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There is one HUGE downside to senior high sessions for me- saying goodbye to the senior at the end of their session. Each time I work with a senior, I sit down with them weeks, sometimes months before their session to brainstorm & create an experience that truly captures THEM. (To read more about how I work with seniors click HERE.) I get to hear their heart, their past & their dreams for the future. And the same was with Miss Shea. Shea & I met actually the summer I was pregnant with Elizabeth when I did a mini session with her family. Her mom mentioned something about me someday doing her senior pictures & I secretly hoped that it would work out! And it did!

Fast forward to this fall to when we sat down at Barnes & Noble & talked over her session & pieced together alllllll the things that would help show SHEA in through her senior pictures. Shea has a HUGE heart for Haiti. She’s been there numerous times, in fact when we met up at B&N she was going to be leaving in just a few days to go back! Shea wants to be a nurse & plans to help others including continuing to help the people of Haiti.

I love this girl’s heart. She’s non-fussy & just really cares about the important things in life- family, loving people & her relationship with the Lord. We actually stayed in one neighborhood for her session but I got to use some new “spots” in it for Shea & I’m just thrilled with how everything turned out!!!

Shea is beautiful inside & out! I wish you could hear her laugh through this post but you’ll just have to take my word for it- it’s simply delightful as she is! (And shout-out to her mom, Heather, who was just as fun to be with as Shea! I totally think they have a Rory/Lorelai Gilmore type relationship 😉 )


shea-13      shea-11

Shea enjoys playing the keyboard & I just LOVE how we were able to incorporate her keyboard!!




Ready for GORGEOUSNESS??!!!!



And of course we had to incorporate her love for softball!!! (Which Shea can tell you I know nothing about! haha! We had some good laughs about that! 😉 )

shea-3     shea-1


One of my favorite pictures of Shea!!!!!!! Such JOY! I LOVE HER & her HEART for people!!!!


Shea wanted to use some of the things that she has from Haiti in her pictures & to that I said- Oh yes!!! All her jewelry is from Haiti. And her Toms are hand painted with a design from Haiti!!!!!!



Like I said in the beginning of this post, the one thing I just don’t like about senior sessions is having to say “goodbye”. Yes, I live in the same area as most of my seniors but they’re usually busy & ready to hit the college world. With Shea, I hope our paths cross often in the future. In fact, we actually saw each other at Walmart this past week! haha!

Shea, I’m so proud of you. I know I really barely know you, but I know that you have a great foundation to make a difference in your world. I know the Lord is going to use you- just keep your eyes focused on Him. Don’t turn to the left or the right, but just listen to His voice & leading. He will bring you through such an amazing adventure. Hugs & love to you girl! <3




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