Mini Sessions in 2015

On this snowy day, I’m excited to finally publicly announce the Mini Sessions I will be having in 2015. I’ve been thinking about these for a long time now (probably the last 6 months!) & am EXCITED to share them!!! (Those who are subscribed to my e-newsletter found out Monday. If you’re not signed up for my e-newsletter click on the navy box on the right of this page.)

If you’re not sure what a Mini Session is, here’s a brief description- it’s a shorter photography session (usually 20-30 minutes), a smaller amount of images then a full session, & all for a lower cost then a full photography session at a set location. They’re on a set day & I schedule sessions with different families & individuals back to back with small 10 minute windows between each Mini Session.

One of the key words of Nomi Photography is relational. I TRULY believe in capturing those special relationships in our lives and in an authentic way. Keeping relationships in mind, that is how my Mini Session themes came about for 2015. I’ve kept a few from 2014 & have created some very special ones that I’m seriously just JOYFUL in my heart about. See for yourself!

2015 Mini Session List

Do you spy the new for 2015 Mini Sessions in that list? I’m not lying when I say my heart is seriously PUMPED for the Siblings Mini & the Grandparents Mini! The Siblings Mini will be open to ALL ages of siblings! Not just children! And the Mini Session that will be just for grandparents & their grandkids- HOW SPECIAL is that going to be?!

Each Mini Session is set in the chosen month for a particular reason.

SIBLINGS: (New for 2015) Did you know April 10 is National Sibling Day? 😉 Now you do! I also thought it’s a perfect time to have your children take pictures (if you wanted to) in their Easter outfits! My siblings always took a group picture on Easter Sunday 🙂 And this isn’t just for the young ones! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get all your adult siblings together for some updated pictures?!

MOM & ME: Last year, the Mom & Me Mini’s were so very special & wonderful. I’m excited to have those again just in time for Mother’s Day!

BEST FRIEND: When was the last time you had pictures taken with your best friend? Well, National Best Friend Day is June 8 & we are going to “celebrate” it by having Mini’s just for you & your BFF! Or ALL your BFF’s!

BACK TO SCHOOL | For Homeschoolers Only: Last year I met so many wonderful homeschooler families with these Mini’s! My husband & I were both homeschooled & I loved being able to use this opportunity to meet so many other local homeschoolers. And yes, this is a firm for homeschoolers ONLY Mini’s :)These will be in the end of July or very beginning of August.

SISTER SISTER: Probably one of my favorite Mini’s is the Sister Sister Mini Session. National Sister Day is August 2 & this Mini Session will be scheduled just around that time.

GRANDPARENTS: (New for 2015) Probably the Mini Session I am MOST EXCITED about for 2015 is the new one just for grandparents & their grandchildren. This would be a wonderful Grandparents Day gift or even have the session in September & save the images & print them all for Christmas gifts!

FALL FAMILY: I will be having Fall Family Mini Sessions this year. They will be in October since the leaves are usually in FULL color then.

Now the reason I have to wait on the exact dates is because of weather & choosing a location that is just perfect. Since I do my Mini Sessions outdoors, it’s important to find a location that is pretty too! 🙂 I promise to leave plenty of time to let you know ahead of time. I’ll be releasing the Siblings Mini Session date early March.

I try very hard to make my Mini Sessions as unique, special & fun as possible. Be on the lookout for the official release date of each Mini Session (e-newsletter subscribers are given the opportunity to book first!). I hope you & your loved ones will join me for a Mini Session (or two!) this year <3 Can’t wait 🙂

PS Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Brittany Gulso who won the Giftcard Giveaway 🙂

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