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“Family, like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”

I posted the above quote with the first preview of the Dawson Family that I posted on facebook last week. I truly believe this quote fits their family so well. As Rachel, Becca, Andrew & Amber have grown up as siblings under the Godly & strong examples of their parents, they now are raising their own families spread across 3 different states & not to mention several time zones 😉

Each of the Dawson “kids” have their own little families now. I know from personal experience & observance that they are raising their families to follow & serve the Lord. Just as their mom & dad would want.

Being a part of this group family session was almost like being with my own family. Over the past 7 years, my sister & I have grown close to Rachel & Amber & then of course it helped when Amber married my husband’s childhood friend 😉 We’ve been to a wedding, family birthday parties & outings with members of the Dawson clan. My own cousins & other relatives live hundreds of miles away so to be included in special moments like these are TRULY special to me.

The Dawson clan gathered together from all 3 states to celebrate the Fourth of July together & spend lots of time together. Amber & I had been discussing their session for months on hand before & we had the perfect weather for it! A special thanks goes out to my husband who joined me & assisted!

Silly faces from everyone! www.nomi-photography.com-1

Grammy & her grandkids! And yes, you counted right- 13 kids! Starting at 8 years old & then all the way down to 8 months!www.nomi-photography.com-1-8

All such beautiful ladies! www.nomi-photography.com-1-6


Just the boy cousins! (Casie, Andrew’s wife made all the bow-ties! Aren’t they adorable?!) www.nomi-photography.com-1-3

And the girls!!! They’re a little outnumbered don’t you think? 😉 But they make up for it in adorableness 😀

  www.nomi-photography.com-1-4 www.nomi-photography.com-2-2

All the siblings & their spouses!www.nomi-photography.com-1-7


Thanks for inviting Eric & I to come hangout with you all Rachel, Becca, Andrew, Amber & everyone else! We’re free next year 😉 😉

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    1. Naomi Wilcox Post author

      Thank you so much Judy! Eric actually came with me to this session & was a HUGE help! And the parents were also a lot of help!


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