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I know, I know. This is only my first pregnancy & I’m only 28 weeks. To some of you mommies who have had several pregnancies, I can see the eyebrows lifting as you read this 😉 I’m not trying to say I have it all down because I don’t!!! But I really DO have 3 favorite pregnancy “tools”. I seriously do. They’re very simple but they’ve made a huge difference in my daily life since we found out we were expecting Little Wilcox. And if what I share today helps one mommy out, then I’m glad I decided to go ahead & write this post. Plus, I really think these will be my favorite things to use for all my future pregnancies!

First off, my First Favorite “Tool” is my water bottle. I have this Camelbak Water Bottle from Amazon. I have the exact one in the below picture. I love that it’s dishwasher safe, BPA Free, & a 0.75 liter so it holds a pretty good amount of water! I take this thing EVERYWHERE! Church, when I nanny, at sessions- EVER.Y.WHERE. The size is great that it fits in my purse (I have a tall purse 😉 ) &  in my camera bag.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.33.54 PM copyPhoto from Amazon.com.

I had gotten a glass Camelbak & was really enjoying that, UNTIL it got broken while I was nannying one day. When that happened, I was like, No more glass for me until our kids are older! I’m so glad no one was hurt when it was dropped.

Water is like the answer for everything when you’re pregnant. Have swelling? Drink more water. Feeling dehydrated? Drink more water. Need more energy? Water. So yes, I totally recommend in investing in a nice water bottle that is durable, sturdy & that you like!

My Second Favorite “Tool” is my Snoogle. Yep, you read that right. A Snoogle! The one thing that gets difficult for basically every mom in their pregnancy is sleeping. It’s harder to get comfortable as your baby bump grows larger. This pillow is AMAZING & has helped me some really decent night sleeps.

I had bought a cheap body pillow at Target first & that immediately went back. I don’t even think I used it one night once I laid down with it once getting it home! It was too large for me & too poofy. I do have friends that have used those, so I guess they work for some people! My friend Holly had gotten a Snoogle for her first pregnancy & I remember seeing it in her room when she was expecting. After the body pillow fail, I text & asked her about her funky looking pillow thing I’d seen at her house & she sent me this link! It was exactly the one I had been eyeing on Amazon & into the Amazon cart it went!

What I like about the Mini Snoogle is that it was half the price of the fullsize Snoogle that you can buy or that you’ll see at Babies R Us. The one I got was the mini & it’s worked REALLY well for me. Another friend of mine purchased the full size & has loved it. So my recommendation is buy one from Amazon & if it doesn’t fit your body, return it & get the other one! Sleep is important while you’re growing your little one!

As you can see I was SUPER EXCITED to get my Snoogle! 😉


My Final & FAVORITE OF ALL THREE Tools is my Pregnancy Prayer Journal from Val Marie Paper. Guys, water & sleeping well at night is really important. BUT hands-down this is my favorite item I’ve used through my pregnancy. Life doesn’t stop when you see that positive pregnancy test. In fact, for Eric & I, life has begun to fill up & get even faster it seems! Decisions to make, a nursery to get ready, a pediatrician to choose…the list goes on. It can very easily become overwhelming & plain crazy. But that’s why I LOVE my Pregnancy Prayer Journal SO much. It brings me back to the Main Thing.

The Main Thing friends is that Little Wilcox is raised in a home that gazes at the Lord more then life. Eric & I want our family to be raised with the knowledge & love of Jesus Christ surrounding our little ones. This Pregnancy Prayer Journal has sections to write answered prayer requests, keep track of how I’m feeling, prayers for our Little Wilcox & even a section to record prayers & needs of daddy!

One of my favorite parts of the journal is a section to record names of couples that I know are trying to conceive. Whenever I look through my Journal, I see those names & pray for them & that the Lord would grant their heart’s desire. I’ve already been able to cross off a few names off the list because they’re expecting now too!!!!!! 😀

I purchased this Journal before we were even expecting. I was buying one for a friend & felt led to buy one for myself as a step of faith that Eric & I would very soon be expecting ourselves. I kept the journal all wrapped up on a shelf & didn’t open it until seeing our positive pregnancy test. It was special moment as I sat in our study on the floor days after our pregnancy test & carefully opened the mailing envelope & brushed my hands across the cover & looked at the blank pages inside. What things would I write in there? What prayers, what anxious thoughts, what fears, what dreams would be recorded? I can say now 28 weeks & counting into this pregnancy, that I SO love this journal. I look at it almost daily & it reminds me that Little Wilcox is a gift from the Lord & that I need to remember the Main Thing.


Expecting momma’s, if you were to purchase any one of these three things, it needs to be this Pregnancy Prayer Journal.

Well there you have it friends! What are/were your favorite things to use while being pregnant? I’d LOVE to hear them! Comment below away! Sheesh, I still have several weeks to go!!! I may be using some of them soon 😉


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