Heidi | Mom & Me Mini Session

Every time I get my dear friend Heidi & her family behind my camera is a joy! We had to literally run in & out of the rain for these pictures but I’m being totally honest when I say that these are my favorite Mom & Me pictures to date!

Heidi Mom and Me-2

I love the joy in their faces!!!

Heidi Mom and Me-6

He loves his mommy dearly 🙂

Heidi Mom and Me-10

Heidi Mom and Me-13

Kisses & tickles all around!

Heidi Mom and Me-11

My fav!

Heidi Mom and Me-15

Motherhood is hard. Yet so rewarding & a journey like none other. When I look at my friend Heidi, I see how her heart just yearns to love, inspire & lead her littles. Each week I see her do just that. When I look at the below photo I think of the verse in Proverbs that says “Her children arise & called her blessed.”

Heidi, my friend, you’re an amazing mom. Because the Lord enables you to be. I love you!

Heidi Mom and Me-14

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