Norris | Family Session

The Norris family is just plain fun! Lucas is just weeks away really from graduating from high school & Bailey is on her way to completing college not too long from now. Fun, new things on the way!

We met up a couple weeks ago to have a family session & I enjoyed exploring the area where they live. (Special thank you to their neighbors who let us come on their property!)

Norris |

What’s cool to me, is that even though this family is busy & has some big events on the horizon, they MADE TIME for a photo session. A session that will forever capture this time, this season they are in. I could not have been more honored to be there & capture them.

Love these two pictures!

Norris |         Norris |

Norris |

I told these two to pretend they were annoyed with each other 😉 I think they did pretty well haha Course Bailey started to crack up though since Lucas is a little TOO good at it 😉   Norris |   Norris |

Don’t let them fool you! They like each other 😉

Norris |

If you come back to the blog tomorrow, you’ll see the senior pictures we did with Lucas!

Norris |

Norris |    Norris |

She’s such a pretty girl 🙂 Inside & out! Bailey gives a lot of her time to help others & recently got back from a missions trip to Taiwan!

Norris |

Thank you Norris Family for asking me to come hangout with you!!!!! I can’t believe we’ve known each other for so many years now! I’m excited for the Lord has for the Bailey & Lucas in the future & I know they’re thankful they have such strong supporting parents!

Norris |



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