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Pray for the Cure

It was a night like I’d never experienced before. A night of remembrance. A night of solemn hearts. A night of tears. And yet it was a night of joy that comes from the peace that passes all understanding.

I had the honor of photographing Pray for the Cure. Pray for the Cure is a special prayer and music service dedicated to breast cancer survivors, their families, friends, and healthcare providers. As their facebook page states: “Pray for the Cure is sanctioned by Susan G. Komen for the Cure. While it is not a Race for the Cure event, it is meant to precede the Race as a spiritual and emotional care program. Pray for the Cure was first held in Peoria in 2004. The event began in Bloomington-Normal in 2011.” When I arrived at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Bloomington I could feel the celebration & quietness that filled the church as people from all seasons of life gathered together.

Pray for the Cure -1

Pray for the Cure -3   Pray for the Cure -2

It was a night that focused on HEALING, HOPE, LOVE and COURAGE.

The evening was covered by several different forms of media. THIS interview by WEEK HOI-19ABC was one of my favorites.

Pray for the Cure -4

Pray for the Cure -7    Pray for the Cure -8

Handmade prayer squares were made & donated for those attending the event by St. John’s Shawl Ministry.

Pray for the Cure -5

Jill Savage, breast cancer survivor & founder of Hearts at Home, was the featured guest speaker. As a survivor herself, she was able to share first-hand of how “”It Is Not Well With My Circumstances, But It Is Well With My Soul”. An inspiring message for each individual in the auditorium.

Pray for the Cure | takenby

I loved how Jill was able to laugh & share her heart so openly. She was in a room of individuals who had been down the same journey. It was a room that understood & clung to every word she said.

Pray for the Cure -11   Pray for the Cure -12

Pray for the Cure -13

Candles were later lit by those attending to remember someone they knew who had battled cancer.

Pray for the Cure -15   Pray for the Cure -17

Music played softly & tears fell as candles were lit.

Pray for the Cure -16

Pray for the Cure -19    Pray for the Cure -18

Pray for the Cure -20

The Bloomington Area Concert Choir for Homeschoolers led by Mr. Lusk performed a beautiful encouraging song.

Pray for the Cure | takenby

One of my personal favorite parts of the night, was when they had individuals stand who had survived cancer. The room was almost electrifying as woman after woman stood to show how many years it had been since their diagnosis. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

Pray for the Cure -22

Women of Vision shared a song of community entitled “I Need You to Survive”. The lyrics spoke of community & encouragement & how we need each other through trials. All over the room I saw people holding the hands of who they sat next to as they drank in the words.

Pray for the Cure | takenby   Pray for the Cure | takenby

Pray for the Cure | takenby

The evening ended with a word of encouragement & prayer by Rev. Cheree’ Johnson. My father worked alongside Rev. Cheree’ as a chaplain when he was doing his residency program at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center. It was then that I met Rev. Cheree’. Oh how I love her passion & heart SO very much. Rev. Cheree’ serves on the committee that organizes Pray for the Cure. She was how I was connected to the event & I am so grateful.

Pray for the Cure -24  Pray for the Cure -25

Another favorite part of the evening was seeing women hug each others necks & engage in conversation after Pray for the Cure was over.

Pray for the Cure -26

Pray for the Cure -27

Just like the song the Women of Vision sang said we need each other to survive.

What a night to remember.

For more information about Pray for the Cure, visit their facebook page HERE for more details, history, interviews & a complete list of speakers & groups who contributed to the event.

Wilcox | Family Session

I will turn 30 later this year (& proud of it!) & one of the things I like to look back on in life is to see the answers to different prayers I’ve had. I started praying for my future husband at a young age. They weren’t necessarily long prayers with tons of details. Sometimes it was just “Where IS HE God?” 😉 That was when I was older 😉 But I prayed for him quite often. For his heart, that he would make wise choices & listen to the Lord.

And I’d also pray for his family. And when it came to praying for his family, I for some reason most specifically prayed for his brother.

I just knew my future husband would have a brother. At least one brother. I did imagine him to be the older brother, like older then who I would marry & therefore older then me & could be my “big brother”. But I at least knew in my heart I’d someday get another brother. I also found myself thinking about who my future brother-in-law would marry, who would end up being my sister-in-law & then realized I should probably pray for her too.

And see this is where it gets hard to write a blog post about your own family. Because you start crying. Your eyes well up with tears & you realize that God more then blew away your expectations for who your future in-law family would be. You realize that those prayers for your future big brother were answered in the form of tall, funny & caring Evan Wilcox. And the thoughts & prayers of who would marry that big brother were answered in the form of who was first a friend & then became family, the beautiful Jessica.

