Photo Christmas Card Options!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is receiving Christmas Cards & especially PHOTO Christmas Cards! To be honest, I have a harder time taking down the Photo Christmas Cards at the end of the holiday season then any of our other decorations. We put our cards up around a door frame that we walk through to get to the kitchen or living room & I just LOVE looking at the faces of the people that the Lord has intertwined ours lives with. Each year, there are more new faces from new friends we’ve made in that past year & I just LOVE thinking back on how we’ve met & the adventures & memories that were made with those people in the past year.

Photo Christmas Card Options

I know it can be overwhelming deciding what company to order your Christmas Cards through so I put together a small list of some sources for you to check into. I’ve checked into all of these sources. Some of them are suggestions from those who commented on a status I posted on my facebook page a few weeks back & others are some new sources I’ve discovered in the past few weeks.


JMC Photo & Digital Service

If you are local (in the Bloomington-Normal area) & looking for quality Christmas Photo Cards & wonderful customer service, I would HIGHLY recommend JMC Photo & Digital Service. Their prices are comparable to Shutterfly & Minted. Plus, you don’t have to pay shipping if you order from them since you can just go & pick them up!


If you don’t care as much about the quality as you just want an easy, cheaper option (maybe you have a ton of people on your list!) Walmart actually has great prices & some super cute designs. A good friend of mine orders there fairly often.


Simply to Impress

My FAVORITE online option was Simply to Impress. Another good friend told me about this wonderful source. They’ve got AWESOME & unique designs & they currently have until today (November 20) a 20% off your order with the promo code NOV2014.


Probably my second favorite online option was Minted. They have some pretty foil pressed cards if that’s a fav style of yours 🙂 I hadn’t seen that anywhere else.

I seriously almost ordered from Simply to Impress. They had some beautiful options & I liked their prices. Some other online options you could check into are Shutterfly, & Mpix. I was impressed with Shutterfly’s coupons & they send those promo codes out through email like they’re candy.


The past two years, I have actually designed & ordered our own. My two years in a graphic design program pays off every once in awhile 😉 Now I know not everyone can do this, but if you can, it’s a more budget friendly idea! Last year, we used NextDayFlyers & ordered postcards. Cheaper postage-hey, hey, hey!!!! I ordered some new address mailing labels (I’ll be using those again this year since we have so many leftover still!) & sent those babies out.

This year, I took the wise advice of a friend & ordered postcards through VistaPrint. Even though I upgraded to a thicker paper, ordering 100 postcards was under $35.00! (These were one sided because I will write on the back of a few. Also cheaper that way to have them one sided.) I’ll probably pick up some red envelopes from Hobby Lobby to use to give out the cards that I’ll probably hand out to friends at church, but other then that, I’ll be slapping that postcard postage & sending them out after Thanksgiving!

Have another suggestion? Leave a comment & I’ll save it for next year!


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