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Does encouraging words mean a lot to you? They do to me. Alisha Harding probably doesn’t even remember this, but just about two years ago, she said something to me I’ll never forget. I was photographing a conference for pastors, their spouses & missionaries that my church was hosting. Alisha was there & I took a quick photo of her & a friend she was talking too. The three of us briefly chatted & Alisha said to me, “I just love your photo’s.” I thanked her & shared a bit of my heart regarding starting a photography business. After listening to my words, she looked at me & said, “I have no doubt you are going to be a great photographer & that your business will go well.” I’ve never forgotten that moment. It was a time where my dream was just a dream in my husband & I’s heart. It was still developing & growing & Alisha’s words was like water on the seed in my heart.

If you ever get the chance to encourage someone, do it. You’ll never know how deep & how much that individual may need your exact words.

Alisha, your words meant the world to me. It was an honor to almost 2 years later capture your family <3

Harding | Family Session-53

Harding | Family Session-55

Harding | Family Session-46

Harding | Family Session-55

Harding | Family Session-14


One thought on “Harding | Family Session

  1. Alisha

    I do remember that day and still enjoy the pic that you took of Jenessa and I. She has become a special friend. I had no idea though that our conversation that day impacted you so much. God is so good! Thanks for encouraging me in return with your thoughts.
    It is exciting to see your giftings flourish. I can see how you are a blessing to those you get to photograph! Praying your business/ministry continues to grow and that you have the opportunity to bring smiles to so many more families!


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