My God cares about the little things we desire & long for. He also writes the most incredible stories, if you allow Him too. I know that He just longs to write the most beautiful stories for you my friend & give you things you only thought were just little whispered prayers said at the young age of 14.

The Lord not only wrote the love story that Eric & I have, but He also wrote the love story that Evan & Jessica have. They’ve been married 3 years this past May & then July 27, 2015, that story grew another branch & their family tree became 3. Leora Pearl was born. Their first child. Eric & I’s first niece. She’s a precious gem.

Eric & I traveled to Georgia the beginning of this month & spent a few days with the ‘new’ Wilcox Family & got to meet Leora. One of the evenings we went to a park that they walk at often & had a little mini family photo session.

Wilcox |

Jessica, God chose you to be Leora’s mother. No one else could be who she needs or know her like you can. I can’t wait to watch you blossom even more into the wonderful mother that you are daily becoming.

Wilcox |

They look good as a threesome don’t they? 🙂

Wilcox |

Wilcox |

Wilcox |

I love to take the parents away from their kids during photo sessions. To snap even just a few photo’s of them together as a couple. Having children & being parents is a wonderful gift. But sometimes you need those visual reminders to remember that first, it was just the two of you. And that marriage relationship needs to be cultivated even with the pitter patter of little feet around the house. This time of our mini photo session was probably my favorite time of the entire evening. And yes, I was brushing away tears taking photo’s of my ‘big brother’ & sista.

Wilcox |        Wilcox |

This is my favorite one of Evan & Jessica 🙂 Totally them!

Wilcox |

Evan, you are the big brother I never had. I’m thankful for you & I’m really excited to watch you be a father to Leora & all the other babies that may come in the future 🙂 I see your love for the Lord & your desire for Him to be the main part of your household. I’m proud of you.

Jessica, you too were an answer to prayer. I think often of how blessed I am to have YOU as my sister-in-law. I do see you as my friend & I love our term we use for each other- “sista”. It is proof that you are more then just a sister-in-law. Your work ethic & your desire to raise your children with what you feel is best, not what society thinks is best, inspires me. I’m still ‘mad’ at your husband for taking you to Georgia 😉 but I’m thankful we’ve been able to stay connected. I’m so thankful you’re in my life. I love you!

Wilcox |

And Leora Pearl, you are only a few months old…but your personality & little body grows each day. I pray that you will always shine for Jesus. Never forget you’ve got some amazing parents 😉 And you’ve got an Aunt & Uncle in Illinois that love you very much.

Wilcox |



Deterding | Maternity Session

Deterding |

One of the points of a blog post is to be brief but yet share enough that your audience understands your heart & your point. Well, if I could, this post would be more like a full chapter in a book! I wish I could share each & every image from Emily & Dustin’s maternity session & I’m not joking. When you put together beautiful weather at golden hour, a lovely location & a couple that is just SOOO excited about their growing family- it all adds up to something pretty spectacular.

Emily & Dustin are expecting twin GIRLS sometime in October. When we had our phone date to start the process of working together, Emily & I talked for over an hour. It was so fun to connect with a client who’s also expecting but I was so intrigued by how life is different for them as they are expecting not one, but two babies!!!

Deterding |

I am very much looking forward to these precious princess’s arrival! I’ll be visiting them in their home & having a newborn session with the 4 of them! So be on the lookout for that!!!

I seriously wish I could give Dustin the “Dad of the Year” award from Nomi Photography 😉 He was all easy going & fun to be with for their session & we all just had a wonderful time!

Deterding |

One of my favorites of Emily!!! She’s SO beautiful!!! And now as a momma she’s GLOWING!!! I can’t wait to see her with her two littles!!!

Deterding |

Deterding |

Deterding |

Deterding |      Deterding |

Fav right here!!!

Deterding |


Deterding |

I love focusing on the wife AND husband in a maternity session. This is a new season they are entering & I believe pictures like these are wonderful reminders that before there were children, there was THEM.

I love how this picture has a road in the background. I truly think it signifies this new journey Dustin & Emily are on together. What adventures they have had & are going to have!!!!!!!!

