We’re Expecting!!!

You may have already seen, heard or I already told you but……………

Eric & I are EXPECTING our first child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been sharing with family & friends our news since Father’s Day & just posted on social media this past Tuesday on our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Below is the photo & caption we shared as our announcement!

Little Wilcox Announcement!!!!

(Left photo was taken by our incredible wedding photographer Kina Wicks of Chicago. Right photo wouldn’t have happened without my wonderful sister Leah 🙂 )

“The Lord’s perfect timing has been a reoccurring theme in our relationship & marriage. We have been looking forward to today for two reasons: We are celebrating our Third Wedding Anniversary AND sharing for those who don’t already know, that WE ARE EXPECTING!!!!!

Our Little Wilcox is due to arrive around December 31!!! We are so thankful that our prayers have been answered & that the Lord has given us our heart’s desire <3 The New Year can’t come soon enough!”

If I had a session with you in late April or thereafter, I was pregnant! Some of you didn’t know it, but I was chewing on saltine crackers in between shots & gulping peach soda water down to keep some nausea I dealt with away! Thankfully it never hindered a session! And if I ever sent you an email that didn’t quite make sense or have the exact wording, hahah, yes I’m blaming it on “pregnancy brain”! 😉

I will answer one quick question that I’m sure some of you are wondering & will save the rest for another blog post I have in the works…Nomi Photography IS not going anywhere- it is here to stay! Eric & I launched Nomi Photography over a year ago now, with the intent of it being a part of our future along with a family. When you have a session with me, you are helping support our little family & I can’t ever thank you enough for that. I will have a maternity leave & will share details about that in a future blog post.

Thank you everyone for celebrating with us!!! Little Wilcox is truly an answer to prayer & we are absolutely THRILLED to be entering this new season of life <3


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