What a season we are all living in. That’s one thing I try to keep telling myself 😉 is that it IS a season. One thing that’s been on my heart is for those, especially our littles who are having birthdays during the time of our pandemic. Celebrations can still be just as meaningful (if not more meaningful honestly since they’re forced to be simplified 😉 ) but they are different for right now & I want to help in a very small way by making it as special as possible.

There’s one thing in common with all the images used in this blog post. All these kiddos have had birthdays just recently or have upcoming ones during the time of our shelter in place. What I want to do is start posting ON the actual special days of these littles, pictures that I’ve taken of them. I’m going to do my best to make sure you as the parent/guardian get the link so that you can show it to them, share it with friends & family & have them comment & wish your little one a special day. It’s their birthday! They should be celebrated!!!!!!!!

Now I don’t remember everyone’s bdays haha. I actually only know a few of these because they are close personal friends to our family or I saw their mom’s post about their bday! BUT YOU know your littles birthdays. PLEASE PLEASE email them to me!!! Email or comment on this blog post & let me know when their special day is coming up & I will mark it on my calendar & use a recent picture I’ve taken of them to use & post on the Naomi Elizabeth Photography facebook page. 

And how about those other things that need to be celebrated? Anniversaries- yes PLEASE let me know & I will celebrate with you! Mothers Day- have I taken a photo of you & your mom or even you & your littles you love? Let me know & I’ll share it!!! And graduates- I have NOT forgotten about you. Class of 2020, I’m coming for you! May is going to be a solid month of posting your pictures & celebrating with you.

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