Deterding |

Johnsons | Maternity Session

johnsons |

I remember the first Sunday I met the Johnson family. It was at our church & Rachel was playing with Tessa outside in the foyer. I was supposed to be taking pictures of something but got distracted when I saw little Tessa & Rachel & went & introduced myself. Ended up finding out they had just moved to the area from Fargo, North Dakota! My mom grew up in the Fargo-Moorhead area & you really don’t meet too many people from there. It was fun to talk to someone who knew that part of the country & compare notes. The Johnson’s began coming to our small group & it’s been fun having them around & being in our community.

I was also super excited when I found out Rachel was expecting!!! We are actually just about 7 weeks a part in our pregnancies & I’m excited to watch the Johnson Family welcome a baby boy sometime in November!!!

I love how her hair, outfit & flowers just GO together <3

johnsons |

johnsons |

It’s super fun for me personally to watch the eldest child in a family as they transition from being the only child to the oldest. I’ve watched this happen with a few of our friends & their families that go from 3 to 4. I love watching the dynamics change. Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest in my family with 3 younger siblings 😉 Little Tessa is such a sweetie & I know she’s going to be make a fantastic big sister! She’s already excited about Baby Brother!

johnsons |

johnsons |     johnsons |

Sweet, pretty Tessa. I already miss her cuteness!

johnsons |

Being silly & trying to put flowers in daddy’s mouth.

johnsons |

I love these next set of images!

johnsons |

johnsons |

johnsons |

He kind of likes her 😉

johnsons |

Sadly, Jeremiah, Rachel, Tessa & Baby Boy Johnson moved just a few weeks ago from Illinois to Pennsylvania. It’s sad because they’re no longer here & we don’t see them at church or small group BUT it has been a good move for them since they are closer to Rachel’s family & Jeremiah accepted an even better job position. I was really looking forward to our babies playing together but obviously the Lord’s plan is better then my wishes 😉

I’m SO glad we got to know them in the year that they were here & I really enjoyed our evening session we had together before they left. Thank goodness for facebook & being able to keep in touch! I look forward to watching from afar as this family of 3 becomes a family of 4!!! Keep in touch Johnson’s & I’m always up to be flown to Pennsylvania for a family session someday 😉 We miss you guys!!!

johnsons |

Adkins | life&love Family Session

Couple weeks ago I got an email from Sonyta. She explained to me that their oldest son was going to be in town for the weekend & would it be possible to make a family session happen? Her friend Leah Bond (thanks Leah!) referred me to them & the cool thing was, we already knew each other from a couple years ago!

We quickly decided on a date, time & to have the session at the Adkins home. We did spend most of our time outdoors, but I immediately fell in love with their house. Lots of room & it just felt like HOME. Know what I mean?

The Adkins are BIG on music. From singing, choir, producing music, having their own home studio, playing numerous instruments, I LOVE that Sonyta & Marchan incorporate music in their lives & have passed on this love to their children.

Speaking of their children…each of the kids had such fun personalities! Lundon was in the youth group I helped with back in the day & it was fun seeing him as a grown young man!

Here’s the Adkins!

adkins |

adkins |

adkins |

adkins |  adkins |  Adkins |

Didn’t I tell you these kids have personalities??? 😉 Love it!

Adkins |

I loved these moments between momma & her eldest 🙂

adkins |   adkins |

And here’s the two love birds themselves!

adkins |

adkins |

And if you know the Adkins, you know they’re Dallas Cowboys fans! LOVED their idea of wanting to incorporate their love for the Cowboys in their session!

adkins |

Thanks for a fun evening Adkins!!!


Fall Family Mini’s!

Hofer | Fall Mini Session-5

I’m EXCITED about my LAST mini sessions of the year!!! Fall Family Mini’s will be October 9 & 10!

Now before I go any further- please note these sessions go FAST. Like crazy fast. If you want one, please email me asap. I will be scheduling them on a first come, first serve basis. So whoever emails me first gets the first slot!

If you noticed, I AM having my Fall Mini’s spread out into two different days, Friday afternoon & early evening & then on Saturday as well. I will be even farther into my pregnancy then & I need to space myself a little 😉 But I also want to allow for as many of my clients as possible to take advantage of these, thus the two day window 🙂

Here’s the details!

