Elizabeth Leah is Three wait, Four Months!

Hello from Elizabeth Leah! I am 3 MONTHS today! I’m getting bigger & bigger which means growing out of several clothing sizes & fitting into three month outfits. There are these 5 little things on my hands that I like to suck on & I LOVE to smile. Smiling’s my favorite. Mommy & daddy & I coo & talk all the time about anything & everything. I like to have their attention. I kick, kick, kick whenever I can. Mommy asked if I want to be a soccer player- whatever that is! A fun thing that’s happened this month is I get to go to work with mommy & see my friends in Minier two days a week. They’re all very nice & it’s fun to be with them. Well it’s time for my dinner- bye-bye for now!

Three Month Old Elizabeth-1

Three Month Old Elizabeth-3-2    Three Month Old Elizabeth-10


Hi guys! As of yesterday I am 4 MONTHS old! So what’s new with me you ask? Well, I really like these two things I have called my hands. They help bring things to my mouth that I want to discover & I can reach out & touch stuff & rub my eyes when I’m sleepy. Daddy says I’ve discovered my back muscles & I like to arch my back & move around especially when I’m sitting with mommy & daddy at church or laying on the floor. I LOVE to talk & blow bubbles. I hold my head up very well & notice colors & patterns. I like to keep moving & always want to be in the same room as mommy & daddy. One of my favorite things that happened this past month was Easter-it was my first one! I got to see a lot of our family & wear my pretty Easter dress that tastes really good. That’s all I have this month, see you later!


4-2-2 4-3

4-2 4-3-2


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