Martindale | Mini Session

Love these photo’s of Misty & her littles! Well, her littles that aren’t so little 😉 It’s been a couple years since I’ve seen these 3 handsome boys & their sister & let me tell you, they are probably THE MOST POLITE children I have ever met!!!

I’m totally thinking of putting their pictures on my own walls since they’re all wearing my favorite color- navy 😉 Kidding! Well maybe I’m not 😉 It was a hot evening for pictures but they sure look AH-MAZING!!! These are such sweet photos of such a sweet family!

Love this one of Misty & her baby girl!

Misty -8

Misty -1       Misty -3

Misty -2        Misty -4

Misty -5

Misty -7        misty-1

Misty -6

And my very favorite!!!

Misty -10

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