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What to Expect Now that I’m Expecting!

If you haven’t heard, Eric & I our expecting our Little Wilcox around December 31! (You can read our announcement HERE.)

I’ve had many of you ask me different questions about the plans of Nomi Photography with a little one coming & if I plan to have a maternity leave. So here’s the answer to those questions & a few more!

When we started Nomi Photography in 2014, even then, Eric & I had our future family in mind. For us, it is important for me to stay home & being a photographer that works during evenings & weekends allows for that to happen. I am able to help our family out a little financially & am able to have a creative outlet that makes a difference. I LOVE meeting people & working with reoccurring clients & being able to share seasons of their lives with them. I’m excited for a new phase of life as a photographer AND a mommy 🙂

what to expect now that I'm expectingThis Fall:

  • SENIOR SESSIONS – Class of 2016, if you’re wanting to book a senior session with me, we’ll need to get that on the books! I’ll only be accepting senior sessions for this fall. (You can wait to have your senior session in April when I’m back from maternity leave but I don’t recommend that 😉 )
  • FALL FAMILY MINI’S I want to accommodate as many of my clients as possible for Fall Family Mini’s & I also don’t want to wear myself out 😉 This year, Fall Family Mini’s will be spread across two days: a Friday (afternoon/evening) & Saturday. Details on those coming Wednesday, September 2. (Those who are on my e-newsletter list find out first & have the opportunity to signup before others! See the right side of this page to signup if you’re not on my list already!)

My Maternity Leave:

  • NOVEMBER Saturday, November 28 will be the last possible day to schedule a session with me in 2015. I will probably be still editing sessions from that month, but since I will be around 35 weeks pregnant, I will not be scheduling any actual sessions for after that day in 2015. My maternity leave will officially begin when the last session has been delivered 🙂
  • NEWBORN SESSIONS – If you are having a baby in February or March of 2016 & want me to do your newborn session, please contact me. We’ll see if we can make that happen 🙂 I’d advise contacting me sooner rather then later since I will not be checking my email that much 😉
  • APRIL I plan to officially be back & scheduling sessions in April 2016. I may even take some sessions in March depending on what I feel I can handle at that point with a newborn & possibly returning to my part-time nanny position.
  • MOM & ME MINI’S – No matter when I’m back in full photographer mode, my Mom & Me Mini’s in 2016 will for sure be happening!!! I will be getting info & details on those out in plenty of time for reservations. (I may possibly have my Sibling Mini Sessions in the spring of 2016. I’ll probably put out info & see what the response is.)
  • DELIVERY OF MINI SESSION IMAGES – I’ve already begun this transition, but my mini sessions will now be delivered by a online gallery where images can be downloaded to your own personal computer instead of a CD of USB Drive. This will make my life as a new mom easier 😉

If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to email me (naomi@nomi-photography.com) & we’ll chat! Little Wilcox is coming at a good time of year & 2016 is going to be a good full year of photography sessions which I’m very excited for!!!

I’ve already seen how becoming a mother has changed what I feel is important in photography & capturing those special moments. Not going to lie, I’ve teared up & all out cried at a few recent sessions since becoming pregnant 😉 And I’ve found myself wanting to hold & snuggle the babies I’ve had sessions with 😉 Being a mom is going to make me an even better photographer! I’m so thankful for the Lord’s blessing in Eric & I’s lives & can’t wait to be a mom-tog (mommy photographer) 😉

And here’s a 22 week bump picture for those of you who are into that sort of thing 😉

Our Little Wilcox ~ 22 Weeks Pregnant! 22 Weeks