Rachel & Jason | Couples Session

Just a few weeks ago my little family traveled to our vacation location in the land of Missouri. On our way, we stopped in Columbia where I used to live. Eight years ago to be exact! Within just a few weeks of when my parents, siblings & I move to CoMo, I started working at Cracker Barrel. Yes the restaurant that you can play checkers while you wait for your food, get toasty by the fire & fill up on comfort in food. In the total of 3 years that I worked for Cracker Barrel, I made some super good friends that I STILL keep in contact with. And one of those friends is Rachel! We really didn’t hangout outside of work when we were both at the Barrel, she was busy going to law school & I was busy picking up the shifts that she didn’t want 😉 BUT over time, we’ve stayed in contact through facebook.

We’ve both launched small business’s, like house decorating/designing & if you know Rachel, she’s quite funny 😉

So when I knew we were going through Columbia, I contacted her about doing a little mini session & I’m SO GLAD WE DID! It was my first time meeting Jason & I got to be around sweet, fun Rachel & MAN can these two work the camera!!!!! Take a look for yourself!

Rachel & Jason-1

Rachel & Jason-7

Rachel & Jason-8

She kind of likes him 😉

Rachel & Jason-6

I loved seeing these two make each other laugh 😉

Rachel & Jason-11 Rachel & Jason-9

Love!!!!!!! And sidenote, I LOVED Rachel’s dress & complete outfit.

Rachel & Jason-3

Rachel & Jason-2

I have sooooo many favorites! But I love these last two!!!!!!!

Rachel & Jason-5

Rachel & Jason-10

Rachel & Jason, I’m excited for your new home & just all the days ahead that you have together! Remember, each day with each other is a gift! And you two are MORE THEN WELCOME to get in front of my camera anytime 😉

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