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Teresa & I have been friends, goodness, 6 years now? I think so! We’ve had a lot of fun memories shared together including getting married just 6 days a part from each other!

Teresa & Mark will be welcoming their first child (a daughter!!!) in just a few weeks. I’ve seen the special room they are preparing for her & this little princess is going to be loved & spoiled! In a good way! 🙂 I’m VERY much looking forward to meeting their daughter & photographing her within the first few days on her life. Be looking for those images in the coming weeks!

One of the things I’m slowing changing about my maternity sessions is to incorporate the husband more. A baby doesn’t just get here because of the momma 😉 When a couple welcome their first child, they are also saying goodbye to the season of it being just the two of them. Teresa had the idea of having their session at State Farm Park since it’s a location the couple goes to often & I thought it was a perfectly fitting way to portray this special couple & the new season of life they are entering. And let me just say, Mark is a wonderful & strong man. He is just what Teresa needs in a man & he’s going to be the best father for their family. I can’t wait to see them become a family of THREE!!!



Had to have a PINK ball in the picture! Since they are having a girl!!! 🙂




One of my favorites of Teresa!





Teresa, you are a BEAUTIFUL woman & a GORGEOUS momma. You are the perfect mommy for your little girl. I pray that she has strength & love for the Lord that you do. And that just like I’ve seen you do, she will crawl into the Lord’s arms when times are hard & laugh when the joy in life is just bubbling over! I love you my friend!




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  1. Donna nowell

    What lovely pictures! And the sweet commentaries brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your precious work Naomi!


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