Ryan | Senior Session

It is the season of senior sessions & especially boys! Just in the past 4 weeks, I’ve had FIVE senior sessions for guys. Ryan,’s session was just a few weeks ago & we had perfect spring weather for it. I had enjoyed meeting with he & his mom to go over details about the session & was looking forward to capturing Ryan in this season of his life.

Ryan is just a super nice guy. He’s graduating from Normal West & has a love for soccer. He & his family have lived alllllll over- including Hawaii). I enjoyed comparing notes on various places since I’ve moved a lot as well. During Ryan’s session we talked about soccer, movies, his upcoming prom & his job at a local nursing home. Friends, meet Ryan!

Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-5

Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-4

Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-18

Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-33    Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-12

Such a handsome guy!

Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-7

We HAD to incorporate a little soccer in his session 😉

Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-41          Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-42

Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-45

Ryan | www.nomi-photography.com-38

Ryan, I enjoyed hanging out with you! I’m SUPER excited for you as you take this new path in life & being a new season in Iowa City. All the best to you!!!


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