  • Family’s with up to 6 members ($10.00 per additional family member after 6 members) is $75.00
  • ***NEW for 2015*** For EVERY family you refer to me (so someone I have not worked with before), & they book a Fall Family Mini, you will receive $5.00 off your session. I will honor that up to 5 families- so you could save $25.00 of your session!!! When scheduling their session they need to mention that you referred them to me 🙂 *Their session cannot be canceled & must happen for you to receive the credit 😉
  • Location is Ewing Park III (where I had them last year & also known as Jersey Hill).  I’ve reserved 20 minutes per family/session to have a fun interactive short session. I will be scheduling sessions back to back with short breaks in between.
  • You will receive a total of 15-20 images.
  • All images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the session (plenty of time to order Christmas Cards!) via a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded & printed where you choose.
  • Print Release is included.
  • This session does not allow for outfit changes.
  • If for some reason it rains either day, I will work out with each client a time to reschedule on Sunday, October 11.

So what are you waiting for?!!! Email me at to reserve your session slot! We’ll work together to choose the right time slot that fits your family. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis via email!

I LOVE fall & I LOVE families! Therefore, Fall Family Mini’s is a favorite time of mine!!! 😉 I look forward to spending time with YOUR family!

Gonzalez | Fall Mini Session-2

  Gonzalez | Fall Mini Session-32  Hofer | Fall Mini Session-14

What to Expect Now that I’m Expecting!

If you haven’t heard, Eric & I our expecting our Little Wilcox around December 31! (You can read our announcement HERE.)

I’ve had many of you ask me different questions about the plans of Nomi Photography with a little one coming & if I plan to have a maternity leave. So here’s the answer to those questions & a few more!

When we started Nomi Photography in 2014, even then, Eric & I had our future family in mind. For us, it is important for me to stay home & being a photographer that works during evenings & weekends allows for that to happen. I am able to help our family out a little financially & am able to have a creative outlet that makes a difference. I LOVE meeting people & working with reoccurring clients & being able to share seasons of their lives with them. I’m excited for a new phase of life as a photographer AND a mommy 🙂

what to expect now that I'm expectingThis Fall:

  • SENIOR SESSIONS – Class of 2016, if you’re wanting to book a senior session with me, we’ll need to get that on the books! I’ll only be accepting senior sessions for this fall. (You can wait to have your senior session in April when I’m back from maternity leave but I don’t recommend that 😉 )
  • FALL FAMILY MINI’S I want to accommodate as many of my clients as possible for Fall Family Mini’s & I also don’t want to wear myself out 😉 This year, Fall Family Mini’s will be spread across two days: a Friday (afternoon/evening) & Saturday. Details on those coming Wednesday, September 2. (Those who are on my e-newsletter list find out first & have the opportunity to signup before others! See the right side of this page to signup if you’re not on my list already!)

My Maternity Leave:

  • NOVEMBER Saturday, November 28 will be the last possible day to schedule a session with me in 2015. I will probably be still editing sessions from that month, but since I will be around 35 weeks pregnant, I will not be scheduling any actual sessions for after that day in 2015. My maternity leave will officially begin when the last session has been delivered 🙂
  • NEWBORN SESSIONS – If you are having a baby in February or March of 2016 & want me to do your newborn session, please contact me. We’ll see if we can make that happen 🙂 I’d advise contacting me sooner rather then later since I will not be checking my email that much 😉
  • APRIL I plan to officially be back & scheduling sessions in April 2016. I may even take some sessions in March depending on what I feel I can handle at that point with a newborn & possibly returning to my part-time nanny position.
  • MOM & ME MINI’S – No matter when I’m back in full photographer mode, my Mom & Me Mini’s in 2016 will for sure be happening!!! I will be getting info & details on those out in plenty of time for reservations. (I may possibly have my Sibling Mini Sessions in the spring of 2016. I’ll probably put out info & see what the response is.)
  • DELIVERY OF MINI SESSION IMAGES – I’ve already begun this transition, but my mini sessions will now be delivered by a online gallery where images can be downloaded to your own personal computer instead of a CD of USB Drive. This will make my life as a new mom easier 😉

If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to email me ( & we’ll chat! Little Wilcox is coming at a good time of year & 2016 is going to be a good full year of photography sessions which I’m very excited for!!!

I’ve already seen how becoming a mother has changed what I feel is important in photography & capturing those special moments. Not going to lie, I’ve teared up & all out cried at a few recent sessions since becoming pregnant 😉 And I’ve found myself wanting to hold & snuggle the babies I’ve had sessions with 😉 Being a mom is going to make me an even better photographer! I’m so thankful for the Lord’s blessing in Eric & I’s lives & can’t wait to be a mom-tog (mommy photographer) 😉

And here’s a 22 week bump picture for those of you who are into that sort of thing 😉

Our Little Wilcox ~ 22 Weeks Pregnant! 22 Weeks