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I’ve never done a #ThrowbackThursday blog entry before but today seemed perfectly fitting to do so 🙂

You see it’s been one year since I had my first “real” photography session. One year! It was one year ago that I was sitting in a parking lot in a beautiful park in Columbia, Missouri, nervously waiting for a very special couple (Tom & Miss Trask) to come meet me so I could photograph them. I was SOOO sticken nervous. No, seriously, you have NO idea how really nervous I was. I woke up really early & couldn’t go back to sleep & it rained that morning & I was literally yelling at the sky as I drove to the park & asking the Lord (OK maybe telling Him) that the rain would stop. I got to our meeting spot early & ended up having one of the most powerful heart to heart conversations with the Lord I’ve ever had.

See this wasn’t just any maternity session I was doing. Tom & Missi are VERY special people to me. For those of you who don’t know, I lived in Columbia, MO, for one year. It was actually where I moved from before coming to Bloomington-Normal. When I was in Columbia, I became involved with a campus ministry at MIZZOU called Chi Alpha (MXA). Tom & Missi were the pastors of this incredible ministry & for a year I was able to sit under their leadership & grow & learn from them. That one year was a significant year for me spiritually. After that year in Columbia, my family moved but I still stayed connected to my friends in Columbia. I was ECSTATIC when I found out that Tom & Missi were expecting their first child! They had been praying for a long time & I was SOOO excited to see them!

Sooooo back to me sitting in the parking lot (still very nervous).

I was nervous about the pictures being good enough. I was nervous about being able to give good direction, master my camera, work with the lighting, make them feel comfortable…the list went on & on. I had gotten to the park early & I finally just stopped my thoughts & prayed. And spoke to the Lord about all my concerns & fears. I’ll never forget how I INSTANTLY felt peace. And confirmation that I was doing what He had called me to do. And just as I felt that peace, the last drops feel from the sky & the most beautiful morning glow from the sun came out. And I am NOT making this up. You can see for yourself in just a sec when you look at the pictures.

So today’s post is a #ThrowbackThursday for three reasons. One, to remind myself that I am doing what the Lord has called me to do in this season of life & to celebrate that 1 year. And two, to remember my special time with Tom & Missi. Their maternity session was my first session EVER & I still have a special, favorite spot in my heart for maternity sessions. There is just something so incredible about them.

Several of my most FAVORITE EVER images are here in this post. And since I didn’t have a blog back then, I can use a #ThrowbackThursday excuse to blog them now right? 😉 And any excuse to blog a maternity session works for me 🙂 (I had my older Canon Rebel camera & 50mm lens for this session. It just shows you that it’s not the equipment that makes amazing pictures. It’s the connection between the client & the photographer.)

And thirdly, this post is a #ThrowbackThursday in celebrating Taylor Emma. She was born just over two months after this session. And I was able to hold & meet her at a wedding this past summer. You’ll see a picture of us at the end of this post. Taylor is a beautiful little girl that is loved by so many. And I still say & know in my heart that she is going to be a world changer just like her parents.


02                09



12    03


I’ve always thought Missi was one of the most beautiful women I know.


One of my favorite images OF ALL TIME. The JOY & EXCITEMENT & THANKFULNESS in their hearts & faces is SO evident here. Tom & Missi, I love you too! I’m thankful for your leadership in the past & your friendship now. You’re AMAZING parents.


And here is little Taylor Emma from this past June when I got to meet her! And Taylor JUST happens to be wearing the little shoes we used in the maternity session in this picture of her & I. When I looked down & realized what shoes she had on, I about cried 🙂 Isn’t she a doll?


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