McBee | Family Session

If you ask pretty much any mom, of any age, what would they REALLY REALLY want as a gift? You’ll find out that most of the time their answer is “A picture with my whole family.” I can’t tell you how many of my sessions are gifts that children get their parents so that their mom can have an updated picture of the whole family & pictures of all the kids, grandkids, etc.

I seriously LOVE these sessions. Why? Because everyone is there for mom. And dad. Everyone is there to show them they love them & are wanting to make them happy by giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. I get to meet so many family members, hear so many family inside jokes & just all around, I have a great time.

And hanging out with the McBee Fam was as fun & crazy as you’d expect 😉 Any session that has 13 people + a dog in it is going to be loud & hectic 😉 But my favorite part of the entire time together was watching Tammy McBee. She was simply GLOWING with joy as ALL her kids, their spouses & grandkids were all around her & Kevin.

These are the pictures she will be showing off to family & friends.
These are the pictures she will reflect back on in times of sorrow & joy.
These are the pictures that will last a lifetime.

The whole fam!

All the grandkids!

Also, these next three pictures of Tammy & Kevin- MY. FAVORITE. EVER.

Grab your tissues folks.

And this gal right here, she’s my best friend. I literally cannot write anymore then I’m going to because I would start crying, but she’s my best friend & I love her.

And that guy with her? Yeah, he’s pretty cool 🙂

And of course I had to end with the crazy goofy pic last just because 😉

Love you McBee Fam!!!!



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