Megan | High School Senior Graduate

I was super excited about Megan’s Senior Session! We’d met up with her mom a week before to discuss all the details of her session including where her session would take place. Megan wanted pictures in a downtown setting & then somewhere with a lot tree’s & natural surroundings. During her consultation, Megan’s mom got the idea to have the second half of Megan’s session at her grandparents property on the edge of Towanda. The evening of her session the weather was a little chilly & I was super curious & excited as we drew nearer to Megan’s grandparent’s home. It was even MORE beautiful there then I ever could have imagined!

What I desire for each & everyone one of my senior high graduate sessions is to make the session THEM. Megan’s was definitely that! Her grandparents property was simple a perfect setting & Megan’s personality & beauty is enough to make any session go perfectly! I literally squealed with excitement during the session because of all the fun we had!

Megan, you are truly beautiful. Even though we were only together a few hours, I can tell that you have a caring heart. And you don’t want to be like everyone else. You want to stand out. Please Megan, DO! The world needs you! Use your voice to say things that need to be said & use your heart to know when to say them. Keep loving those around you & don’t be afraid to be who the Lord has called you to be.

Megan was killin it just within a couple minutes of her session. PS I told Megan this, but I was VERY excited to photograph her for many reasons, but one was because she’s a redhead. My mom is a redhead! I loved how her red hair stands out with the red background & brick!

Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-2      Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-1

She requested a picture in front of the watermelon 😉 My kind of girl! And we made it happen.

Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-8

Her big smile is coming out! Love it!!! And don’t you just LOVE Megan’s boots? The girl has style!

Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-80      Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-1

Another fun one with sissy!

Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-2

Stunningly serious.

Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-50

Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-77

Megan | High School Senior Graduate Session-89



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