Fishel | Maternity Session

Elyse is the kind of person you enjoy being around. She asks you questions about your life, listens & remembers little things about you. Elyse & I met at Cracker Barrel as fellow servers about 8 years ago. We hungout with some of the same friends & through the years have stayed in contact, whether it was just through facebook or seeing each other at a mutual friend’s wedding or having a coffee date. And every encounter I have with Chuck, I’m always reminded what a nice guy he is & how MUCH he loves Elyse. He’s so easy to talk too & during their session I saw again how PERFECT they are together.

Over the past few years, Chuck & Elyse have been trying to start a family. Numerous prayers have been whispered as they have had to overcome many hurdles. The story of how they came to be expecting a little one is full of miracles…miracles that only the Lord could have orchestrated & woven together. There have been plenty of tears of joy & pain through this journey & I know they are so thankful for those who have been with them through this & prayed with them.

I still remember the tears in my eyes when I saw their pregnancy announcement. And then again my heart was full of awe while Chuck & Elyse shared their story again with me as we had their session. Their story is a powerful reminder of how God is in control.


They’ve nicknamed their coming girl “Baby Fish” & she is so loved already. I recently attended Elyse’s Baby Shower & the room was just full of excitement. Elyse was radiant & overflowing with joy just as she is in these pictures.




Elyse is one of the most talented cooks & bakers I know. Seriously. She did the food for one of our friend’s wedding & it was delicious. I’m always inspired by her posts on social media of all the yummy food she makes! And she recently has started working at Sugar Momma Bakery in Uptown Normal & we decide to start their session there!


Pink cupcake for baby girl!!!



I just LOVED Elyse’s outfits!!!!! So stunning & such a PRETTY momma!!! And I know Chuck thought so too 😉


Favorite of the GORGEOUS MOMMA!!!



Quiet moments as they live out the last of the season of just the two of them….



Complete JOY on their faces!!!!!



Oh Chuck & Elyse, I remember being at your beautiful wedding…I remember watching Elyse walk towards her groom & seeing both of your beaming faces. Now there’s another season of joy coming & that season has been wrapped & gifted to you in the form of a Baby Girl from our Lord & King. She will be here oh, so soon & oh the joys of this new journey you will encounter. Your story that is now wrapped up with the story of her life is one of miracles, the power of prayer & the beauty of joy. I can’t wait to meet her. And I know you can’t either 😉


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