Steve & Judy | 50th Wedding Anniversary Session

Unforgettable, That’s what you are,
Unforgettable, Tho’ near or far.

He was a radio announcer in Kansas City & played all the hits of that time. She was a beautiful 19 year old who loved to listen to the voices of Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole & many others.

Like a song of love that clings to me, How the thought of you does things to me.
Never before has someone been more…Unforgettable…

She would call & request a song & he’d play it. She called to request another & they began to talk on the phone between songs. Their conversations became longer & the requests for songs became more frequent.

Unforgettable, In every way,
And forever more that’s how you’ll stay.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-25

“And then I asked her over the phone, to go out for coke & ice cream. Because that’s what you did back then.” Steve told me this the afternoon of their 50th Wedding Anniversary session I was privileged to capture. I drank it all in. Their story, their love & their legacy. This special couple that has not only touched my life, but played a huge role in my husband’s family & many, many others in Bloomington-Normal.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-22

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-15

Fifty years of marriage has given them four God-fearing (& rather hilarious) sons, three amazing daughter-in-laws & nine grandchildren. The legacy continues.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-5

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-8

And they are STILL in love with each other.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-32     Steve & Judy | Couples Session-33

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-34

You can see why Steve fell in love with Judy 🙂 Such a beauty! (Judy is a Mary Kaye consultant. We just had to take a moment to snap a few pictures for her website!)

                     Steve & Judy | Couples Session-41             Steve & Judy | Couples Session-45

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-46

Steve & Judy, thank you a THOUSAND times for allowing me the honor of spending a special Saturday afternoon with you both. Sharing stories & the Starbucks afterwards was just wonderful. And I know that you would want everyone to know this next thing- Jesus, Jesus is the reason why 50 years has been wonderful. It’s because He lives, that life is worth the living.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-50

That’s why, darling, it’s incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am
Unforgettable, too.

Steve & Judy | Couples Session-54

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Steve & Judy!

PS If you were wondering, Unforgettable by Nat King Cole is their song 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Steve & Judy | 50th Wedding Anniversary Session

  1. Judy LaBerge

    Thank you Naomi for capturing these special moments and recording how we met. Very special!

    You did a great job.


  2. Roger Kraus

    Happy Anniversary Steve and Judy
    Such a wonderful Godly couple
    Nomi did a good job, she even made Steve look good!
    Love you both!


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