So stunning & such a PRETTY momma!!! And I know Chuck thought so too 😉


Favorite of the GORGEOUS MOMMA!!!



Quiet moments as they live out the last of the season of just the two of them….



Complete JOY on their faces!!!!!



Oh Chuck & Elyse, I remember being at your beautiful wedding…I remember watching Elyse walk towards her groom & seeing both of your beaming faces. Now there’s another season of joy coming & that season has been wrapped & gifted to you in the form of a Baby Girl from our Lord & King. She will be here oh, so soon & oh the joys of this new journey you will encounter. Your story that is now wrapped up with the story of her life is one of miracles, the power of prayer & the beauty of joy. I can’t wait to meet her. And I know you can’t either 😉


Leah | Portrait Session

I recently took a few pictures of my sister at a fun, new location & I love what we got! My sister is just a willing, beautiful model 😉

My sister is my best friend. I love her so much & am so thankful for her friendship & how we’re able to share so much in life together. We also named our daughter after her, so yeah, she’s kind of a big deal 🙂

Also sidenote, whoever wins my sister’s heart is gonna be one blessed guy.





leah-1-2       leah-4-2