Poppins | Family Session

“The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your children smiling. The next best thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile.” – momscorner.com

Let’s just say that a few Saturdays ago, there was LOTS of smiling going on from Little Miss 6-Month Old Amelia 🙂 See for yourself!

Poppins Family | www.nomi-photography.com-7

Poppins Family | www.nomi-photography.com-11

See what I mean? This dolly was just full of smiles!

I loved being able to capture some special moments of little Miss Amelia & her mommy. This is probably my favorite image of the two of them <3

Poppins Family | www.nomi-photography.com-42

And there’s no doubt this little one not only loves her mommy, but her daddy as well!

Those legs <3

Poppins Family | www.nomi-photography.com-36     Poppins Family | www.nomi-photography.com-38

Miss Amelia started to get a little tired…

Poppins Family | www.nomi-photography.com-18

Sleep tight!

Poppins Family | www.nomi-photography.com-58

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