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I’ve known the Ulseth Family for about 7 years now & it was a very special time that I got to spend with them just a couple weeks ago. I arrived at their house & immediately felt AT HOME. We played outside, hungout, played games, talked & I got to hear many fun stories about their life. Debbie & I had talked about me capturing on camera different activities their family enjoys doing together & we did just that!

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I always enjoy getting to know my clients through the process of preparing & having their session. I LOVED getting to know Debbie even better as we had several phone dates & exchanged emails. I was looking forward to their session because I knew I’d have the chance to be around Debbie. She’s a beautiful, strong woman who loves the Lord so much. And all that pours into how she loves her husband & teachers her children. She’s just amazing.

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One of their favorite family games is Moose Farkel!

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If you know the Ulseth Family, you know how important music & singing & ministering to people is important to them. My VERY favorite part of our session together was getting to watch & listen as they sang together around the piano. The love & strength this family has just filled the house as did their tight harmonies & beautiful music.

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Mark & Debbie & kids, I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys! I felt like was I was spending time with family! I enjoyed every story & every laugh we shared together. Your family’s heart to be a blessing & reach out to people touched my heart & made me look at my own heart & actions. It’s amazing & wonderful to see how the Lord uses your family. May He continue to bless & pour favor on you all! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

PS Be on the lookout for a special interview soon coming with Elizabeth Ulseth!!!

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