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Sometimes, you meet someone & become friends basically instantly. Then you & your sister start hanging out with your new friend & her brother. You talk about old TV shows that no one else knows about & being homeschooled. As years go by, you continue to meet members of your new friends family & even your parents hit it off & have double dates. Then your new friend gets engaged & asks you to be her Maid of Honor. You say YES! even though she’s going to be moving away once she gets married 😉 (Yes, Aaron I AM putting that into my blog #becauseIcan #stillbitter #cantstopme). Through the wedding preparations, you meet more & more of your friend’s family. Through time after the wedding & move, you still stay in contact & continue to meet her family at different things. Her parents still go on double dates with yours & here & there you run into her family members at Walmart.

Friends like that, friends that open up not only their love & friendship to you, but their lives & family as well are hard to come by. If you ever have the privilege of having a friend such as this, such a Joy Phillips, don’t take it, that relationship, for granted. Keep that friend. Cultivate the friendship. Even if her new husband DOES take her away to Kansas City *cough-cough Aaron Phillips*. The times, texts & facebook messages you DO share, through the years will build into memories that are priceless. (And it IS pretty crazy that your own husbands back in the day grew up together & have their OWN stories 😉 Isn’t God cool in how He does stuff like that?)

And yes, this session isn’t just about Joy 😉 But it was through her that I met her wonderful family. And just a few weekends ago, we all met at local park for a Group Family Session. Do you remember (if you live in Bloomington-Normal) that Saturday, following the Fourth of July & it POURED. Like basically all day? Yeah, that was the day their session was scheduled 😉 But you know what? The clouds broke & the sun came through just in time. We sometimes took a break under the shelter at the park, but it happened!!!!!!! I DO think our “No Rain Anymore Dance” in the park helped…just kidding 😉

And I couldn’t have been more honored to have captured this family. Gay & Bill, Beverly, Bob & Arlene, the Tharpe Clan, Jeremy & Johnna, Nicole & her kids….They were all fun & I’m grateful they put up with me & the rain. And the “No More Rain Dance”. Again kidding!

Everyone, here’s my personal favorite images from my time with the Bishop Family!

Bishop | Blog post-1-2    Bishop | Blog post-13

Sisters!Bishop | Blog post-9

Bishop | Blog post-8

Bishop | Blog post-6

Bishop | Blog post-5

Bishop | Blog post-15

Look at these handsome guys!Bishop | Blog post-1

Bishop | Blog post-2-2

These two precious sisters! I can’t even….!Bishop | Blog post-3

Bishop | Blog post-14

Bishop | Blog post-1-3

Bishop | Blog post-11

And I’m totally breaking every rule by posting this next pic, but come on, I HAD to! Too many amazing expressions in this photo 😉Bishop | Blog post-16


Oh Bishop family, THANK YOU for having me come hangout!!! I’m totally up for another time! We’ll just leave the rain 😉

And thanks Joys for being my friend!

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  1. Joy Phillips

    Nomi! You’re going to make me cry! Thank you for these beautiful words, and beautiful photos. It’s an honor and privilege being your friend and I am SO thankful for you! xoxo


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