LaBerge | Double Maternity Session Part I

Rachel & Amber, two very special friends of mine who happen to be sisters, talked to me a while back about having a double maternity session together. It was a session I looked forward to for moonntthhhss! Amber, her husband & son came as well as Rachel, her husband & her son & daughter who are twins. Since this session was so special, it’s going to have three parts! And the first part is dedicated to the LaBerge Family!

I know I’ve said this before, but capturing special friends is a high honor. My husband grew up with Amber’s husband & Amber has become a close friend to me. it’s very special to me to watch their family grow. I look forward to the future when someday our own children will grow up with theirs!

This is one of my favorites their session!

LaBerge | Double Maternity Session-70

Emery is going to be an awesome big brother!

LaBerge | Double Maternity Session-15           LaBerge | Double Maternity Session-48

LaBerge | Double Maternity Session-49

LaBerge | Double Maternity Session-62

LaBerge | Double Maternity Session-129   LaBerge | Double Maternity Session-117

My friend Amber is a BEAUTIFUL momma! Harrison is going to be one blessed little boy!

LaBerge | Double Maternity Session-138

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